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While on Unspeakable duty down in the Department of Mysteries, Lily becomes the victim of a powerful magical backlash, which teleports her all the way to America and wipes out the last five years of her life – she remembers up to her 6th year, and then nothing, not even the fact that she was married, to James Potter. The 21-year-old witch, confused and rather lost, wanders around Illinois for a few days, until she meets a hunter by the name of John Winchester, who was much older than herself (he was already in his late 30’s), and falls for his ragged charm – not realizing that she was already married.

A week into their relationship, John discovers that Lily is a witch – she explains, before he could attack her, that she was a natural-born witch, not an evil demon worshipper – and he hesitantly accepts it, as he himself comes from a very long line of squibs. For three months, John and Lily had a relationship – she had even met his sons, a then 13-year-old Dean and 9-year-old Sam. However, just after their 3rd month anniversary, Lily’s memories began coming back, and within a few days, she was completely fine with all her previously lost memories intact. Horrified to know that she had been cheating on her husband (unknowingly, but cheating nonetheless), yet still feeling very emotionally attached to John, Lily reluctantly says goodbye to her other boys and returns to James in England.

Only a few weeks later, she discovers that she is pregnant – with John’s child. James had been told the truth, about her loosing her memory of the past five years and about how she had found a lover in America. He had been devastated, of course, but did not blame Lily, as it wasn’t her fault. She tells James that the baby is John’s, and after much protest on his part, the two agree to inform John Winchester of the fact that he was going to be a father – again.

John is, unsurprisingly, shocked, as are his sons, Dean and Sam – they were shocked that they were going to get another sibling.

When Lily is only 6 months along, she goes into premature labor, and gives birth to a very tiny and premature baby girl, whom she, James and John (who, along with Dean and Sam, traveled by portkey that allowed them to be present at the birth) named Astrid Marie Winchester-Potter. She weighed only 1 lb., 7 oz., and was no more than 10 inches long. Due to the help of potions, Astrid or Asta as everyone agreed to call her for short, was able to function without the muggle treatment of an incubator.

Newborn baby6

John, Dean and Sam stayed a week, getting to know their precious little Asta, before reluctantly returning to America by portkey. When they left, James and Lily cast glamours over Asta, to hide her identity – they glamoured her into a boy and gave her the features of James and they filled out a fake birth certificate with the name Harry James Potter on it. The two had agreed that it was best if Lily’s ‘affair’ stayed secret, for both of their reputation’s sake. They had informed John of this – he was heavily against this, but overruled.

Astrid Winchester-Potter was born July 31st, but her birth wasn’t announced until August 7th.

Only 3 months after Asta was born, Voldemort attacked and killed the Potters, leaving the small infant girl (glamoured to look like a boy) was placed by Dumbledore under the care of Lily’s adoptive muggle sister, Petunia Dursley and her husband, Vernon. Only a few hours after James and Lily’s death, their glamours fell, but Dumbledore was unaware of that, and before the Dursleys could wake up to find her at their doorstep, she vanished, only to reappear at the side of John Winchester, and her older brothers.



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Asta Lucia Andretti is the pureblood daughter of Italian pureblood father, Vicente Andretti, and Greek pureblood mother, Melinda Proussalidi-Andretti. Asta was born July 31st, at 11:59p.m. Only a week after her birth, she was kidnapped from her nursery by a dark magic summoning ritual, which magically took her from her crib and transported her all the way from her home in Milan, Italy to Godric’s Hollow in Wales, and to the Potters – James and Lily Potter.

Lily had given birth to a son, Harry James Potter, just hours before Asta herself had been born, both on July 31st. However, only six days later, their son Harry was found dead in his crib, having fallen to SIDS. Distraught, the Potters thought up a plan to bring them a replacement child. They found the summoning ritual in the Potter library and performed it. During the ritual, they requested a baby born July 31st, with green eyes, dark hair and powerful magic be brought to them. They forgot to specify the gender of the child. They were brought Asta, a beautiful baby girl with jet-black hair and she had been born with the deepest green eyes ever seen. Lily and James placed glamours on her, hiding her gender as well as her biological features, instead they made her look like a carbon copy of James Potter, with a small hint of Lily.

