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My 2-year-old niece Kyley, with her mother's hat and glasses.

This is me, Krista – here I’m 22-years-old (current age).

My mother, being silly with her coffee mug early in the morning.

My little sister, Amber and me goofing around.

My tabby cat, Josh. He's named after the actor, Josh Hartnett!

Me and my cat, Blackie.

Amber and me.

My younger sister, Amber (20-years-old) and me (the curly haired 22-year-old).

My niece, Kyley Jade. She’s 2 1/2 years-old here. Beside her is Amber.

My mom and me

My Mother and younger sister, Amber.

My nephew, Elijah Wayne R. He’s 4 here.

My nephew, Elijah. In this picture he's 3-years-old.

My 5-year-old nephew, Elijah. He's Destiny's son.

My niece Gracie Elizabeth, who's a little less than a year in this picture. My sister Destiny's daughter.

My niece, Gracie Elizabeth. In this picture, she's not quite a year yet - probably maybe 8-11 months old.

My niece, Gracie. She's about 1 1/2 years-old here. She's just turned two-years-old on April 24th!

Cristina (an ex-friend), Me (with the hat and curly hair), Kayla (short dark hair) and Amber (long red hair). Halloween 2005, at our school HTH. We're about 17-years-ol here (Amber is 15).

My TWIN sister, Kayla. We're fraternal twins, so we look nothing alike. She's 22-years-old here.

My older brother, Justin Tyrone. He's 27-years-old here!

My Dad

My older sister, Destiny

My older sister, Destiny or 'Des' for short.

My 6-year-old niece, Dawn Rene

My 6-year-old niece, Dawn Rene

My 6-year-old niece, Dawn Rene

My 6-year-old niece, Dawn Rene

My 6-year-old niece, Dawn Rene.

My 27-year-old brother Justin, and my twin sister (22-years-old), Kayla

5-year-old nephew, Elijah and 2-year-old niece, Gracie - Easter 2010

My 5-year-old nephew, Elijah

My nephew Elijah

My nephew, Elijah

My niece, Gracie

My niece, Gracie, when she was starting to walk.

My niece, Gracie, learning to stand and take steps.

My brother, Justin (camo-wear) and my sister's (Kayla) boyfriend, Mike.

My older brother Justin (camo-wear) and Kayla's (my sister) boyfriend, Mike.

My brother, Justin - he's 27-years-old here.

My sisters, Kayla (22) and Amber (nearly 21).

My sister (twin), Kayla and her daughter (my niece), Kyley.

My sister, Kayla, her boyfriend Mike and our grandmother, Grandma Roxie.

My sis, Kayla, goofing around.

My twin sister, Kayla.

My sister (twin), Kayla - 22-years-old

Kyley, Elijah and Gracie playing around in the pool. My niece Kyley's 3rd birthday party!

Kyley, Gracie and Elijah, playing in the pool. This is Kyley's 3rd birthday party!

3-year-old Kyley and 2-year-old Gracie. Kyley's 3rd birthday party.

Kyley and Gracie without their swimmers, lol. Kyley's 3rd birthday party!

My niece, Kyley, on her 3rd birthday party(two days before, actually...)

My niece Kyley, on her 3rd birthday party

Gracie, Elijah and Kyley with their great-grandma (my grandmother), Roxie.

My 2-year-old niece Kyley, with her mother's hat and glasses.

My mother, Bonnie - and 2-year-old Gracie, too. Kyley's 3rd birthday party!

My mother, Bonnie.

Amber, Destiny, Gracie, Kayla, Kyley, Mike, Mom, Elijah, Justin and Grandma Roxie. I'm missing from the family photo!

My niece, Tianna.

My 7-year-old niece, Tianna.

My 7-year-old niece, Tianna

My sister Kayla and our 7-year-old niece, Tianna.

Kayla and Tianna

Amber and Tianna

My younger sister, Amber

Dad and the grandkids (Destiny's 3 of 4 children) - 6-year-old Dawn, 5-year-old Elijah and 7-year-old Tianna

Dad (their grandpa) with Elijah and Tianna

Dad and Tianna

Dad and Tianna


Jessie Rubio, Jared Felder, Zachary Brissey, Shanna Anderson, Raul Quintanilla, Danielle Echavarria, Nichole Medina, Elias Castillos, Kylie Kooistra, Brandy Criswell, Ali Swapp, Lisseth Barajas, Leslie Evens, Janeht Urquilla, John Cedergreen, Johnny Vargas, Xavier Cardenas, Rachel Dubes, Amber VanGilst, Jesus Ramirez, Riley Sundberg, Elizabeth Lemon, Tiffany Hays. ABSENT: Raymond Evenson


Class Picture

JUST THE NAMES I REMEMBER: Danielle Echavarria, Jamie Tobin, Jason Flemming, Israel (?), Alicia Villa, April Boruff, Johnny Vargas, Andy Hays, Fausto Parra, Brittany Lankhaar, Marcella (Mache) Olivares, Elvia (?), Brian Swapp, Herman Hernandez.




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