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Adoption Guidelines

Dean and Sam Winchester5

This is a collection of all of the ideas that are floating around in my head. I have decided to gather them all, and post them here on , so that those who are looking for a new story or a challenge might find a little inspiration for one of my own creation.

Harry Potter Trio

In the second chapter, you will find the list of requirements that comes with adopting one of my stories. Now, I posted chapter two before this one, so since then I have thought a little about said requirements. I realized that I might have been a little too strict when I set said requirements so I have changed them a little bit not much, mind.

Those who wish to adopt, will have to inform me first. I will check out their profile, and story history if they have good credit (meaning, if they have finished most, if not all, of their work or if they have frequent updates and good beta-readers or natural grammatical talent) then I will give the okay. I wont be too strict on this, but I do want to make sure that those who take my ideas or stories to make as their own, are actually serious enough to finish them.

Avatar Gang

My stories will need someone who is good/okay at writing Mpreg, Slash, Threesomes, Sex scenes, etc…

What you will find in my collection of stories:

– Slash (male/male)

– Mpreg (male pregnancy)

– Threesome, moresome

– Sex Scenes (graphic and non-graphic)

– Cross-dressing

– Gender-bending

– Magical Hermaphroditism (MH) (definition is in chapter 2)

– Crossovers

– Some Heterosexual pairings (boy/girl)

– Odd pairings

– M-rated fics

– Little to no Voldemort/Death Eater action (that CAN be optional to the adoptee)

– Absolutely NO Ron/Hermione pairing

– Harry-centric stories (ALL of them!!)

– Bottom-Harry Submissive-Harry

– Feminine/girly Harry

– No dominant Harry, unless in a het-fic Stories where Harry is with a male and female and hes submissive to both Kinky but not cruel sex-fics. Like, ex: Harry submits to a female (who wears strap-on dildos, and Harry is her bottom partner) Etc…Whatever else I can think of.

Not all of them will fit in with what is on the list, as there will be an odd-story-out, but yeah…So, for those who like these kinds of things, I hope that you can find something in this collection of mine that interests you enough to want to adopt them!

If you want to adopt, comment below or send me an email, and Ill get back to you as quickly as I can. Just so everyone knows, if I get more than one offer for adoption for a story idea/outline, Ill let up to 3 people adopt the same story idea.

Also, if you dont want to adopt a whole story idea of this collection, just some bits and pieces, Ill also let you, just let me know what exactly you want to adopt. Ill let you adopt pretty much ANYTHING, so long as you just ASK! We clear? Good…


Posted June 8, 2011 by esprit du coeur

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