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While on Unspeakable duty down in the Department of Mysteries, Lily becomes the victim of a powerful magical backlash, which teleports her all the way to America and wipes out the last five years of her life – she remembers up to her 6th year, and then nothing, not even the fact that she was married, to James Potter. The 21-year-old witch, confused and rather lost, wanders around Illinois for a few days, until she meets a hunter by the name of John Winchester, who was much older than herself (he was already in his late 30’s), and falls for his ragged charm – not realizing that she was already married.

A week into their relationship, John discovers that Lily is a witch – she explains, before he could attack her, that she was a natural-born witch, not an evil demon worshipper – and he hesitantly accepts it, as he himself comes from a very long line of squibs. For three months, John and Lily had a relationship – she had even met his sons, a then 13-year-old Dean and 9-year-old Sam. However, just after their 3rd month anniversary, Lily’s memories began coming back, and within a few days, she was completely fine with all her previously lost memories intact. Horrified to know that she had been cheating on her husband (unknowingly, but cheating nonetheless), yet still feeling very emotionally attached to John, Lily reluctantly says goodbye to her other boys and returns to James in England.

Only a few weeks later, she discovers that she is pregnant – with John’s child. James had been told the truth, about her loosing her memory of the past five years and about how she had found a lover in America. He had been devastated, of course, but did not blame Lily, as it wasn’t her fault. She tells James that the baby is John’s, and after much protest on his part, the two agree to inform John Winchester of the fact that he was going to be a father – again.

John is, unsurprisingly, shocked, as are his sons, Dean and Sam – they were shocked that they were going to get another sibling.

When Lily is only 6 months along, she goes into premature labor, and gives birth to a very tiny and premature baby girl, whom she, James and John (who, along with Dean and Sam, traveled by portkey that allowed them to be present at the birth) named Astrid Marie Winchester-Potter. She weighed only 1 lb., 7 oz., and was no more than 10 inches long. Due to the help of potions, Astrid or Asta as everyone agreed to call her for short, was able to function without the muggle treatment of an incubator.

Newborn baby6

John, Dean and Sam stayed a week, getting to know their precious little Asta, before reluctantly returning to America by portkey. When they left, James and Lily cast glamours over Asta, to hide her identity – they glamoured her into a boy and gave her the features of James and they filled out a fake birth certificate with the name Harry James Potter on it. The two had agreed that it was best if Lily’s ‘affair’ stayed secret, for both of their reputation’s sake. They had informed John of this – he was heavily against this, but overruled.

Astrid Winchester-Potter was born July 31st, but her birth wasn’t announced until August 7th.

Only 3 months after Asta was born, Voldemort attacked and killed the Potters, leaving the small infant girl (glamoured to look like a boy) was placed by Dumbledore under the care of Lily’s adoptive muggle sister, Petunia Dursley and her husband, Vernon. Only a few hours after James and Lily’s death, their glamours fell, but Dumbledore was unaware of that, and before the Dursleys could wake up to find her at their doorstep, she vanished, only to reappear at the side of John Winchester, and her older brothers.



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PADMA PATIL (Afshan Azad) – Original actress to play Padma Patil, as I think that Afshan is beautiful and she was hands down my favorite new cast member in Harry Potter, other than Evanna Lynch, who plays Luna Lovegood.

Afshan Azad - Padma Patil1

Padma Patil is the Ravenclaw of the twins, which means that she is more book smart than her sister, Parvati. She is the oldest of the two, by 20-minutes, and while she likes to look nice she is not nearly as fashion-crazed as her twin. She is more quiet and keeps more to herself, though she still is out going when she’s around her own group of friends – such as Su Li, Terry Boot, Anthony Goldstein and the other Ravenclaws of her year-group. She is NICE to Luna, unlike most of her fellow Ravenclaws. AGE: 17-years-old


PARVATI PATIL (Afshan Azad) – Replaces Shefali Chowdhury as Parvati as I think that the the Patil twins were to be identical and I think that Afshan is gorgeous.

Afshan Azad - Padma Patil9

Parvati Patil is the Gryffindor of the twins, which makes her more courageous and people-smart. She tends to be vapid and rather shallow though she’s not too snooty or mean and unlike Padma, Parvati is obsessed with her looks and the looks of others, and all things fashion. Her best friend is Lavender Brown, a fellow Gryffindor of her own year. She’s more out-spoken and giggly and all together more girly-girl. She has rubbed off on her sister, to the point where Padma cares for her own appearance (again, Padma’s not as obsessed about her looks as Parvati, but she still DOES care). AGE: 17-years-old


AJAY PATIL (Allu Arjun) – My OC character, so that I can pair Harry up with a male Patil in a story idea I have going on. I thought that Allu is gorgeous and that he’d make a good Ajay Patil. You got to admit, he’s damn sexy.

