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Emmett Cullen

Emmett Cullen1Emmett Cullen

Rosalie Hale

Rosalie Halealb1082280

Harrienne Proussalidi (Harry Potter)

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When the real Harry Potter dies, James and Lily perform a dark ritual that summons an infant to them. The infant that is summoned just so happened to be the only child of the Royal High Elves, the King and Queen Padreon and Evain Proussalidi.  The Potters had no idea that the child they had just kidnapped was the Elven princess, Harrienne Evangelia Proussalidi. They spelled her (glamours, potions, etc.) to look identical to their lost son – the real Harry Potter.

When Harrienne was five, and under the roof of the Dursleys, her parents (whom she knows nothing about at the time) were killed in a Elf-Werewolf dispute in Greece. At around the same time, she started coming into her Elven magic – she was able to cast proficient glamours and many wandless magics – though she was unable to perform any offensive or defensive magic. The only kind of magic she was able to do was mostly stuff like glamours, unlocking spell, the locking spell, levitation, silencing spell, muffling spell and cleaning spells.

The glamours that the Potters placed on her fell on her sixth birthday, but thanks to her advanced wandless magic ability (Elven magic) she was able to replace them without the Dursleys finding out.

At the age of 11, Harrienne – as Harry Potter – entered Hogwarts and tried everything to stay in the ‘BWL’ role. She did what she thought was expected of her, being the ‘BWL’ and all. At the end of 5th year, in the Department of Mysteries, she defeats Voldemort for good.

After killing Voldemort, Harrienne thinks that it might be safe to come clean with everyone about who she really was (she found out about her heritage and parentage during the summer of 3rd year, when she stayed in Diagon Alley that summer – she had gone to Gringotts). However, before she could make up her mind, Dumbledore once again sends her back to the Dursleys. At the Dursleys, she is beaten and starved for near on two weeks straight, until Vernon gets promoted at the drill company. The Dursleys and Harry are sent to Seattle, Washington in the USA.

Harrienne stays with them two more weeks, being abused and hidden, before she decides to leave. She leaves the Dursleys house, immediately dropping her glamours (most of them – not the glamours that hide her pointed elf ears). The petite, immortal beauty runs from Seattle, using her Elven senses to guide her through the thick forest.

She is halfway between Port Angeles and Forks, when she is attacked by two nomad vampires – Travis and Kali. The two, sensing a difference in Harrienne (they could tell she wasn’t human) and feeling threatened, they attack her. Harrienne is not as strong as vampires are, or as fast, but she is still powerful magically and her magic gives her the speed, strength and grace needed to fight back. However, she is no match against two newborn vampires, and is quickly overpowered. They don’t kill her, but Travis does bite her. They think that the bite would either kill her or turn her, so they leave.

The bite instead, mixes with her Elven magic, creating a hybrid Elf-Vampire.

She was several hours into her Turning (Mixing?) when back in Forks, Alice Cullen gets a vision and immediately sends Emmett and Rosalie out to get Harrienne and bring her back to the Cullen house.


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Harrienne’s mother, Zeta Andreacchi-Kasparkova. Appearance: 25-years-old. Real Age: 55-years-old.

Asia Argento Asia Argento1

Harrienne’s father, Isaak Kasparkova. Appearance: 30-years-old. Real Age: 60-years-old.

Jensen Ackles1 Dean Winchester8

Harrienne Avalon Kasparkova. Appearance: 16-years-old. Real Age: 16-years-old.

Selena Gomez52 Selena Gomez23

Ainabeth Evaine Kasparkova. Appearance: 4-years-old. Real Age: 4-years-old.

Dark haired little girl37 Dark haired little girl9


Earth Phoenix:

— Shape-shift

— Healing tears

— Speak to and understand all animals

— Teleport travel

— Has an affinity with all things Earth – plants, animals, sun, soil, humans, etc..

— Moods change weather – happy (sunny), sad (rainy), angry (storm), sick (gloomy, but not rainy), etc..

