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Naya Rivera370

Your Bonnie, To My Clyde

  • Ship: Brittana
  • Type: Drabble
  • Genre: Humor/Romance
  • Author’s Note: It’s not very good, AT ALL, but oh well. I tried by best. I hope you all like it anyways.
  • Summary: Brittany and Santana travel over to Dalton to confront Sebastian post-Blaine-and-the-slushie. Focuses soley on Brittana. In a car.


Brittany pulled up into the school’s parking lot and cut the car’s engine. Without extracting the keys from the ignition, she nervously fiddled with the many key chains around the key ring to give her right hand something to do, while her left hand gripped the stirring wheel. “Are you sure this is going to work?”

Santana flashed her girlfriend a smirk from the seat beside her, “Of course it’ll work. This plan is genius.”

“It also could go very, very wrong. He’s proven that he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.”

“And neither am I.” The confidence she alluded was astounding. Placing her hand under her right breast to try and get better situated, Santana sighed at the feel of the oddity, “Can you see it? Is it noticeable?” she asked, brushing her curled raven locks over her shoulder and adjusting in her seat to face Brittany.

The blonde’s azure blue eyes roamed her girlfriend’s perfectly sculpted figure, taking in the outfit that Santana chose for this particular showdown, and she couldn’t help but crack a small smile at the other girl’s adorableness. As much as Santana complained about Rachel and Kurt’s use of over-the-top theatrical dramatics, she could be just as silly, and ridiculous. Donned in a black mini skirt, a black blazer and a stylish red-feathered black fedora, Santana definitely was going for the theatricality and drama. Brittany also couldn’t help but think that Santana looked absolutely delicious and sneaky in her get-up.

“No,” she bit her lip to keep from chuckling, “you’re good. I don’t notice it at all.”

“Good,” the Latina said, smoothing down her blazer as she smiled up at the blonde, “I’ll be out in no time.” Seeing Brittany shoot a hesitant look towards the large building they were parked in front of, Santana reached over and cupped her girlfriend’s face, “Don’t worry,” she reassured her, placing a kiss to the other girl’s pink moist lips, “I got this. We’re two motherfucking geniuses, babe, and like I said, this plan is flawless. Sebastian, the twinky-faced meerkat doesn’t stand a chance. I’ll be in and out before he has even the slightest clue that he’s been beat.”

Brittany nodded, know that their plan was pretty good. She kissed Santana again on the lips, and pulled away, “Okay…Go get your sweet revenge, honey. For the team.”

“For the team.” Her smirk turned vicious at the thought of this revenge as she opened the car door and climbed out, her black heeled ankle boots making a distinct clunking sound as they connected to the pavement beneath them. She stood and turned back to Brittany, her dark curls whirling around her as she moved, though her fedora stayed in perfect place atop her head, “Start the car back up and keep it running. When I’m finished dealing with Sebastian and want to get as far away from this God awful place ASAP.”

“Ooh, we can be like Bonnie and Clyde!” Brittany grinned, “I’ll be your Clyde and you, my Bonnie? A quick get-away,” she said as she turned the keys in the ignition, starting the car back up, and for good measure she revved the engine as she wagged her eyebrows at her girlfriend, who laughed and leered at the blonde in the driver’s seat.

“That’s totally hot…You make me wanna rob a bank, darling,” she flirted, only half joking.

Britt giggled in return, before shooing Santana away from the car. “Go, get your evidence, babe. I’ll be waiting right here.”

With a lasting lingering look to Brittany, Santana blew the blonde a kiss before shutting the passenger car door and with her head held high and no lack of confidence or thirst for revenge she sorely wished to deal to the smug asshole who dare threaten a member of her glee family, she made her way up to the school, her heels clunking against the ground harshly with each step she took. Sebastian Smythe had no idea that he was minutes away from incriminating himself by gifting Santana the solid proof she needed.


Exactly eight minutes later, Brittany spotted her girlfriend exiting the school doors. Her eyes widened at the sight of the no-mistaken red dye of a slushy that stained Santana’s lower face and chest area. When Santana slid into the car, Brittany glared at the offending stain. “What the hell happened in there? San, are you hurt?” she asked, knowing that a slushy from Sebastian could be a dangerous weapon.

But Santana didn’t seem fazed that she was covered in sticky, red slush. In fact she had a very pleased look on her face. “I’m perfectly fine, Britt-Britt. Let’s go.”

Brittany pulled out of the school’s parking lot and took off down the road, but she risked a quick, curious look at her smirking girlfriend, “You get what we needed?” she asked, rather unnecessarily.

“Oh, I got it,” Santana cackled, as she lifted up the soiled blazer and shirt she wore underneath and carefully untaped the recorder she had Brittany help place underneath her right boob earlier that afternoon. Peeling the tape off, she wadded it up and placed it in the ashtray, before lifting up the small silver recorder that they had Artie pick for them at Office Max. It was slightly sticky from the cheery flavored corn syrup that had no doubt found it’s way in between Santana’s delectable cleavage, but she handled it without a care, running her fingers over the buttons. “He was too easy,” she told her with a slight pout of her lips, “He was so easy that it kinda took the fun out of this brilliant scheme, to be honest, but,” she continued as Brittany reached over to squeeze her thigh in comfort, her smile returning full force as she clutched the device in her hand, tapping it with one of her red-painted nails in satisfaction, “he did confess!”

“That’s awesome! Now we can tell the others and get Sebastian properly punished for hurting Blaine.”

“Ur, how ‘bout we wait to gather the troops until tomorrow, Britt-Britt?” Santana grimaced in discomfort as she glanced down at her crimson stained chest, “I needs me a shower, for one.”

Brittany nodded her head, “Right, duh, of course…And for second?” she asked, shooting the Latina a raised eyebrow in question as she tried to keep her eyes on the road.