Allu Arjun - Indian Male Actor and Model

Ajay Patil is the older brother of Parvati and Padma Patil. He’s five years older than his sister and was in his sixth-year when the twins arrived at Hogwarts for their first year. He was sorted into Ravenclaw, just like Padma, and was very popular. He was Prefect, Head Boy and also Captain of the Ravenclaw’s Quidditch team. He watched over his sisters for the two years he was in school with them (his 6th and 7th year), all the while getting excellent grades in his classes and hanging out with his friends and year-mates and doing Quidditch. He graduated from Hogwarts at 18 (he turned 18 while still in school) and joined the Ministry’s Department of Law Enforcement (DLE) as an Auror. AGE: 22-years-old


ISABEL ANDRESS-PATIL (Monica Bellucci) – My OC character so that the twins can have a mother. I went looking for an Italian woman born 1964-1965 and found Monica Bellucci. She’s beautiful, so I thought she’s be good. I made her Italian instead of Indian because I think that it makes a good combination, in features. Sorry if you all don’t agree…

 Monica Bellucci

Isabel Andress-Patil is the mother of Ajay, Parvati and Padma. She is a pureblood Italian witch, and her occupation is that of a clothing designer. It is from her, that Parvati gets her love of fashion. Isabel owns her own clothing boutique in the magical village close to the Patil residence in Cornwall. She herself was a Ravenclaw, and was in school the same time as the Marauders, just a few years ahead of them. She still is considered a very beautiful woman, as she looks very well groomed and kept for her middle age. She is a very nice woman, and an amazing mother to her three children, always laughing and smiling and willing to do anything for them. AGE: 42-years-old


RAHUL PATIL (Shahrukh Khan) – My OC character to give the twins a father. I love Shahrukh Khan, and I immediately knew that he would make a great Rahul Patil. Khan is an amazing Bollywood actor and a lot of his characters in his films are like Rahul in a lot of ways, so I just thought that he’d be perfect. I honestly thought of placing Kajol Devgan down as Aishnari Patil, as I love Shahrukh Khan and Kajol together. However, Kajol was too young to have teenage children such as Ajay, Padma and Parvati, unfortunately.

  Shahrukh Khan Shahrukh Khan

Rahul Patil is a very generous and courageous man, who like his eldest child – son, Ajay – works for the Ministry as an Auror. At work, he’s all business and is very good at his job, and at home he is a wonderful family man, even a big goof ball, mischievous and enjoys a good prank (he’s a prankster at heart). He’s a former Gryffindor, who was in school at the same time as the Marauders, just a few years ahead of them. He’s a pureblood wizard, but finds nothing wrong with the muggle world – he often takes his family out into the muggle world. He is the Head of the Patil Estate, which is worth millions, but even though he is filthy rich, he still works for a living, preferring to do so than laze about. Rahul has taught his three children these morals as well. He’s a pushover when it comes to his daughters. AGE: 42-years-old

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Challenge Pairing: Elliot/Harry

Challenge Fandoms: Harry Potter, Leverage

Objective: Basically, Elliot and Harry (a Magical Hermaphrodite), have been married or dating ever since Harry is seventeen. Harry can’t be older than 20-years-old, and Elliot, well, I don’t know how old he’s supposed to be in the show, so make him around 25-28-years-old.

Their relationship is secret, so Nate, Sophie, Parker and Hardison don’t know about Harry. That is, until they need help with a job. Elliot tells his team/family that he knows a person that can help. He calls Harry (who’s already pregnant, heavily so 5-8 months along), and asks him if he is willing to help the team with the special job – they need a little ‘extra’ help, and Harry’s magic was the key.

It can be any type of job, but I prefer that it is a muggle job. Why would they need use of Harry’s magic if it’s a muggle job? Be creative! You can think of a reason, I’m sure. Hell, maybe the muggle ‘bad guy’ is working with a magical ‘bad guy’. I don’t know, I’ll let you decide…

I want Harry to have left Hogwarts after 5th year. He went to America, to get away from the press, the memory of Sirius and the friends that betrayed him/blamed him for the disaster of the Ministry of Magic. While in America, he continues his magical education in the form of self teaching, visiting the magical communities across the states to get reading materials and other such learning tools.

