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Challenge pairing: Um…since Harry’s like 4 in this one, I’d have to just say a Trudy/Norm or Trudy/whoever you wish…Avatar/HP crossover.

Objective: Harry dies and is reborn, in the 22nd century (couple hundred years later), as the son of Trudy Chacon.

Harrison James Potter, born 1980 to Lily and James Potter. Voldemort attacks them on October 31st, 1981 – the night of Harry’s 15-month birthday. When the AK curse hits Harry, it does leave a scar. When it rebounds and hits Voldemort, instead of ripping him from his body and/or making a Horcrux, Voldemort does actually die.

Harry goes to live with the abusive Dursleys. At the age of 4-years-old, he is killed due to massive trauma to his little body – thanks to his uncle, Vernon Dursley.

Before his death, Harry had gotten complete control over his wandless magic abilities – which was a very rare thing, especially for someone so young.

In 2150, Harry is reincarnated (born again, really), as the son of Trudy Chacon, and the minor OC character, Ralph Dulfrin.

Ralph Dulfrin is a 28-year-old Marine, who dies in the war in Uganda just a few weeks before Trudy finding out that she was pregnant, and just a month from the Pandora expedition. They were both signed up to go to Pandora.

Trudy Chacon joins the Marines as a pilot when she turns 18. Actually becomes a pilot at 19. Meets Ralph and joins RDA and signs up to go to Pandora when she’s 20-years-old. Her and Ralph weren’t all that serious.

She is a witch of the 22nd century. Just a few weeks after the death of her not-so-serious boyfriend, Trudy finds out that she’s pregnant. Signed up already to go to Pandora, she decides to place her unborn child/pregnancy under stasis (stops the process temporarily) using magic. Under stasis, her pregnancy does not turn up on any of the many physical exams that required in order to take the 6-year long journey to Pandora.

Pregnancy hidden and for the moment, paused, Trudy takes the shuttle from Earth to Pandora – spending 6 long years in cryo-sleep.

Upon arrival in Pandora, Trudy is 26-years-old (she left when she was 20). She waits approximately 3 months to cancel the stasis spell on her pregnancy – she was close to 2-months along when she had placed the spell – so that the times between her arrival on Pandora and the length of a full-term pregnancy added up. It gave her a full month to ‘get’ pregnant while on Pandora…So that the fact that she was pregnant for the full six-years she was on the shuttle didn’t become suspicious or known.

Ten months later, Trudy gives birth to her son, Harrison Huxley Chacon (or just Huxley and not Harrison, whatever), on July 31st, 2150.

In 2154 – Jake and Norm arrive on Pandora. Grace has been on Pandora already for a few years now (I don’t really know how long she was on the moon/planet before the movie took place. Long enough to open a school, and to have it closed down, though.)

Trudy becomes the personnel pilot for Grace, Norm and Jake, piloting them around Pandora. While on duty, Harry is placed in on-staff care or in the Hell’s Gate child nursery (there has to be at least a few kids on Pandora, right? The scientists or military can’t all be full of bachelors and bachelorettes). She hates to leave him in the care of other people.

Norm, Grace and Jake don’t find out that Trudy is a mother until Grace decides to take her ‘team’ into the Hallelujah Mountains. Trudy, who decides to camp out there with them (most of the time), refuses to leave her son back at base alone, so she brings Harry along with her, Grace, Jake and Norm.

The three (Grace, Norm and Jake) are shocked when they discover that Trudy has a son. She doesn’t seem like the ‘motherly’ type, so 4-year-old Harry’s sudden appearance stuns them. Norm, who is romantically interested in Trudy, is truly taken aback.

The weeks (maybe 2-3? I don’t know – the last part of the 3-months of Jake’s timeline) that the team stay up in the Hallelujah Mountains, had the four adults become very close friends and comrades – like family.

Listening to Grace, Norm and Jake talk about the Na’vi and Pandora, Trudy begins to understand and appreciate the moon/planet more and all life on it.

Norm, Grace and Jake all fall in love with Harry. The quiet, adorable and inquisitive 4-year-old worms his way into the hearts of the three adults. He’s very intelligent and loves to learn and listen about the Na’vi and Pandora in general.

Norm tries to teach Harry (along with Jake, too) the language of the Na’vi.

In the time the team stays up in the Hallelujah Mountains, Norm and Trudy began dating. He becomes more of a father-figure to Harry, then an uncle. Jake is Harry’s pseudo-uncle, and Grace is a cross between aunt/grandmother.

Trudy is a very protective mother. She hates leaving her son while she goes off on missions and while on duty (long hours sometimes). She doesn’t trust Quaritch or the rest of the Military/RDA, so doesn’t bring Harry out of her quarters or the Hell Gate’s nursery often enough to allow him to get acquainted with the militia-part of Pandora. After hours, though, when most of the people have left the hangar, Trudy would bring Harry down to her Samson 1-6 and tries to teach him about her job and passion as a pilot. He’s only 4, but he loves flying.