— Fly

Elemental Faery:

— Healing touch – plants/animals/humans/other creature

— Speak to and understand all animals

— Faery Magics (deferent method, but same concept as wizard magic, only without incantation or wand). Basically, wandless and wordless magic. Still use potions, spells and charms, but it’s more powerful when using them with Faery magic.

— Can help plants grown at an advanced rate/time.

— Has some control over the weather, briefly. Can cause earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters.

— Can conjure fire, plant vines, wind and water at various degrees.

— Shrink from big to small.

— Fly

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Edward Cullen2Selena Gomez56

Objective: Harry gets kidnapped on the Platform 9 3/4, just before he was to get onto the train to Hogwarts for his first year.

The man who abducts Harry, takes him the older man’s home (in a different country) and keeps Harry prisoner there, through heavy magical wards and a No-Harm magical collar (which stops Harry from defending himself from the dark wizard by any means – magical or not). The wards are locked on him, keeping him trapped inside or at least on the wizard’s property.

The dark wizard, named Enryko Bȍrec treated Harry like a plaything – he used and abused him, sexually and physically, whenever he was in the mood or angry. Harry was raped repeatedly, but after a while he learned that not fighting Enryko allowed him a lot less pain and even some pleasure. Enryko was a gentler lover when Harry cooperated and didn’t struggle.

Just a few months after being held captive by Enryko, Harry (an 11-year-old Magical Hermaphrodite or he was born a female) falls pregnant. Nine months later, just a month after turning 12-years-old, he gives birth to his daughter, Vivienna Claire, on August 31st.

Just five months after Vivienna is born, Harry once again becomes pregnant. Nine months later, in October, and at 13-years-old, he gives birth to his son, William Mason. William is just 14-months younger than Vivienna.

Thankfully for Harry, he goes the next couple years without conceiving another child. Up until Harry is 15, that is. In mid-fall of what is supposed to be his 5th year, Harry once again falls pregnant. On July 29th, just two days before Harry’s 16th birthday, he gives birth to his third and youngest child, Ainabeth Olivia.

Only two days later, on his birthday, Harry comes into his magical creature inheritance of a Faery – an immortal creature who has magical (different than wizarding) powers and can elemental magic and can shrink from his original height of 5 foot 1 to a mere 6 inches. The minute he becomes a Faery, he knows that his children are NOT Enryko’s, but his soul mates’ instead. Magic found a way to take the essence of his soul mate, from wherever he was, and replace the genes needed to create Vivienna, William and Ainabeth. Also, the second he came into his inheritance, he stopped aging – he was now 16-years-old forever.

Thanks to his magical creature inheritance, Harry is able to fight the enchantments that is keeping him and his children captive. Revengefully, Harry murders Enryko without a moment’s hesitation, before taking his babies and leaving the country and heading back to England, with a 4-year-old Vivienna, 3-year-old William and a newborn Ainabeth.

In England, Harry went to Gringotts to check up on his finances and accounts/vaults, before walking away from the wizarding world, and going to the muggle world, where Harry and the kids stayed for a year at one of the many Potter homes in Wales. After a year, Harry decided that he was ready to go track his mate down (thanks to visions born from his Faery magic he knew who, what and where his mate was) and meet him and let his mate meet the three children he obviously didn’t know he had.

Harry packed up the children – ages 5, 4 and 1 – and left Wales for America, Forks, Washington to be exact.

Potter siblings

Emmett/Harry/Rosalie Threesome   2 comments


Emmett Cullen – Was turned at age 20, and is therefore forever in the image of a 20-year-old. Though he can go as young as 17.

Rosalie Hale – Was turned at age 19, and is therefore forever in the image of a 19-year-old. She can go as young as 16-17.

Harry Potter – Never turned into a vampire. However, on his 15th birthday, he came into his magical creature inheritance (Elf/Fairy/Incubus, etc.) and because of his inheritance, he has stopped aging at 15. He can go as young as 12, and as old as 18, if he really, really tried.