He may or not not be a criminal of some kind – thief, con, etc. At 17, he and Elliot meet. Whether it be while on a job, or just by happenstance, you decide. The circumstances under how they meet is your choice.

I don’t want Harry to be a virgin when they meet, though. That doesn’t mean that I want him to be a slut or anything, just not a virgin.

NO Ron/Hermione.

Sex is required when it comes to Elliot/Harry, but it doesn’t have to be graphic if you are that uncomfortable with writing graphic sex scenes.

Mpreg is a must. Baby must be a girl.

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Challenge Pairing: None, as Harry is under the appropriate age for relations. More of a Family-based fic, though it can still be rated M for language and violence.

Objective: Harry is the youngest son of John Winchester. Lily had an affair with John while on a trip to the U.S., and after returning to England and a little while after her wedding, she finds out that she is pregnant with John’s child. James, though feeling extremely betrayed by his new bride and angry, he still agrees to raise the baby as if it were his, naming it his heir. Lily also contacts John through owl or phone (John knows she was a witch after spending two weeks with her) and informs him about the pregnancy.

John is given updates on the pregnancy, and then pictures and information after the baby was born. All three agree on the name Harrison James.

Just hours after Harry’s birth, it was discovered that he was a Magical Hermaphrodite (MH), making him neither male nor female, but legally both. John is informed of this, as well.

Harry’s birthday: July 31st, 1996, 11:59p.m.

Sam is 13 years old when Harry is born, and Dean is 17 years old when Harry’s born.

Fifteen months old, on October 31st, 1997, Voldemort attacks the Potter household, and kills James and Lily. Harry survives the killing curse which backfires and kills Voldemort – FOR GOOD. However, under the impression that Voldemort is not truly gone, Dumbledore still places Harry with the Dursley household.

When Petunia finds baby Harry on her doorstep on the early morning of November 2nd, she immediately calls up John Winchester at Bobby’s (Lily gave her that number for emergencies, like this particular one) and demands he come and get the boy. John refuses to retrieve Harry from the ‘safety’ of the Dursleys, wanting his youngest to have a normal life, without being raised as a hunter. He knew he had screwed up with his two older boys, and did not want his baby boy to have that life. He didn’t like the fact that Sam and Dean to an extent resented him for bringing them up the way he did. It was painful, but he couldn’t go back and change it.

He left Harry with the Dursleys, thinking that he was safe from hardship and pain.

While he didn’t claim Harry legally, John did call Harry every month to check up on him. Sometimes, even Dean and Sam would call the Dursleys and talk to their baby brother. Every time they called, Vernon or Petunia was within earshot, listening and watching like a hawk to make sure that he did not reveal to the Winchesters what kind of treatment he received at the Dursleys.

Harry was physically, verbally and mentally abused, as well as starved, neglected, bullied and degraded in many levels. He was treated like a slave, and like he was scum or worse than scum. He was called Boy, Freak, Abomination, Worthless, etc. His psyche was definitely damaged, though not all together broken – yet.

At a very young age, 3-years-old maybe, he learns to harness and control wandless magic. He can’t do a lot of defensive magic, but he was excellent and a master at glamours, illusions, healing and the little household magics – repairing, levitating, lighting, shrinking, etc. First year – second year magic mostly, like charms and spells – no defense. So, while he uses his magic a lot, he can’t use it to defend himself against the abuse.

 I would be okay if you made him into a Seer – gave him natural (non-painful and very powerful) visions, premonitions. Like Alice Cullen, only not subjective visions (well it can be, but NOT ONLY subjective).

Just before Harry’s 10th birthday (yr. 2006), Vernon beats him bloody. Tired of the abuse and wanting to be with his father and older brothers, Harry waits until the Dursleys are out of the house for the weekend and then calls Dean on his cell phone, to see where they were – what city, state, motel and room number. Whoever he talks to (Dean or Sam), answers the questions, not thinking anything of it, or why their little brother wanted to know. Harry then takes all of the money he could find – from hiding places within the Dursleys home – and calls a cab and goes to Heathrow Airport in London. He uses his glamours to make himself look older, so that it doesn’t look odd that a small 10-year-old is traveling and buying a plane ticket by himself.

He catches a flight to Chicago, Illinois (during the episode ‘Shadows’ from season One), where he then cancels his glamours before meeting up with Sam and Dean – and probably John as well – at their motel room.

Keep in mind that Dean, Sam and John have never met Harry, only seen pictures of him and in those pictures Harry always has glamours up, hiding his MH (more feminine) features. So when Harry appears, unannounced at the motel, they are overjoyed at finally meeting their baby brother/son, but also furious because of his sudden appearance – none of them want little Harry involved in hunting. All three of the older Winchesters are very protective of him.