Santana resituated herself in her seat so that she was facing Brittany, as she had yet to put her seatbelt on, and leant over the middle console so that she was pressed completely to Brittany’s side. Brittany felt the girl’s warm breath on her ear, causing delightful tingles to shoot down her spine and she came a small shutter. Santana then lightly pressed her lips to the blonde’s ear, and whispered – her voice low and seductively husky as she spoke.

“Hey Clyde?”

Again, Brittany felt a chill run through her body. God, she loved Santana’s voice. Swallowing thickly, she chuckled breathlessly, “Y-es, Bonnie?”

“Don’t we have a bank to rob?”

“Y-yeah?” she stuttered, letting out a giggle, before sucking in a sudden breath as the brunette beside her placed one of her hands onto Brittany’s smooth, bare thigh and squeezed.

“Hmm,” Santana hummed, and the vibration of it against her ear nearly had Brittany’s eyes rolling into the back of her skull, “We are definitely the smoothest fucking criminals up in this joint, baby,” she caressed Brittany’s inner thigh with a feather-light touch of her fingers, as she placed a small, barely there kiss the blonde’s earlobe. “Let’s go be bad.”

Well, fuck. Brittany gripped the stirring wheel tightly, and glared at the highway surrounded them. Oh, she definitely wanted to be bad right now. She wanted to do very bad things. To Santana.

Very bad, bad, bad things.


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  • SHIP: Brittana
  • FANDOM: Glee
  • SONG USED: Stand Up by Jessie J
  • TIMELINE: AU Senior Year, sometime.
  • STATUS: Complete. One-Shot.
  • SUMMARY: Santana and Brittany show up for Glee a few minutes early and decide to jam out with the band, where they are soon joined by the rest of the club.

Naya Rivera312Naya Rivera22

Santana pushed her lunch tray away from her, and turned to Brittany, who was just finishing up her own lunch. “Hey, you wanna get out of here?”

The blonde swallowed her mouthful of carrot and nodded, “Where do you wanna go?” she asked, as the two of them stood up. They dumped their trays and hooked arms, exiting the cafeteria.

“I don’t know. The choir room? We only have ten minutes before Glee starts anyways.” Santana grasped the taller girl’s arm tighter as they headed down the empty hallway towards the choir room, chatting quietly about Cheerios practice after school. “I swear, if Coach Sue has us doing suicides again, I will seriously rethink our decision about rejoining the Cheerios. Yesterday’s exercises nearly had me loosing my lunch, and did you see the other girls?”

“Yeah,” Brittany chuckled as they entered the choir room, where the band and Brad were already present, setting up their instruments and getting ready for the afternoon Glee gathering, “Hannah and Penny looked like they were ready to pass out. I’m surprised Melissa didn’t – did you notice how much weight that girl’s put on since summer?”

Santana nodded as the two took their seats on the top riser, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Sue cuts her from the squad. As co-captain, I think it would be best for all of us if she did. If the girl’s not off the squad by homecoming and it looks like she’s not putting in the effort to loose her summer bloating, I’m taking it to Sue.” She turned sideways, and casually kicked her legs up onto Brittany’s lap, who smiled at the Latina and wrapped her arms around them to keep them secured.

“That’s mean, San. Melissa’s actually pretty nice.”

“So? It’s not my fault she’s turned into a glutton over the summer. She’ll just bring the squad down, and I really want to win Nationals this year.” She looked up at the clock, and sighed in annoyance, “Where the hell is everyone? Four minutes until class and not even Berry’s hear yet? Maybe we should have gone to the courtyard instead.”

DJ, the band’s lead guitarist, grinned over at the girls, “Hey.”

The two girls looked over at him, Santana glaring slightly for being interrupted, “What, Toto?” Brittany nudged her and gave her a chastised look, to which the brunette tried to ignore.

The tall, lanky blonde simply nodded his head and fingered the strings of his guitar that he had strapped over his shoulder, “You two wanna jam a bit?” he asked, throwing the other members of the band a hopeful grin. The drummer, Jon, nodded in agreement and grabbed up his sticks, and Brad, who was sifting through his piano music sheets turned the girls, waiting for their reply.

Brittany removed her hands from Santana’s bare legs and clapped excitedly, “Ooh, that sounds like fun!” she looked imploringly at Santana, who’s eyebrows lifted at her girlfriend’s enthusiasm. “Come on, San!” The blonde gently pushed the other girl’s legs off of her lap and stood up, only to grab a hold of Santana’s hand, pulling her to her feet. “Yes, lets jam.”

“Britt – “

“Hush. We have a few minutes before class starts, and I want to get my dance on.”

Santana let out a surprised laugh at her girlfriend, and relented, letting the taller girl lead her off the risers and towards the band, “Fine, fine. Let’s do this.” She gestured towards the band, as Brad took his place behind the black piano. “Got anything good?”

“We got it covered,” DJ signaled to the rest of the band, who nodded, seemingly reading the boy’s mind, and suddenly the choir room was filled with the opening notes to Jessie J’s Stand Up.

Santana threw a smile at Brittany and quickly jumped into into the song, taking lead vocals. She swayed quickly to the rhythm, as Brittany took the floor, dancing.


If you surround yourself with negative people
You’ll never feel settled in or become equal, no
They’ll suppress you of your spirit and rinse you dry of smiles
So reach deep and release your inner child. (
Yeah, Yeah!)

So Stand Up! For the Love, Love, Love
So Stand Up! For the Love, Love, Love
So Stand Up! Yeah

Brittany took Santana’s hands and swung her around, the two girls smiling at each other as they sung the chorus.

‘Cause you’re as old as you feel you are
And if you don’t reach for the moon you can’t fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last
‘Cause you’re as old as you feel you are
And if you don’t reach for the moon you can’t fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last

Santana glanced over at the entrance of the choir room and saw that the rest of the club was standing there, watching the two girls jam out. Brittany noticed too, and with a wide grin she hurried over and grabbed the two closest to her, Mercedes and Blaine and dragged them into the room, singing along with Santana as she went. They laughed and tossed their bags onto the risers before joining the two girls. The others quickly followed suit – dropped off their bags and moved to the dance floor.