3 months after Jake arrives on Pandora

When Quaritch and Selfridge rage war with the Na’vi, the gang stand up and fight. Trudy and Max break Norm, Grace and Jake out of jail, and with Harry in toe, they escape Hell’s Gate with Trudy flying them away from base in her Samson.

Grace is shot, but Harry, using his magic (another secret that Trudy hadn’t told the gang about until then) to keep Grace stable and strong enough. Thanks to Harry’s magic, Grace is strong enough to fully emerge herself with her Avatar for good, when laid in front of the Tree of Souls.

Harry is also introduced (along with Trudy) to the Na’vi. Harry was the first human-child that the Na’vi has seen, and he fascinates them. Compared to their 10-12 ft, Harry was extremely tiny, and therefore looks very, very delicate and breakable. Even the Na’vi children are bigger in size than Harry.

The Na’vi can also sense the magic coming from Harry and Trudy, and do to the strong essence of Eywa (basically magic), the two were able to access their magical cores a lot easier. Their natural magic fascinated and awed the Na’vi.

*** Trudy Apparates herself out of her Samson 1-6 during the battle, so when her chopper explodes, she is not inside. She Apparates herself to the Tree of Souls, where Mo’at, some of the other women and the Na’vi children are. Harry was placed with the Na’vi children, far out of reach and distance of the battle.

*** Norm/Trudy happens before Jake/Neytiri. Several weeks to a full month before…


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                        Trudy Chacon                                               Harry Potter

Challenge Pairing: Harry/Trudy

Objective: Still on the same mindset as my first Avatar/HP Crossover, which is also a Harry/Trudy. This one is along the same lines as that one, but I don’t think I quite added enough info…

I don’t know the information of the pre-Avatar setting – like, what happened BEFORE everyone got on Pandora. I don’t know how long it took for everyone to train up (in ALL departments) before going to Pandora, so this is just me adding to the plot and what I would LIKE to have happened.

Harry wins the war with Voldemort at 17-years-old. Having immense control over his magic – so well that he no longer needed a wand (wandless magic) – he uses that to defeat the dark lord. This also makes him the most powerful wizard in the world, as wandless magic is extremely rare, and only the most powerful of wizards can accomplish it. Not even Dumbledore could perform wandless magic.

The wizarding world, out of fear for his powers, turn on Harry. They sentence him to death – or what they supposed was death – by sending him through the veil from the Department of Mysteries.

It didn’t kill him, though. It wasn’t a veil of death, it was a dimensional portal – and it took him to the future. The Earth was mostly a barren land, with the trees and forests long diminished, thanks to the centuries of human life.

Harry, nearly 18, makes his way into the states – America – and after getting his GED, he joins up for the army/military as a pilot. At 20-years-old, Harry signs up for the Pandora program as one of the pilots. From there he is sent to train for said Pandora mission.

At this training he meets Trudy Chacon, another pilot in training. The same age, the two immediately hit it off. Mutual respect and attraction formed a strong bond and connection between the other, and they became best friends as well as, eventually, lovers.

At 22-years-old, Harry and Trudy are sent up to Pandora with the rest of their platoon. Six years later, and at 28-years-old, they arrive on the beautiful yet dangerous and mysterious planet of Pandora.

There, they get to know Jake Sully, Norm Spellman, Grace Augustine and the rest of the Science department – whom they greatly admire and respect and get on well with. The two join the gang to help save the Na’vi and Pandora from Colonel Quaritch and the rest of the Military base.

Trudy is a very independent, headstrong and strong woman. She loves her chopper and she loves to fly, and while that makes her seem very tomboyish and rough, it’s not all of who she really was. She was also very feminine.

Harry sees that in her and her inner and outer beauty and falls quickly for the female pilot. She is sexy, very sexy, and he loved the fact that she wasn’t one of those prissy ‘oh my god, I broke a nail’ type of women, and that she actually loved to get dirty and greased up. He thought it was extremely sexy.

In turn, Trudy quickly falls for Harry for a multiple of reasons. First, she finds him extremely sexy – tall, dark and handsome indeed. However, his personality and the aura that he gave with it totally, and completely, captured her attention from the very beginning. He was strong – in both form and mind – and he had that take-charge leadership attitude that demanded respect and attention. He was confident but not in the least bit cocky. He would grin and she’d find herself grinning along with him, as contagious as it was. He got her sense of humor, and could keep up with her quick and witty remarks and hold his own.

They were perfect for each other. Harry would say that they were soul mates, they were just that perfect…


They are already a couple when they get to Pandora. Have been for a good while before, having worked and trained with each other for a couple years by then. She knew about his magic, as that had been one of the first things he had told her when they got together.


When Trudy’s chopper gets shot by Quaritch, Harry uses his wandless magic to abandon his own chopper, in the middle of the battle, and Apparate into Trudy’s. He grabs her, and then Apparates out of the chopper and onto forest land.