Before the move to Forks, Washington, Emmett and Rosalie decide to take a mini vacation to London, England. At the same time, Harry, who had just turned 15-years-old, decided to sneak out of the Dursleys, passed his Order of the Phoenix guards (thanks to his new creature inheritance, he could sense the guards) and head into London to visit Diagon Alley’s Flourish and Blotts’ book store to try and find books/information on what he had just turned into.

Rosalie and Emmett bump into Harry as the three walk down the streets of London. Upon contact (skin-to-skin), Harry immediately gets the overwhelming sense of peace, protection, safely and rightfulness, but not knowing what it meant to feel such things. Rosalie and Emmett, however, knew the signs of finding your mate, and instantly know what their own feelings meant – they were feeling protectiveness, peace, completion and desire.

Knowing that they had just found their third mate – their submissive – Rosalie and Emmett refuse to leave Harry’s side. Though, Harry wasn’t complaining, feeling perfectly at home with the two vampires. Coming from the wizarding world, Harry did know that they were vampires, but the animal-eating kind. He confesses his knowing, and in turn he tells them of his own new inheritance as well as about his Magical Hermaphroditism.

They agree to help Harry find out what he is. Rosalie and Emmett (thanks to Harry’s glamour charms) follow Harry into Diagon Alley and into Flourish and Blotts. There, they find out exactly what Harry is – an Elf/Faery hybrid. Apparently, the genes had laid dormant in the pureblooded Potter line and the long line of pureblooded squibs in the Evans line. When Potter and Evans collided, and created Harry, the genes became active. On the Potter’s side, was the Elfin blood and on the Evans was the Faery.

1. Wandless Magic

2. Strong, unbreakable glamour charms/illusions

3. Eternal Life

4. Ethereal Beauty

5. The ability to shrink his body from his original 5 foot even frame to a mere 6 inches tall.

6. Flight – in the form of wings.

7. Enhanced vision and hearing as well as strength and speed – though nowhere near a vampire’s level (in strength and speed, anyways).

8. Teleportation

9. Has much control over the element, Earth.

10. Gifted in languages – human and creature.

Harry decides not to return to Hogwarts for his 5th year. Instead, he decides to return to Forks, Washington with his two mates at the end of the summer. From July 31st to August 31st, Harry stays with Emmett and Rosalie in their hotel, getting to know one another better and eventually consummating their bond. Rosalie takes Harry’s masculine virginity (in his male MH form) while Emmett takes his feminine virginity (in his female form).

On August 31st, the three soul mates catch a plane from Heathrow Airport to Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle, where they are picked up by Edward, Jasper and Alice. Because Harry is not a vampire, Alice is unable to see him, and therefore was caught off guard by Harry’s appearance/arrival, along with the other Cullens.

Carlisle and Esme

Jasper and Alice

Edward Cullen2

Harry Potter/Twilight Crossover Idea-Challenge   1 comment

Pairing: Edward/Harry, Emmett/Harry or Jasper/Harry. I actually prefer Emmett to Edward and Jasper, but, I know a lot of people favor Edward (though I don’t see why, Robert Pattinson’ portrayal of Edward Cullen sucks) so I won’t put up a fight. Just, if you can, please try for Emmett, PLEASE! Or even Jasper!

Warnings that are required: Underage sex, abuse, non-con, graphic sexual content, enslavement, D/s (Dominate-Submissive), Magical Hermaphrodite!Harry or female-Harry, creature-fic.

Objective: Hagrid leaves Harry to find his way onto the platform of 9 3/4. Before Harry has a chance to talk to the Weasleys and therefore find his way to the Hogwarts Express, the 11-year-old is abducted from Kings Cross Station by a dark wizard. Could be an OC of your own or a Death Eater, who is still seething over Voldemort’s demise.

The dark wizard takes Harry to his manor, where he forces a magic suppressant collar around Harry’s neck, and wards his manor so that no matter how hard Harry tried, he was unable to leave and anyone trying to track him down was unable to find him.

What is up with Harry? Harry is a Magical Hermaphrodite, able to switch genders at will. When the dark wizard realizes this, he places a dark curse on Harry – the curse is one that is normally used on animagi-shifters to lock them permanently in their current form – either to curse them so that they could never transform into their animagus form or so where they were trapped forever in their animal form. The dark wizard cursed Harry in his female form permanently.