If you let a frown become your normality, yes
You don’t set an example for the youth of our humanity
If you spend every day wishing for the next to come
Aged and lifeless is what (Yes!) you’ll become. (Yeah, Yeah!)

So Stand Up! For the Love, Love, Love
So Stand Up! For the Love, Love, Love
So Stand Up! Yeah

‘Cause you’re as old as you feel you are
And if you don’t reach for the moon you can’t fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last
‘Cause you’re as old as you feel you are
And if you don’t reach for the moon you can’t fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last


I live my life like every day is the last

Being in the element, Santana was always much more social when she performed, but it still took both herself and Rachel when she slung her arm around the short girls shoulder and belted out the lyrics. She threw Rachel a small smile as she sung, though the words were directed to every one of her friends. Quinn flashed the Latina a grin and grasped Santana’s hand for a brief moment before Tina and Brittany surprised her with a spin around the room.

So in all the bad and the good will soon come
Don’t think second best
Be number one
Spread some love
Don’t give to receive
Strive to be happy
And live to believe
So in all the bad and the good will soon come
Don’t think second best
Be number one
Spread some love
Don’t give to receive
Strive to be happy
And live to believe.


Yeah Yeah Yeah!
So Stand Up! For the Love, Love, Love
So Stand Up! For the Love, Love, Love
So Stand Up! For the Love, Love, Love
So Stand Up! For the Love, Love, Love
So let me see you. Yeah Yeah!


‘Cause you’re as old as you feel you are
And if you don’t reach for the moon you can’t fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last
‘Cause you’re as old as you feel you are
And if you don’t reach for the moon you can’t fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last


So Stand Up! For the lololololololololololove Yeah
So Stand Up! For the lololololololololololove Yeah

So Stand Up!

As the music came to a close, the entire Glee club was standing in a circle, arms wrapped around each other with large grins on their faces, out of breath from dancing and singing. The sound of clapping filled the room and all of their heads whipped around towards the entrance, where Mr. Schue stood, grinning like the vest-loving fool that he was.

“Wow…You guys, that was amazing!” he expressed. “What brought that on? And Santana,” Mr. Schue gave the dark haired girl a very impressed look, “those vocals, I don’t think I’ve heard you sound better. Very impressive!”

“Thanks, Mr. Schue,” Santana said, clearly pleased with herself.

“That was pretty good,” Rachel commented to her left, “Not even your Amy Winehouse covers had sounded so raw.”

“You flatter me, Berry,” she said with a smirk, before shrugging, brushing off the compliment. Truthfully, it did make her feel appreciated – it wasn’t everyday that she got actual, sincere compliments from people (not that she really deserved them, most of the time), and especially getting them for her voice, the one thing about herself she was very sure and proud of, it did feel good. “Though I happen to think my Amy Winehouse kicks balls.”

“It does,” Brittany told her, clasping her hands with her girlfriend. “I love your Amy.”

Santana smiled at her, and squeezed her hand.

“But, what did bring that on?” Mr. Schue asked again, moving away from the doorway and towards the group, generally curious.

The group shrugged their shoulders, just as clueless as he was. “We we just waiting for you guys, and got bored,” Brittany chuckled, “You know, we should do jam sessions more often. They’re totally fun.”

As everyone took their seats on the risers, to start the class, Santana and Brittany returned to their original seats at the back. Mr. Schue went up to the white board and wrote out ‘REGIONALS’, and immediately, Rachel hijacked the discussion, throwing out song suggestions for their set-list, which the others and Mr. Schue simultaneously vetoed, mostly because they were solos. Santana just rolled her eyes and rested her head on Brittany’s shoulder, their hands still clasped.

“That was pretty fun,” Santana admitted quietly to the blonde.

“Yeah, and Mr. Schue and Rachel were right, you know…You did sound fantastic,” Brittany whispered in her ear. Santana cracked a smile, as she felt her girlfriend’s lips brush her cheek, “That song would have been a good Regionals number. If Mr. Schue wasn’t so stuck up Rachel and Finn’s butts, he’d see that.”

She snickered quietly, “Well, he’d be foolish not to feature your killer dance moves, babe. You and Mike were amazing last year at Sectionals.”

They smiled at each other and Brittany kissed her quickly, “Well, if Mr. Schue can’t see passed Rachel’s big nose and Finn’s ridiculously large two left feet to see just how insanely talented the two of us are, then that’s fine. I don’t mind being your personal ballerina, and you being my personal music box. We’ll entertain each other, because I know I’m not wasting my talents on you and you’re not wasting your talents on me. We…we appreciate each other.”

Santana leaned in for another kiss, their lips brushing against one another sweetly, “You’re a genius.”

Brittany just smiled secretly, as if to say, ‘Duh…But I’m your genius.’

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Naya Rivera264

I have read so many arguments all over the fandom about who is the true HBIC of McKinley. It’s really all personal and biased opinions, I’ve learned, and I’m okay with that. I am biased and opinionated myself, so who am I to criticize others for being the same?

I’m not very good with getting my thoughts out there, so forgive me if by the end of this post, you’re horribly confused. I tend to loose my point halfway through long explanatory posts like this one will be. Forgive me.

Like on a Glee forum I just saw, I will also be judging the two WMHS queens in three areas – the Physical Appeal, the Attitude and the Actions of both girls, and I’m going to be judging by each season from 1-3. To be clear, this my MY opinion, so if you don’t agree with me, that’s fine, but keep your hate-filled bitching away from me. I am entitled to my own opinions, just like you are.

Also, keep in mind that the areas I am judging aren’t based off of us, the televised audience, but rather the other characters and school population of WMHS. What they see, not what we see. Got that?

Okay…lets begin.

Lets look at Quinn Fabray first, shall we?

Season One.