Dean is ten times more protective of Harry, than he is with Sam (which is saying something). Sam is about as protective of Harry as Dean is of Sam in cannon.

This fic idea is a pre-Hogwarts story, where Harry is younger than eleven. However, if you desire to write this and take it passed Harry’s eleventh birthday, he CANNOT go to Hogwarts. He has to stay with the Winchesters, whether it means getting a magical tutor from the English/American magical community or him not really getting a full magical education, thanks to his wandless magic (which he’ll still need text books to learn from anyways).


00 Voldemort MUST truly be dead.

00 No Hogwarts! Maybe WAY later on into the fic, but apart from that, no…I don’t want this story to be a Hogwarts-based fic.

00 No Horcruxes

00 No Ron/Hermione pairings.

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Challenge Pairing: Harry/? Whoever, so long as it’s SLASH and fits into the storyline. MPREG is good and welcomed…

Objective: What if John Winchester had a brief affair with an English woman, named Lily Evans, soon to be Potter. Lily gets pregnant with John’s child, and still goes through with marrying James, whom she cheated on. James is aware that the baby is not his, but because he loves Lily, decides to forgive her and accept her son as his own. He still names Harry his heir.

Lily tells John that she is pregnant, but knows that John already has two sons, Dean who is just turning 13, and Sam, who is barely 9. Lily knows that John is a supernatural hunter, and John knows that Lily is a witch – one that is born with magic. John agrees that should anything ever happen to either her or James, then he was to get custody of his third and youngest son. Lily would update him, through owl post and long distance calls, about Harry, yadda yadda yadda.

When Voldemort attacks and kills Lily and James, John leaves Sam and Dean in the care of Bobby Singer and heads to England to check up on Harry. He and Lily had discussed the war and the prophecy hanging over their son’s head, and so he knew that there was a high possibility that Lily would not make it, so the two, as well as James (who of course, hated John but for Harry’s sake dealt with the situation maturely) discussed what was to happen should the time come.

Lily had given John the address and phone number of her sister Petunia, in case Harry was ever placed in her care. There was no telling, with Dumbledore, after all.

John arrived at the Dursleys and decided after lots of thinking, to leave Harry with them. He didn’t know about the abuse that would soon fall upon his youngest child. While John left Harry in the care of the Dursleys, he made sure that Harry knew that John was still around.

Between ages 2 to 11, John called the Dursleys to speak with his son, to make sure Harry was doing all right. He called on Harry’s birthdays, the holidays and in between them all. Because of John’s hunting, it often took a while but he would call. Just because he was a hard-ass and stubborn, John did love all three of his children equally, cherished them even. John felt bad that he had raised Dean and Sam the way he did, and was thankful that Harry was far away from the hard life of hunting the supernatural. However, he forgot that the wizarding world was just has harsh and he had no idea that the Dursleys were anything but safe for Harry. He had wanted Harry to have childhood, unlike Dean and Sam’s, but Harry actually had a childhood worse than them.

From the time Harry could walk, Vernon would physically abuse him. He was starved, beaten, neglected, ignored and forgotten.

Harry is a Magical Hermaphrodite. He had always known at he was different. Harry has had his MH since he was born, but Lily covered it up using her skills with Charms, casting a powerful glamour over him. It wore off eventually, so Harry had to use his wandless magic to reapply it. John knows this about Harry, as Lily told him this just after she had discovered it herself. She, James and John were the only ones who knew about his MH. Now, Harry too, of course.

Harry is able to perform some wandless magic. He uses wandless glamours to hide his Magical Hermaphroditism, and his femininity. Harry has always had a very strong control over his magic – his magic often acted with just a thought from him, and once he discovered he could do things with barely a thought, he began practicing his control. Over time, he was able to do wandless and will magic effortlessly. Glamours, Levitation spells and light spells were the easiest for him to cast wandlessly.

Harry has a photographic memory. He uses this to soak up the muggle school subjects and later, the knowledge of the magical world. Harry’s mind is a lot more organized than most, and because of this, it performs at extraordinarily fast levels. He can speed read, remember past events with crystal clarity and bring up whatever his mind seeks to know – if it stored somewhere within. His mind works a lot like a library. All of what he knows is storied into sections, and he as to reach out into his mind and grasp what he needs. (I can’t really explain it, but hopefully you get what I’m trying to say).