When Harry doesn’t show up at Hogwarts, Dumbledore panics and everyone goes looking for him but they find no trails and eventually stop looking.

The dark wizard who captured Harry is very cruel. Harry is tortured, abused and raped. Just a few months after being at the dark wizard’s manor,  in late November, Harry (having had menstrual cycles since he was 10) gets pregnant, and nine months later in August, just after turning 12-years-old, he gives birth to a baby girl, whom he names Ainabeth Evaine. The dark wizard ignores the baby, letting Harry care for her and protect her.

For the next three years, Harry continues to live with the dark wizard, reading up on magic from the manor’s library but unable to perform any of it thanks to the collar around his neck. Though young, he makes a good mother, loving his daughter very much. Then, he becomes pregnant again, and at 15, gives birth once again to another daughter, Briar Rose.

On Harry’s 16th birthday, he comes into his magical creature inheritance, which turns out to be a hybrid of elfin and Succubus, both of which are immortal, making him (or rather her) immortal as well. Forever 16-years-old. Also, with the enhanced magical creature powers, Harry is able to over-power the suppressant collar. Now, with his magic free, Harry mindlessly kills the wizard who is holding him captive and gathers his two daughters – Ainabeth (4-years-old) and Briar (1-year-old) – and escapes. Not after raiding the library of every book and using his new magic to shrink it all to portable size.

With his daughters in tow, Harry does back to Diagon Alley, the only magical place he knows, and up to Gringotts, where he becomes emancipated and is given contact to his godfather, Sirius Black, who had escaped Harry’s 1st year, after hearing about Harry’s disappearance. Sirius, along with Remus Lupin, immediately comes to Gringotts upon receiving Harry’s letter. They don’t tell anyone (the Order, Dumbledore, etc.) about getting a letter from Harry, they just leave.

When Sirius and Remus meet Harry for the first time, seeing that he’s a beautiful 16-year-old female, half-elf, half-succubus and is the mother of two beautiful little girls, they are shocked, but they instantly agree to help Harry, who doesn’t want to go to the wizarding world. Instead, he wants to live quietly in the muggle world, away from England, with his children and eventually find his soul mate. Remus and Sirius quickly decide to move with Harry, and act as his guardians to any muggle.

The two adult wizards find a house in America, and they all leave for Forks, Washington, where Harry would be acting as the daughter of Sirius (from another marriage), who is married or ‘with’ to Remus. Ainabeth and Briar are pose as Harry’s siblings, and the adopted children of Remus and Sirius.

Although Harry is immortal, that doesn’t mean that he’s now infertile. He can still have more children, which he will, with his soul mate (one of the younger male Cullens).


Female Harry Potter

Selena Gomez17 Dark haired model

Female Harry with young daughter

Selena Gomez9

Ainabeth Evaine

Dark haired little girl37

Briar Rose

Dark haired little girl18

Dark Wizard who captures Harry

Vin Diesel1

Harry/Bree – Twilight/HP crossover   Leave a comment



Challenge: Okay, so I have already read a Riley/Harry fic…now I want to see a Harry/Bree fic, because I liked Bree Tanner.

The idea I had in mind for this challenge, goes something like 17-year-old Harry (also newly bitten by a vampire but not by Victoria) comes across his soul mate, Bree, who had just been turned by Victoria.

They seek out the Cullens for help, and for protection (on Bree’s part). In exchange they would help the Cullens and the La Push pack get rid of Victoria and the newborns, and to protect 16-year-old Bree from the Volturi.

I honestly HATE Bella, and I wish that you could work this whole thing out without bringing her into the mix…However, given that it is during Eclipse, and the whole reason Victoria and the Vulturi appear in the 3rd book is to go after Bella (Victoria)and the newborn clan (Volturi).

If you CAN come up with a reason for Victoria and the Volturi without adding Bella, then please do so. If you can’t, then you have my permission to KILL HER OFF!