The Appeal: Lets face it – S1 was not kind to Quinn at all. The character started off strong in the Pilot and in Showmance, and then she became pregnant and fell. She went from the Cheerios uniform to clothes that made her look like the girl-next-door, but not the sexy cheerleader that attracted everyone to her. Sure, she was still pretty, but her popularity and cred at the school diminished greatly. Hell, the girl had to create the Glist to feel good about herself and to try and boost her fallen reputation. It is safe to say that Quinn’s appeal was rather non-existent the season’s end.

Start of S1: 10 pts – for being the stereotypical Head cheerleader – blonde, pretty and looks great in her uniform.

End of S1: 4 pts – I’m actually being kind with rating. I want to actually go lower ( 2 pts originally) but Quinn is still pretty (Dianna Agron is not ugly) and has some Appeal, though its more girl-next-door and all innocent-like, than HBIC worthy.

The Attitude: Not to be confused with Actions. Did Quinn have the HBIC attitude in S1? Sure, I mean, she was the Head Bitch in Charge we were all introduced to in the Pilot and we all bought it, so she had to have the attitude. She was a bitch, and she stayed pretty consistently a bitch throughout the season. Lying to Finn about the paternity of her baby was quite bitchy, but it wasn’t HBIC worthy, since it was more of a “save my own ass” attitude then say, “this will destroy my enemies” way of thinking – which is totally the HBIC way of thinking.

From what I can remember of S1 (I don’t have the season on DVD so I can’t look shit up), most of Quinn’s attitude was on a personal level and not aimed at the masses in general (meaning, it had no affect on anyone but her, Puck and Finn and nobody else cared), so its really hard to judge Quinn on Attitude. I mean, she was a confused pregnant teenager, who snapped at both Finn and Puck every other episode, but apart from that after the first 13 episodes or something, Quinn lost a lot of her bite.

I’ll go with this…

Start of S1: 8.5 pts – again, typical stereotypical Head cheerleader, all bitch and bossy. Good start for her character at the beginning of the season.

End of S1: 3 pts – she looses it almost completely by the end.

Feel free to argue this point, I’m just not sure what else to give her.

The Actions: Pilot, Showmance, she was shown as a bully. She harassed Rachel, joined in on the slushies (I think) and simply enjoyed watching Rachel get slushied. That is HBIC behavior.

Once her pregnancy became known, she stopped the bullying, because she herself was now getting slushied. She didn’t retaliate in HBIC fashion, but who could blame her? I mean, the girl was pregnant after all.

She did stick up to Sue in an episode or two, which is commendable. Got to give her a few points for this, as Sue Sylvester is definitely the only real dominant adult figure at the school.

But she looses points for helping Mercedes with her borderline eating disorder (loved that development, but it just wasn’t HBIC worthy actions).

Start of S1: 10 pts – her bullying Rachel stood out to me.

End of S1: 2 pts – making friends with the glee clubbers, especially Mercedes. Not very HBIC, but I personally thought it was sweet.

Alright, so now on with Santana Lopez.

Season One.

The Physical Appeal: Santana’s physical appeal was consistent from start to finish – Cheerios uniform was definitely helpful. Obviously, the jocks run the school, and the Cheerios either right under them or right along side them, not too sure, so being a Cheerio accentual to being noticed by the masses of WMHS. The fact that, unlike Quinn, Santana remains a Cheerio throughout S1 speaks volumes in her Appeal and reputation, yet it does help that Santana also becomes Head of the Cheerios in replace of Quinn, and that she herself is exotically (Latina) beautiful.

Her reputation as being sexually promiscuous also helps her Physical Appeal towards the jocks and other males at the school. Yes, I do think that Santana has the Physical Appeal of a HBIC, without a doubt.

Start of S1: 10 pts – flawlessly consistent.

End of S1: 10 pts – flawlessly consistent.

The Attitude: We all know that Santana Lopez does not lack in Attitude. Again, the girl is consistent in S1. What we, as the audience see of her, she doesn’t do personal. At least, not this season. She’s bitchy, she’s snarky, she a bully, and she’s not afraid to tell it how it is. She’s also patient – which is shown in the way of her waiting for Quinn’s fall from the top before she swooped in and took what she wanted.

This was basically all we saw of Santana S1, apart from her confession during ‘Sectionals’ about Glee being the best part of her day, and during the performance of ‘To Sir, With Love’ when she cries with the rest of the Gleeks. So, its hard to judge her as in-depth as I did with Quinn.

Start of S1: 10 pts – typical cheerleader bitchiness, and consistently so.

End of S1: 10 pts – by the end of the season, she’s just as much of a bitch as she was at the start.

The Actions: Like I said above, we don’t get to see Santana in-depth like we do Quinn, as unlike Quinn, Santana is pretty one-dimensional throughout this whole season – she was created to be the bitchy side sick, but really? She lost that ‘side kick’ role when Quinn fell off the top of the social pyramid at the start of the show.

What actions do we get to see that qualifies Santana as the potential HBIC? Surprisingly, quite a lot. I mean, almost everything Santana did was for her personal gain and to either destroy another person(s) or just to be cruel/uncaring. When I said that Quinn was being a bitch for personal reasons, I meant that she was doing it for herself completely, and I seriously don’t think she meant to be such a bitch about it (the whole Puck/Quinn/Finn thing), it was just her way of communicating. Santana, on the other hand, knew exactly what she was doing – at least, in theory.

EX: Santana going after Finn in ‘Power of the Madonna’, she did that both for herself and to potentially (I can’t remember if it really ever says straight out) cause trouble between Finn and Rachel in the future. Also, during the Finn/Santana/Brittany date in ‘Hell-O’ – the way she just ignores and then dismisses him and the way she spoke to the waitress was HBIC to the extreme. Then during ‘Laryngitis’ when she confronted Mercedes and ‘Hairography’ when she confronts Quinn, both encounters on Puck’s behalf. Girl’s not afraid of in-our-face confrontation, physical or verbal. HBIC anyone?