Using his magic, he creates air bubbles for them to breathe, and also to keep them alive during the battle. He creates shields for the both of them and that protects them from bullets, rogue arrows and angry Pandorian creatures. Wandlessly, Harry also helps the Na’vi, Jake, Neytiri and the other creatures to fight the military. Trudy is right beside him, though unable to actually help with the fight for lack of weapon or magic.

Once the fight is over, and the Na’vi had won, Harry and Trudy, lost in the forest of Pandora, try and make it back to base on foot which takes several days and by then the military and whoever else, has left or is in the process of leaving and going back to Earth.

Please spend at least a full, long chapter on Harry and Trudy and the trek back to base. Lots of romance! They’ve already been sleeping (sexually) with each other since they were 20-years-old so it’s not like they’re blushing virgins or anything. Don’t make them so! They’re adults, and they’re very much alone in the forest, so make the chapter juicy and just enjoyable to read – doesn’t have to be ALL sex, of course. I like romance, though. Lots of sweet romance, lol.

After Harry and Trudy get back to base, the story is yours – you may do whatever you like. So long as you leave it Harry/Trudy and don’t kill either one of them off.


This is just a GUIDELINE to my thoughts on this challenge. You may change it a little to fit in with yours – all I ask is that you have the two dating (even married is good) before they go to Pandora, and that Trudy does not die. Oh, and it’s rather crucial that Harry has wandless magic. The wizards snapped his wand and well, I like the thought of him being able to do whatever he wants without one, so I want him to be able to do wandless…

Um…I think this is it for now. If I think of anything else, then I’ll come back and edit this post!

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Challenge Pairing: Harry/Trudy

Objective: Okay, so we all saw Trudy’s plane go down…but who is to say that Trudy herself was still inside it?

Basically, I want a long, chaptered story, where Harry [magically or not, but you may decide how exactly he gets there] appears on Pandora, and in the middle of the battle he sees Trudy’s plane get shot. He Apparates into the plane, grabs Trudy and Apparates back out, just in time.

—— Option One: Harry could have magically appeared on Pandora, right in the middle of the battle. He observes the two sides and quickly realizes who the bad guys and who the good guys are. He witnesses Trudy turn and shoot Colonel Quaritch’s plane and then he sees her plane be shot down. He rescues her by Apparating without really thinking about it and saves her by Apparating her out of her plane.

—— Option Two: Harry left Earth with the others (Jake or whoever – either way, he was legally meant to be there on the planet – whatever you decide – he doesn’t have to be from those two – I’m sure there were more then just Science and Military departments on Pandora) I would say a Soldier, though, seeing as that is what Harry would most likely be out of every other station on Pandora.

He is part of the gang – Jake, Norman, Trudy and Grace, working together trying to save the Na’vi and preserve Pandora. Over the coarse of the time that Jake and Neytiri are ‘getting to know one another’, Harry and Trudy are also very deeply involved in the ‘background’ or ‘behind the scenes’, hell even BEFORE Jake and Neytiri, for they had been together on Pandora longer then Jake himself has. With them stationed within the same department it was quite easy to get to know one another.

I loved Trudy Chacon and it really, really pissed me off when she was killed. I mean, I can only watch the movie up until her plane explodes and then I have to turn it off. I love the movie, don’t get me wrong, but I loved Trudy MUCH MORE and she (rather, Michelle Rodriguez) was the number one reason why I enjoy watching it. I just LOVE her!

I saw her plane go down and I cried! Literally cried! I was so upset…So that is why I wanted to make a Avatar/HP crossover – I wanted to keep Trudy alive. Every time I watch that part, I always pretend that we didn’t see her plane explode, and that she DID survive – miraculously. Ridiculous, I know, but I didn’t want to believe she was really dead.

Harry saves her!

—— NO Ron/Hermione – whether it’s previously or after Harry’s time in the wizarding world. Absolutely none! In fact, it would be good if you could have it so that they both died during the battle with Voldemort.

—— Harry is between ages 25-28-years-old in this fic. No older than 28-years-old.

—— Trudy also can’t be over 25-28-years-old. She can be younger than Harry, the same age as Harry, or just ONE year older than him. No older than one year, though. I know that, truly, Trudy’s probably supposed to be in her early thirties, but I want Trudy a little younger, because I don’t any Harry older than 28, and therefore I didn’t want her to be older than Harry by more than one year. I do prefer her being younger than him, though it’s not necessarily a requirement…

—— Harry left the wizarding world after age 17, when the final battle took place. The wizarding world turned on him and he was sent through the veil, in the Department of Mysteries. He lands in the future, where he joins the American military and becomes a pilot/solider, who is training for the Pandora program.

*~*~*DON’T girly Trudy up too much, but don’t make her too masculine. I want her to be as canon as possible, without her being OOC or Mary-suish. She’s an awesome character (not a bitch) and I want her written correctly. Please do her justice. *~*~*