When Harry entered Hogwarts, he is instantly aware that he does not belong within the wizarding world. He hates it there, with is fame and the tale of Voldemort. He makes friends with Ron and Hermione, but it’s only a half-hearted effort. To them, he seems genuine, but really, it’s only a façade. Secretly, Harry is studying his butt off at night and in between the little time he has to himself, so that he can get all the knowledge he needed for his magical education and then leave as soon as possible. He was not planning on being at Hogwarts or in the wizarding world any longer than he had to.

With his photographic memory and his wandless/will magic, he was able to move quickly through the Hogwarts material. By the end of his first year, he knew all the material up to third year. By the end of second-year, he knew all the material up to half-way through fourth. By the end of his third year, he was sixth-year level in knowledge. By the time Harry finishes his fourth year at Hogwarts, he was completely finished with the Hogwarts material and had even a little bit of knowledge into Auror-level spells, potions, etc.

Harry returned to the Dursleys at the end of 4th year, depressed over the death of Cedric Diggory. He had managed to prevent Voldemort’s rebirth, however, thanks to his wandless magic – he was able to use his magic to break the spell holding him to the tombstone, then stun the magic-retarded Pettigrew and then kill the rather pathetic and weak Voldemort, who couldn’t even cast a spell. Two days into his stay at the Dursleys, Vernon starts in on his beatings and starvation again.

Fed up with the Dursleys, Harry leaves. He sneaks away, and goes to Gringotts by way of Knight’s Bus. The goblins hire several of the Ministry officials, who are then bound by a wizard’s oath, and Harry is able to take his OWLs and NEWTs prematurely. He passes with flying colors. **He stays at Gringotts for at least two weeks to take every single test**

Once his tests results come in, the Ministry officials and the goblins come to a unanimous agreement, to have Harry emancipated. This allows Harry to use his wand, where he can’t use his wandless magic.

When everything is settled and ready for him to leave the wizarding world behind, Harry decides that he wants to find his father in America. The problem is that he hasn’t talked to his father before since his second year. The goblins agree to track them down magically. Unable to find John Winchester, the goblins do find a Sam Winchester.

Given the address where his previously unknown older brother (John had not mentioned Sam or Dean to Harry, just as Harry was never mentioned to Sam and Dean) was staying – a motel in Pontiac, Illinois, USA – Harry is given a goblin-made portkey that takes him straight to that address.


This challenge takes place at the very end of Season Three and beginning of Season Four. Dean is in hell, but has just gotten out as Harry arrives at Sam’s motel, who is with Ruby at the time.

Harry — on the brink of 15-years-old

Dean — around 28-years-old (he is 13 years older than Harry)

Sam — 24-years-old (he is 9 years older than Harry).

I want Dean to become the father/older brother figure to Harry, making him ten times more protective of him than he is with Sam. Sam kind of channels Dean’s protectiveness of him when it comes to Harry. Both men are super protective of Harry, who, with his MH, is often in the form of a petite female. Harry’s Magical Hermaphroditism makes Harry their baby brother-sister. He loves his female form more than his male form, and therefore is usually in his female form, but he also spends time in his male form (which is still very feminine and tiny).


—    5’0’’ at the least, and 5’4’’ at the most.

—    Mid-back length jet-black hair.

—    Deep emerald green eyes.

—    Petite, feminine stature, in both male/female form.


—    6’2’’

—    Short brown hair with natural light/blond highlights.

—    Olive green eyes.

—    Muscular build – abs, biceps, broad shoulders, etc.


—    6’5”

—    Shaggy brown hair

—    Hazel brown eyes (more brown than green)

—    Muscular build – abs, biceps, broad shoulders, etc.

0o0 Harry’s name cannot change, especially in his female form. He is to be known as ‘Harry’, though you can have his real name be something like Harrison or Harrietta. So long as his nickname or shortened name is Harry, then everything is good.

0o0 Harry wears women’s clothing, even in his male form. He doesn’t like men’s clothes because it is too baggy – it remindes him of the Dursleys and Dudley’s cast-offs. Women’s clothing is tighter and more form fitting, and he prefers them over men’s. With his feminine body and his long hair (even in his male form), he is easily mistaken as a girl, just a very petite one. Don’t forget that he IS a MH (see Definition Page for the Magical Hermaphrodite definition).



Just an overview of my outline for this idea. Another challenge, waiting for someone – anyone – to write. You’re welcome to it, if you want it.


An example to where I’m going with this story can be found here. Brother, My Brother This is the first/beginning chapter. Whoever adopts this story may or may not use this start-up chapter. I may or may not add more to the FF.Net account, so for now read this as if this is all you have to go on.