Though she doesn’t stand up to Sue, like Quinn, I don’t think it’s just because she is scared of Sue. Still, I’ll take a point for being Sue’s lackey.

Start of S1: 10 pts – she began the season with bullying everyone, with her comments and rude remarks.

End of S1: 9 pts – nothing about her attitude changed at all. I docked her a point for not sticking up to Sue, though.

HBIC in S1: SANTANA LOPEZ, by the end. She doesn’t ever falter in her personality, like Quinn. But, like I said, Santana is a one-dimensional character this season, designed for one purpose, so we only get to see that one personality trait (unless she’s with Brittany, then it’s a whole different story).


On to Season Two.

Quinn Fabray. Season Two.

The Physical Appeal: Unrealistically (but it is Glee, so whatever), Quinn is back on top. She’s donned her Cheerios uniform once again, and she’s also, once again Head Cheerio. Her Appeal, over the summer went from a 4 to a 10 immediately. She’s got her high pony, the uniform, the Head title and the walk.

But then come ‘Sue Sylvester Shuffle Bowl’, and suddenly she’s off the squad once more, back into her ‘girl-next-door’ clothes (personally, I can’t stand her style, but whatever), without the uniform, the high pony and Head title. She’s just a pretty Gleek now, with questionable fashion sense. She looses Sam, her football boyfriend, two episodes later, then starts dating Finn again and running for Prom Queen, only to loose out to Kurt (poor Kurt). By the end of S2, she is a crying depressed mess and so chops off her hair.

Hmm…I like Quinn’s haircut, actually. Personal taste, but it isn’t my opinion that counts. What do I think the students of WMHS think of S2 Quinn? This is tough. Well, she dated Sam and Finn – one was a newbie jock and the other was a quarterback who won the Championship game (also unrealistically, but it’s Glee). Does this do anything for Quinn’s Appeal, probably a little, but obviously not much. After all, Finn’s reputation does nothing for Rachel’s own rep, and they’re so obviously on (even if unofficially) that its hard to say if Finn even has any real cred at McKinley at all – maybe its all in his oversized, giant head. Ego and all that.

I honestly am lost on Quinn. Her character development is awful, starting S2, so I can’t be sure where to place her. Rachel seems to think highly of Quinn still (the girl is almost freakishly obsessed with Quinn, actually – see speech 3×19), but her opinion means little to me here. So, I’ll just through a number out there.

Start of S2: 10 pts – starts the season strong, with her back on the squad and in uniform.

End of S2: 8 pts – I personally don’t like her clothes, but she still isn’t awful looking, so I’ll give her a fair score.

The Attitude: I will give points for Quinn standing up to Sue – can’t say if this is actually ‘Attitude’ or ‘Actions’ here, but whatever. The girl still does it, which is impressive.

In S2, where does Quinn’s Attitude shine as the HBIC? In ‘Audition’, when she ratted Santana out to Coach Sue, inserting herself back onto the squad, and more importantly, back as Head Cheerio (PAUSE: WTF, Glee, seriously? So unrealistic), thereby stealing the title of Head/Captain away from Santana and knocking her off the top of the pyramid and down to the very bottom. Bitch move, Quinn. HBIC worthy, for sure. Yet, I still saw that look you gave Santana – so maybe you feel a bit guilty for betraying your friend’s (frenemy?) trust?

The fight between her and Santana was also HBIC worthy – mostly the verbal bashing, seeing as Quinn did end up on the floor.

I don’t think it counts as HBIC worthy when Quinn cheats on Sam with Finn. I say this lands in the ‘personal level’ category, because it really only affects herself, Sam and Finn (just like the whole Puck/Quinn/Finn fiasco of S1). However, Santana does a lot of ‘personal level’ stuff that seem more far-reaching than just herself and one or two other people (especially in S2 season) so I don’t really know how to judge Quinn’s own personal bitchy moments.

I know I am missing at least one or two other HBIC moments, but I can’t remember them right this second, sorry.

Start of S2: 9 pts – for standing up to Coach Sue.

End of S2: 7 pts – for loosing much of her Attitude almost completely by the end of the season.

She started off strong, again, but then she just fell flat with the attitude. I mean, she threatened that she was going to do something big in 2×22 (New York, New York) but never did anything besides get a haircut, so…

The Actions: I would go so far as to group the whole ‘ratting on Santana and stealing the Head title and kicking her off the top of the pyramid’ as both Attitude and Actions. I mean, Quinn had to have the HBIC Attitude to follow through with the Action, so.

Quitting the Cheerios, and speaking up for herself, Santana and Brittany (especially Brittany) are the Actions of a HBIC, so points for that. Standing up to Sue was Attitude, but quitting the squad was Actions, I think. Right?

Oh, and slapping Rachel in the bathroom during ‘Prom’, classic HBIC move. I approve!  Also, her speech to Rachel in either ‘Original Song’ or ‘Rumours’ (ugh, I can’t remember which episode it took place) about how Rachel was meant for bigger, brighter things while Quinn and Finn were meant to stay in Lima, get married, have kids, become a Real Estate agent – that was borderline HBIC, because while she probably did mean it, she was brutally honest and harsh. But, then again it was on a personal level to which she makes that speech and also when she slaps Rachel…

See, this is the difference between Quinn and Santana. Most of Quinn’s bitchery is done on a personal level, and only affects a few people, so in essence, they aren’t true HBIC worthy moments, if you know what I I mean, it’s just her, Quinn, being selfish and a bitch, mostly to Rachel and Finn, and maybe Sam. Santana is different, which I’ll get into later.

But, I can count Quinn trying to suck up to Rachel (its manipulative enough and done with other motives) as a HBIC moment, since its rather cunning. I don’t care if it only affected Rachel, here. It was a moment (think of it as a loop hole).

