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All items on this page may be taken. No permission needed. If you like it, go ahead and take it!


Supernatural-Harry Potter Crossover Photos/Banners



Winchester Family Photo

Dean/Female-Harry #1

Dean and Harry1

Dean/Female-Harry #2

Dean and Harry

Dean and Sam Winchester #1

Dean and Sam Winchester2

Dean Winchester

Dean Winchester10

Dean and Sam Winchester #2

Dean and Sam Winchester3

Dean Winchester #2

Dean Winchester11

Winchester Family (fanfiction)

Winchester Family Photo3

Winchester Siblings (fanfiction)

Winchester Family Photo4


Twilight Photos/Banners





Jasper and Alice


Carlisle and Esme


Edward Cullen2

Alice Cullen

Alice Cullen2

Jasper Hale

Jasper Hale2

Emmett Cullen

Emmett Cullen2

Rosalie Hale

Rosalie Hale2

Emmett and Rosalie

Emmett and Rosalie1

Jasper and Alice

Jasper and Alice2

Carlisle and Esme



Misc. Characters/Celebrities


Padma Patil

Afshan Azad Collage

Padma and Parvati Patil #1

Padma and Parvati Patil

Harry Potter and Padma Patil

Harry and Padma

Padma and Patil #2

Padma and Parvati Patil1

Female Harry Collage #1

Female Harry1

Female Harry Collage #2

Female Harry Montage

Cormac McLaggen and Female Harry #1

Cormac and Harrienne

Cormac McLaggen and Female Harry #2 – Banner in Gryffindor colors of red/gold.

Cormac and Harrienne1



Hunger Games Altered Photo


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