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Bill Weasley – 30-years-old

Alvaro Jacomossi (Bill or Charlie Weasley)Alvaro Jacomossi - Male Model3

Charlie Weasley – 29-years-old

Weasley Boy3Weasley Boy4

Percy Weasley – 22-years-old

Simon Woods

Fred and George Weasley – 19-years-old

Weasley Boy5

Ron Weasley – 17-years-old

Weasley Boy1

Ginny Weasley – 16-years-old



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Challenge Pairing: Hary/OCs, Charlie/Harry or Bill/Harry. SUBMISSIVE-Harry! Mature Content wanted! SLASH and Mpreg!

Objective: After the death of Sirius, Harry slowly starts to break down. Over the summer, Harry becomes a little too promiscious – he experiences in drugs and alcohol, but he becomes very addicted to sex. He uses sex as his release, and finds friends in the more wilder teenagers hanging around Little Whinging. Harry sleeps around with them and whoever is willings to give him sex – he loves to feeling of loosing control and letting loose, and LOVES being the submissive partner.

When the Order brings Harry back to Number Twelve for the summer sometime in mid-August, they begin to see just how close Hary is to a major mental and emotional breakdown. Charlie or Bill is secretly determined to help Harry, who they (whomever you choose) have secretly fallen in love with since returning from Egypt/Romania to help out the Order.


O0O Their relationship can’t be just about sex, and it has to be SECRET until Voldemort is defeated.

O0O Harry MUST become pregnant (MPREG is a must) sometime either late into 6th year or the summer before 7th year. Even then, Harry hides the pregnancy with glamours, only telling Charlie/Bill. They are hiding their relationship and their unborn child because of the threat of Voldemort. It is very dangerous for Harry to be in a relationship with that madman out for his blood and the blood of those he cherrishes.

O0O Submissive-Harry, ONLY. In slash, he has to be the bottom/submissive. Even f he has sex with a female, he’s still submissive (meaning he gives all the control over to the girl, and even strap-ons used on him is preferable).

O0O NO Ron/Hermione, until way after Harry gets into a real serious relationship with either Bill or Charlie Weasley (or both, lol).

Character bashing on Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Dumbledore are acceptable (especially Hermione and Ron). It’s not necessary, but if you wish to bash these four characters, and even Molly Weasley, then go right ahead.




This is another one of my genius story ideas. I would love for it to be written by someone! ANYONE!!!

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Challenge: Charlie/Harry


Harry and Charlie are in a secret relationship from Harrys fourth year and onward.

– Harry is a Magical Hermaphrodite (MH) definition found in chapter 2.

– Harry is also a half elf (from Severus) and half veela (from Lucius)

– At 14, Harry meets his soul mate, which is Charlie Weasley. Charlie is there at Hogwarts during the Triwizard Tournament for the dragons and for Weasley support. Their relationship is kept between them two. They consummate the bond that same year.

– Charlie is 23-yrs-old when Harrys 14-yrs-old. Charlies 26 when Harrys 17.

Harry is actually the child of Severus and Lucius, and is the baby brother of Draco Malfoy.

Draco Malfoys birthday is to be September 2nd (the eldest in his year).

Harrys is still July 31st (the youngest in his year). He and Draco are 11 months apart, nearly a full year.

Severus had Draco, and 11-months later Lucius had Harry.

James and Lily had a son (who was nameless), who died of SIDS during the first night, also born July 31st, though a few hours before Harry. In grief, either James or Lily, through a dark ritual, summon a baby, which happens to be Severus and Lucius newborn son, Harrison Angelio. Harrison is renamed Harris James Potter, because the ritual tells the Potters the babys real birth name. Either way, Harrys nickname is still Harry. No major name change.

The Potters use an assortment of potions and charms to hide Harrys true heritage and appearance, though the affects are only permanent.

However, during his time at the Dursleys, some of Harrys elfin magic helped hide his rapid changes as the potions and charms began to wear off. Elfin glamours were the strongest glamours in the world, and only those who are under said glamours or those that have cast the glamours, can see through them. Harry, being the one under and the one who cast them, was able to see his true self when looking through a mirror. Also, he could key anyone he wanted into the glamours. Eventually, Charlie (during 4th year) is keyed into the glamours, so that he could see Harrys real appearance.

The Potters had no idea that Harry was a Magical Hermaphrodite, for the MH features didnt start to take affect until the body of the MH started to mature and develop (between eight-years-old to eleven-years-old). Or, you can say that the Potters and everyone else just overlooked that minor detail. Once Harrys MH began to develop, his glamours hid those changes as well for only he to see.

In Harrys 6th year, around the start of January, Harry gets pregnant. Under his elfin glamour, he hides the pregnancy from everyone but Charlie. They get married/eloped on Harrys seventeenth birthday, July 31st.

During the August before Harrys 7th year, and heavily pregnant (7 months), Harry is taken to Grimmauld Place Number Twelve from where he was at the Dursleys. The occupants of Number Twelve are Severus, Lucius, Draco and the live-in, Remus Lupin. There, Harry is told that he is the youngest son Sev and Lucius and little brother of Draco.

A few weeks later (a week or so when Harry and Draco return to Hogwarts), Severus and Lucius walk in on a heavily pregnant Harry (still under glamour) and Charlie having sex up in Harrys room. It is there that Harry and Charlies secret relationship in found out, along with the pregnancy and their new marriage status.

All three men Sev, Lucius and Draco are protective of Harry, and hate Charlie for sever weeks afterwards. Like overprotective parents and big brother…

The Weasleys also find out the same night as Harrys family, for Sev or Lucius or even Remus (who is equally as protective over Harry, being his honorary second godfather) fire calls Molly and Arthur and the other redheads. Eventually, the word spreads to the Order of the Phoenix, and before September comes around, Grimmauld Place is swamped with people.

Again, NO Ron/Hermione, unless its way into the story and not very graphic or in detail. I hate R/Hr, so make this pairing as background as possible, if you must have it.


That concludes challenge five (5).