Start of S2: 10 pts – for quitting the Cheerios and for stealing the Head/Captaincy away from Santana. Definite HBIC move, like I said.

End of S2: 4 pts – for not following through on her ‘big plans’ for NY in 2×22.

Santana Lopez, Season Two.

The Physical Appeal: So, Santana got a boob job during the summer. Obviously, this adds to her overall Appeal, if you notice how the boys (especially Jewfro) seem to appreciate her new bust-line in ‘Auditions’. Also, she’s still a Cheerio, maybe not Captain anymore, but still being in her uniform means everything at the school. She’s still got the uniform, the high pony, her exceptional exotic Latina looks and her sultry eyes.

Then ‘Sue Sylvester Shuffle Bowl’ happens and she, like Quinn, is out of uniform. She looses her high pony, her uniform and perhaps a chunk of her reputation. However, the girl knows how to dress to appease the boys – tight, form fitting mini-dresses, halter-tops, high heeled boots, cropped jackets and sweaters (even the attractive leather ones). She replaces her charm bracelet and heart necklace and stud earrings for other such accessories to go with her daily outfits. Yeah, it’s safe to say that Santana didn’t loose an ounce of her Appeal, even out of uniform. Personal opinion, of course, but its pure common sense to think that apart from Karofsky (who is gay), the boys of McKinley wouldn’t think Santana was still delectable, given all she was putting on display with her ‘street clothes’. They are, after all, a bunch of teenage boys.

Start of S2: 10 pts – the girl looks good in her Cheerio uniform, okay? I’m not a lesbian but even I can appreciate her tanned legs.

End of S2: 10 pts – honestly, I just want her wardrobe to be my wardrobe. I’m hopelessly jealous. Also, she’s fucking hot in those tight ass dresses. The girl can pull it off flawlessly.

Sorry, if that seems awfully biased. I just REALLY love Santana’s fashion, and as a girl (a straight one at that), I can only image what the boys of McKinley must be thinking/feeling, even if we don’t actually ever see such reactions.

The Attitude: During that interview with Jewfro at the beginning of ‘Audition’, Santana was in full on HBIC. Just watch, listen…it’s pretty awesome.

Santana can’t stand up to Sue (understandable), but she can stand up for herself when it comes to the students – even if on occasion, its an epic failure. Her fight with Quinn in hallway during ‘Audition’ was great, and Quinn did end up on the floor, and the verbal smack-down she delivered (“She’s already got a family…She’s a mother!”) was genius and definitely HBIC worthy. She was left standing, so does that mean that she won that altercation? I don’t know.

Since we’re on fights, lets jump to the middle of the season, to episode 2×12 ‘Silly Love Songs’ shall we and tackle that hilarious but also rather horrifying fight between herself and one Lauren Zizes? Yeah, from the start, that rivalry between them was an epic fail, at least on Santana’s half. I mean, Lauren…and then little Santana…yikes. Got to give Santana points and props, for charging head on into that, even though there was no hope at all that it would end well for her. She didn’t lack feistiness, and she did do this in the crowded hallways of McKinley in front of many of its students, so I get to properly judge this on a not-so-personal level (ha, loop holes, love them). Yes, I’m counting this as a HBIC moment, fail or not. She still acted like a total bitch, publically, and like she owned the hallway in which it took place. Did you not see the way she slithered up to Puck’s locker, receipt in hand? In Charge, like a boss? Attitude is shades, this girl.

Back up a bit here, to Duets. Her owning ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ with Mercedes, and then all but calling their win? I saw some diva in that girl, as well as a whole lotta HBIC.

Special Education, when Santana revealed her and Finn’s one-night stand back in S1 during ‘Power of Madonna’ was HBIC. It was bitchy, cruel, brutally honest and even bullying to a degree. She was wrong to blurt it out to Rachel like that, but it was the truth and the attitude she gave while doing so was worthy of the title. It affected Finn and Rachel by temporarily destroying Finchel’s relationship, effectively causing a small amount of trouble/tension amongst glee club.

Back to ‘Silly Love Songs’, Santana displayed some major HBIC worthy Attitude here when she conspired to give both Finn and Quinn Mono, in hopes of catching Quinn in the act of cheating on Sam. No other person, not even Quinn, would have been able to come up with a plan like this. Just saying. Of course, earlier in the episode, Santana got bitched out by the other Gleeks for doing what she does best, aside from dishing out revenge – which is being a mega bitch. It was kinda funny and well deserved, but since I read a LOT of Santana-analysis articles, I actually felt really bad for her here. If you have read any kinds of character analysis’s on Santana, you’d understand my POV.

In Comeback, Santana once again conspired to steal Sam away from Quinn – on a personal level but for her own gain, which brings me back to how ‘personal-level’ is different between Santana and Quinn. Earlier I said this: “Santana does a lot of ‘personal level’ stuff that seem more far-reaching than just herself and one or two other people” and I meant that. I don’t know if it is just me, or if other people feel this way too. While ‘on a personal level’ for both girls means the same thing, it also is so very different altogether (or so it seems).

Quinn’s personal level only usually affects the same people, just at different times, Sam being the only real exception here. In S1, during the whole pregnancy plot, it was Quinn, Puck, Finn and to a degree it also involved Rachel. In S2, the cheating plot involves Quinn, Finn, Rachel and of course Sam. Nobody else outside of if the four cared much about their problems. Any other personal level bitchy moments are done in private and one-on-one with another character, therefore can’t really be counted as HBIC moments (in my books).

With Santana, ‘personal level’ is often more far-reaching, or it seems to be, because her HBIC moments almost always happen in public. Almost always, I said (EX: the whole Brittana/Bartie love triangle was not made public). Quinn seems to prefers to keep her problems private, while Santana has no qualms with making her problems with people public. Santana will speak her mind, and act accordingly, to everyone, even to Mr. Schue (she doesn’t seem think too highly of him still, at this point). Only showing true respect for Coach Sue.