Harry and Bree have to be soul mates, and they have to know the moment they meet. Harry is protective of her, and she of him. She is distraught with the thought of killing another being (human), and Harry is too, so they decide together that they would go for animals instead of humans…

They must learn to hunt animals on their own, and must already be somewhat committed to staying with that diet.


** Harry’s eyes must stay green and he must still have his magic. Though, his vampiric ability is up to you to decide – but he MUST have one.

** Does Bree have a power? If she doesn’t, give her one. She too, MUST have an ability.

** NO Ron/Hermione! I HATE this pairing, and therefore there mustn’t be a R/Hr pairing. Nobody else can be paired together either (in the HP world) until Harry/Bree have actually started their soul bond and have mated (that means be intimate/consummated the bond/have sex).


I haven’t read any of the Twilight books (first-person POVs kill me and plus being stuck in Bella’s head was annoying), so I don’t know the books…I don’t know the time duration of the events in Eclipse – how long the whole battle with Victoria and the newborns lasted. Was it weeks? Months? I just don’t know, so I’ll leave that to you…

However, I want Harry and Bree to have consummated their soul mate bond before the final battle and possibly before they go to the Cullens. They ARE vampires as well as hormonal TEENAGERS (keep that in mind), and therefore they would get heavy fast, within days of meeting quite possibly.

With the way teens are, nowadays, when it comes to sex and dating, it usually only takes a few hours to a week anymore before the two are sleeping with each other…Add their vampire instincts and the need to mate/claim one other, and it could possibly happen even sooner, so yeah, give them just a few days or so of knowing each other before they consummate the bond…

Unlike all of the Edward/Harry fics out there, where it takes MANY chapters before you even see a glimpse of a lemon (sex scene), because Edward is so old fashioned and because Harry is often so ‘timid’ and ‘abused’…In this, Harry is 17-year-old hormonal teen, and Bree is equally a hormonal 16-year-old. It may seem fast-paced but it’s realistic teenage hormonal drive.


It would be cool if you could fit in a miracle vampire pregnancy in there somewhere, where Bree, even though she’s a vampire, gets pregnant. Maybe make it so that with Harry’s magic (and their wishful thoughts), it happened – just like in a lot of Mpreg fics I read. The pregnancy HAS to be natural and has to come as a surprise – it can’t be planned!

And the baby HAS to grow like a normal human baby. It can’t be fast-growing like the human-vampire children where it only takes seven years before they’re fully grown. That concept was just stupid, in my opinion (even though it would only have benefited Jacob, the poor guy), so yeah, no seven years and then the kid’s an adult. It MUST grow like a normal human child, even though it’s the first ever born-vampire.

No pregnant-Rosalie, though. I love her, but I just want Bree pregnant (Harry is the only wizard turned vampire there, anyways).


Um, I guess that’s it for now. I add more later if I think of it.



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Is it just me, or does there seem to be a shit load of Twilight/Harry Potter crossovers out there…with the same plot – Harry, Luna and Draco go to Forks, or Harry and Draco go to Forks, or even just Harry and Luna, and it’s a full on repetitive Edward/Harry, and Jacob/Draco or Jacob/Luna…?

Doesn’t that seem to be the most occuring theme with the Twilight/HP Crossovers? Damn if it isn’t getting old and annoying!

For one, I find that Jacob/Draco is really bad pairing. Actually, it’s a really annoying pairing, and rather disgusting, kind of like Ron/Hermione for me and I hate that pairng (R/Hr) with a passion. Jacob Black and Draco Malfoy have only one thing in common with each other – and that is that they both come from a family of Blacks! Completely different families, obviously, but named Black nonetheless. Authors seem to really enjoy pairing these two up for some insane reason, and it pisses me off completely.

I hate bottom-Draco, and with a Jacob/Draco pairing, he is most definitely the bottom, as there isn’t anyone, besides perhaps Emmett and the rest of the Quileute pack, that can beat Jacob’s large, massive build. Bottom-Draco’s are simply very annoying for me to read! The only person I like to read as a bottom (submissive partner) is Harry!