So when Santana goes after Sam, to break up him and Quinn, I feel that while it is on a ‘personal level’ that she does this, it is done so in typical Santana-fashion, to where it isn’t exactly private and therefore it counts as a HBIC moment. She does it to be malicious, as well as personal gain and to get back at Quinn. That is inarguably a typical HBIC move – stealing your frenemy’s boyfriend with the intent to do so. Plus, Santana doesn’t show an ounce of regret for doing so (unlike Quinn, when she kicked Santana to the bottom of the pyramid 2×01). In fact, Santana flaunts her victory and prize (which, of course, is Sam) in front of Quinn at the end of this episode (Comeback, 2×13) and in episodes 2×14 ‘Blame it On the Alcohol’ and 2×16 ‘Original Song’.

Then we get to the big whopper of an episode, 2×18 ‘Born This Way’, where Santana’s in HBIC mode almost all the way through, excluding the moments where she converses with Brittany (such as the Shirt Locker scene). From the very moment that episode starts, Santana is all for being her brutally honest, outspoken self, pointing out the flaws in five of the member of glee club – those members being Artie, Finn, Tina, Rachel and Sam (hey, is Samtana still on at this point? I mean, they aren’t later on, as Santofsky makes its entrance, but I wonder…they were sitting awfully far away from one another in this scene). Now, this is typical Santana, but I have to count this as a HBIC moment because, well, it’s typical Santana and it was rather public – she was brutally honest and mean here, without a hint of apology, so it does count. The looks on everyone’s faces confirms this for me. HBIC Attitude all the way.

When Santana and Karofsky are at the Lima Bean and she all but blackmails him to run as Prom King and Queen with her, I don’t know what to make of this. Is this an actual private bitch moment for Santana or a HBIC moment? It was definitely private between her and Karofsky, but since it took place outside of glee club (i.e., Dave Karofsky isn’t a glee club member), does this make it a public deal or what? Santana was pretty much in Bitch In Charge mode during this scene – she handled Karofsky like a boss, but again, does it count? I could use my loop hole method…Ugh, I don’t know.

That is pretty much the severity of HBIC-Santana in S2, I think…

Start of S2: 8 pts – thank goodness she confronted Quinn, otherwise I’d have to take the rating down to at least a 6. The fight was pretty epic, so I had to bump her up 2 pts.

End of S2: 10 pts – the moment in 2×22 when Santana tried to attack Rachel during Nationals, I was won over. The girl is so damn feisty and assertive.

The Actions: I just realize that most of what I wrote for The Attitude also applies to this area as well. The two physical fights between Quinn and Lauren are, indeed, Actions. Santana giving Quinn and Finn Mono is an Action, and Santana stealing Sam away is as well. Blackmailing Karofsky, also an Action.

So, basically, I guess what I unknowingly just discovered – for myself, as yeah, I can be a bit slow – was that not only did Santana assert her HBIC Attitude this season (S2), she did so with Action as well. She didn’t just give the ‘tude, she showed us what she could, couldn’t and would do as well – if that makes any sense.

Start of S2: 9 pts – her actions were definitely HBIC worthy.

End of S2: 10 pts – although a lot of her actions failed to give her what she wanted – Prom Queen coming to mind here – she still took appropriate HBIC action even at the end of the season (BTW, and Original Song – her singing Trouty Mouth, hilarious and a very bitchy thing to do).

HBIC in S2: Again, SANTANA LOPEZ comes out on top. A perfect 30 pts. this season for Appeal, Attitude and Actions. She was definitely more Head Bitch In Charge than Quinn. I swear I am trying to be as fair as possible.


Naya Rivera27

Onto Season 3.

Quinn Fabray.

The Appeal: In less you are into the whole grungy punk look, it is safe to say that Quinn’s new Skank status left little to desire. The pink locks, the dirty, faded gray clothes, tacky nose piercing and the God-awful Ryan Seacrest tattoo (as obviously fake as it was).

Thankfully, she cleaned up and went back to her sundresses and wedge heels – which I’m still not a total fan of, but I can say that the style fits Quinn and she makes it her own. Plus, its far better than the grungy look, so she gets the points for coming to her senses.

Does she still Appeal to the male population? Joe seems to find her a catch, but it appears that Puck is more than slightly put off by her – though that isn’t due to her looks as much as it is due to her turning into a complete and utter psycho.

Start of S3: 1 pts – I mean, just…no. Was it just me, though or do anymore else find that she resembled Cameron Diaz a bit, especially with the pierced nose? Weird.

End of S3: 9 pts – being in a wheelchair didn’t really damper her Appeal, apparently (its Glee), and neither did the fact that she started her senior year smoking and bullying innocent girls into giving her their pocket change in the bathrooms and dressing like garbage. After all, she was voted prom queen (hey, its Glee – that is all of an explanation that you need).

The Attitude: I don’t really have anything for this season as far as HBIC attitude goes for Quinn. I mean, it was pretty none existent, really. She was pretty crazy and borderline psychotic at the start of the season, with her trying to practically kidnap (okay, frame Shelby and steal) Beth, but that is in no way HBIC behavior.

As the season progresses, Quinn suddenly becomes sane again (3×08, ‘Hold On to Sixteen’) but her HBIC never really resurfaces, that I can truly pinpoint. Her car accident happens, and she’s shockingly super mellow, and even during her campaign for prom queen she doesn’t bring out her HBIC that we all know is in there somewhere. So, yeah, I don’t have much for Quinn in this area.

Start of S3: 2 pts – just because I feel that the ‘psycho’ bitch Quinn had more screen time and character development than sane, sweet Quinn had. Even though, personally, I liked nice-Quinn far more than HBIC-Quinn.

End of S3: 1 pts – just because I don’t want to give her a zero point rating here.

The Actions: The one and only thing I can count as her asserting her HBIC behavior was when she was trying to get Shelby fired. That was on a personal level, but I felt like it was the only truly bitchy thing that Quinn did this whole season that didn’t completely revolve around Beth and/or Puck – it did involve Puck, but it involved Shelby’s job, too, which is significant enough to get a mention. I think…Ugh, this is my loop hole rule coming into play. I can’t have nothing to score for Quinn, so…

Start of S3: 0 pts – she didn’t do anything HBIC worthy. She was just a psycho bitch, which isn’t the same thing.

End of S3: 1 pts – for trying to get Shelby fired.

On to Santana Lopez, Season Three.

The Appeal: Santana is back on the Cheerios, and has been promoted by Coach Sue to Co-Captain of the Cheerios, which means that her Appeal has been upped a few good points from S2. She is now, no doubt the most popular girl at the school at this point. Her and Brittany. She’s got the uniform back on, and has that trademark high pony and the title of Co-Captain to her name, so she’s more than good.

Then she get outed as a lesbian and you would think that this would take away from her Appeal and reputation, but as evident in 3×07 ‘I Kissed A Girl’, this fact only seems to boost her rep and Appeal amongst the McKinley boys. That is the last we see of it, until 3×16, when Brittany releases the Brittana sex tape – then you see all the boys talking and leering at her in the hallways and library. So her being a lesbian obviously means nothing (again, Glee) and takes away nothing.

She is voted by the seniors of McKinley as runner up for prom queen, losing to Quinn by a single vote.

Start of S3: 10 pts – because she’s back on top, is No.1 Alpha female at the school.

End of S3: 10 pts – votes as the runner up to a ‘supposed cripple’, even though she herself is a lesbian speaks volumes to her social status. She’s obviously still very popular by the time she graduates, and still very much appealing to the students of McKinley.

The Attitude: The very first episode had Sue employing Santana to destroy all of the purple pianos – more like blackmailed – and though Santana clearly didn’t want to do so, she did, and she did it with gusto by orchestrating the Cheerios cleverly into setting fire to the purple piano in the courtyard. I’m ignoring Quinn’s involvement, seeing as I can’t logically figure out how this was actually planned out with her, given that she rejected Santana and Brittany’s attempt to reconcile the Unholy Trinity. While this whole ordeal constitutes as an Action, the behavior in which she displayed while setting this into motion was very HBIC-style.

Asian F, Santana publically demonstrates her HBIC status by helping Brittany with her pep rally concert for her Senior President campaign. Just look at her face and watch as she all but pushes that one cheerleader out of the way as she descends from the bleachers during the song, while singing “You’ll do anything for me…Who run the world?” That girl all but runs that school and that is not me being biased. I honest to God feel this way. This is one way she asserts her HBIC Attitude this season.

I’m not going to count the Santana vs. Finn in 3×06, ‘Mash-Off’, mostly because it was very much on a personal level that this rivalry happened. It did not involve anyone else, except perhaps Rory, and while it was very public, it s not HBIC Attitude as much as it is just Santana being a bitch and a bully for no reason. She wasn’t asserting any HBIC Attitude here.

The rest of the season, though, apart from some minor moments here and there, like Quinn, Santana’s HBIC all but disappears. Yeah, she’s still very much snarky to the Gleeks, but its more on a friendlier level. Still, she is still more of a bitch than Quinn is, so that is something.

It doesn’t help Quinn at all that Santana gets more screen time this season than she does, so we see and hear more from Santana’s bitchy side than Quinn’s. Quinn gets few lines between 3×09 and 3×13.

Start of S3: 10 pts – for owning the school with her badass bitch HBIC attitude.

End of S3: 7 pts – for loosing a lot of her bite. I credit her mostly on the small bitchy comments she makes to Rachel, Mr. Schue and Finn on occasion.

The Actions: The first Action as the HBIC Santana gives us is setting fire to the purple piano, like I mentioned above. Her second Action, is helping Brittany with her campaign and pep rally. She had to of handled her whole coming out situation like the HBIC she is, but we didn’t get to see any of that so it doesn’t count. Telling Mr. Schue off for being a completely shitty Spanish teacher (3×12, ‘Spanish Teacher’) was a total HBIC Action – like Quinn standing up to Sue last season.

After ‘The Spanish Teacher’, Santana seems content amongst the Gleeks and comfortable at school in general. The last Action that I can think of is Santana telling New Directions off during 3×21 ‘Nationals’ but that wasn’t very HBIC behavior, I don’t think.

Start of S3: 10 pts – she was pretty active between 3×01 and 3×11 with her HBIC assertiveness.

End of S3: 6 pts – its a low score because while her bitchiness never truly dies out, it diminishes quite a bit.

HBIC of S3: SANTANA LOPEZ wins the title.



Season One:

Quinn Fabray – Total: 9/30 pts.

Santana Lopez – Total: 29/30 pts.

Season Two:

Quinn Fabray – Total: 19/30 pts.

Santana Lopez – Total: 30/30 pts.

Season Three:

Quinn Fabray – Total: 11/30 pts.

Santana Lopez – Total: 23/30 pts.

HBIC CHAMPION: Santana Lopez: Total: 82/90 pts.

RUNNER UP: Quinn Fabray: Total: 39/90 pts.


I did this HBIC Face Off without any biased opinions – at least, as much as I possibly could, anyways. I admit, while reading this, it would seem that I favor Santana Lopez of Quinn Fabray and yes, that is true – I do. However, I made sure to judge this as fairly and as professionally as I could – even though I am not a professional (at what, exactly?)

I had help deciding the scores by three other people, all of whom are Gleeks, so that I could maintain my ‘No Biased Opinions’ rule I set for myself. Two of them are Quinn-stans, and the other, plus myself, are Santana-stans, so it was equal stanship who judged this Face Off.

Feel free to argue the scores – as I know and expect there will be quite a few in disagreement, particularly the Quinn-stans. Just, all I ask is that you do so in a kind and respectful manner, and not explode with rage and curse me out. I’m just doing this in good fun, without the intent to insult or offend anybody.

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