I don’t know why anyone would think that this pairing is okay…IT DOESN’T WORK! They’re so completely different from each other  – their lifestyle, background, and just simply the way they think. They would NEVER be able to work, in real life (never mind that it’s FANFICTION here, and that it’s not supposed to be looked at as a real life “thing”). Draco is rich, spoiled, angry, CLEAN, stuck-up and snobby, and a complete arsehole. Jacob is loud, dirty, wild, boisterous, all grins and care-free, and a  low-class MUGGLE shapeshifter. No matter how much people will argue that because the pack can turn into wolves, that means they are part of the wizarding world, it’s NOT TRUE!! They live in the muggle world, go to a muggle school and hang out with muggles and live like a muggle…THEY ARE MUGGLES!!

Draco would never tolerate Jacob and his personality and lifestyle, and Jacob in turn would be more likely to punch the blonde bastard in the nose then imprint on his ass. No…just, no. Maybe it is all of these things that make authors be like, “Yeah, they’re so opposites that they would make the best couple”, but to be, it’s not something I can comprehend. Jacob/Draco would never work, it’s an awful pairing that That is That!

As for the Jacob/Luna…

I love Luna to death, I’ll admit that. I also really love Jacob too (or maybe it’s Taylor Lautner I like, :P). However, I can’t really see Luna in a relationship with, well, anyone. Not because she’s so weird that I think nobody would want to be with her. It’s just that Luna has more of that best friend or sister material vibe, and not that girlfriend vibe.

That’s not to say that I haven’t read any Harry/Luna fics, because I have and I have enjoyed them. But, when it comes to fics where Luna is in the background, as a side character (such as Twilight/HP crossovers), she’s the sister or best friend…I can’t read her as someone’s girlfriend, at all. That probably doesn’t even make sense, lol, but that’s what I feel.

Why don’t I like Jacob/Luna? Well for one, like Jacob/Draco, it’s reaccuring theme/pairing in the Twilight/HP crossovers. Not ALL of course, but quite a few of them nonetheless. And two, because again, the vibe…I can see Luna getting close with the Quileute pack, as a new and ‘weird’ friend or even a sister-like relationship that she often has with Harry, but to have her date one of them – it’s just not very logical or likeable.

And three…well, it’s all very cliche, really. Harry, Luna and Draco move to Forks to get away from the Wizarding World, and one by one they each get ‘mates’. First it’s usually Edward and Harry…and then they meet the La Push pack and upon sight, Jacob imprints on Draco/Luna (depending on the story, but usually it’s Draco). It’s all been done before A HUNDRED TIMES!! I said, it’s all very cliche!

It’s simply annoying, when you start reading a Twi/HP fic, hoping for an original storyline, and then end up getting the same thing. It’s like reading the same fic, just with different senarios and different authors, but with the same plot just bent slight so that the authors made it their own and can’t claim theft!

Also, it’s annoying, getting into the story, and though it’s bordering on cliche and overused, it’s still okay and acceptable. For Example: Harry and his friends/pseudo family, show up in Forks, and after looking around their new house, they go to Forks High for their first day of school. There, they meet the Cullens, and soon it becomes clear that they they are vampires and that Edward has sniffed Harry out as his mate, yadda yadda yadda…But then the story goes straight downhill and right back to horribly cliche, when…They are introduced to the La Push pack, and one by one Harry’s friends (again, usually Draco or Luna), is imprinted upon…

First Harry, then Draco, then Luna or however it goes. It’s annoying because, miraculously, they ALL find mates, in the same place – Forks/La Push! I accept Harry, of course – he’s the whole reason I’m reading any of these fics – but to then go and pair the others up, that’s where it spoils badly.

I don’t even know of this little rant of mine is making any sense at all – I know what I’m trying to say, but getting it down to where it is comprensable is a little hard…

You might or might not agree with all this, but I don’t care. This is my opinion…I HATE Jacob/Draco, Cliche Twi/HP crossovers and girlfriend-Luna (unless with Harry, or maybe Neville as a really BACKGROUND pairing). She’s much better being the little sister/best friend.