Only three months later, on October 31st, Voldemort attacked the Potters and killed them. Asta was placed on the doorstep of the Dursleys by Dumbledore, where, a few hours later, her glamours fell and her parents, who had been searching for her ever since her disappearance, finally were able to track her down using her magical signature to locate her. They found her, and grabbed her up before bringing her back to Milan.

Asta was raised in Milan, Italy, by her parents. On her fifth birthday, she came into an Elfin inheritance, due to her mother’s heritage – she had pointed ears and incredible beauty, even at a young age. Her beauty rivaled any Veela.

She grew up with her family being one of the pureblood elitists in Europe. The elitists loved to throw several parties a year to socialize and gossip and have their children meet the other pureblood children. Amongst these families were the Malfoys, Parkinsons, Zabinis, Notts, Delacours, Boots, Bones, Abbotts, Longbottoms and Fudges, to make a few. Asta got on well with most of them, but she was particularly close with Blaise Zabini and Theodore Nott. The first time after her fifth birthday, after her inheritance came about, that she had seen Blaise and Theo she had marked them as her future soul mates. However, due to their young age, the pull that they had to one another didn’t cause sexual tension or sparks to fly between them. At the age of five, they were only drawn to each other as friends, and quickly the three became inseparable best friends.

Vicente and Melinda of course realized what was happening between their daughter and the two boys, and had immediately informed their parents – Blaise’s mother, Zelda Zabini, and Theo’s parents, Marius and Lorraine Nott. Only Blaise and Theo learned of the story behind Asta – how she was really the ‘Boy Who Lived’ but not Harry Potter.

At 11, Asta donned her glamour as Harry Potter once more and entered Hogwarts, where she was sorted into Gryffindor, while her mates went into Slytherin. Though in separate houses, the three still met up in secret whenever possible to spend time together.

During the summers, Asta spent the first two weeks on Milan, but always went to live with the muggles, the Dursleys, after that, to keep up appearances.

Blaise, Asta and Theo remained simply best friends until the middle of fourth year, when they start dating.


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Asta Sophia Andretti

Green Eyes14

Raoul Lazare Castan

Gaspard Ulliel8

Asta Andretti was born to an Italian father, Vicente Andretti and a French mother, Claudia Rapier-Andretti. She was born July 31st, at exactly 11:59p.m. On August 4th, Asta was kidnapped from her nursery in Andretti Manor, located in Milan, Italy – she disappeared from her crib, only to reappear in the nursery of Potter Manor, located in Godric’s Hollow, a small village in Wales. The Potters, James and Lily, had just lost their newborn son, who had been born just a few hours before Asta herself had, only to die of SIDS three days later. In their grief, the Potters decided to resort to dark magic to fill the whole that their deceased son had left.

The two performed a dark magical summoning ritual – which, the Potters had described the child they wished to have. They wished for a baby, with dark hair and green eyes, born July 31st and with a large magical core. What they forgot to do is be even more specific – they forgot to specify the species, bloodline and gender of said child they were summoning. When Asta appeared, what they got was a beautiful baby girl, with jet black hair and unnaturally emerald green eyes (from birth), of hybrid blood. Asta was not human, though neither James nor Lily could tell what she was. They just knew, instinctively, that the baby was not human.

However, instead of returning the child and starting the ritual over, the Potters decided to keep her. They glamoured her up, to hide her gender, her magical creature aura and they made her look like a Potter, with some of Lily. They renamed her Harry James Potter, after their deceased son.

Only three months later, Voldemort came to Godric’s Hollow and killed the Potters. Albus Dumbledore then placed Asta, disguised as Harry Potter, on the doorstep of the Dursleys. Just an hour or two after being placed on the doorstep, the glamours in which the Potters had placed on Asta fell. This allowed for her real parents, Vicente and Claudia, the ability to track down their missing offspring. Unfortunately, the Andrettis were unable to remove Asta from the Dursleys, due to the wards surrounding the place. What they did, was threaten the Dursleys.

Vicente Andretti

Kellan Lutz33

Claudia Rapier-Andretti

Evgeniya Victorova - Russian Model

Once every month, Vicente and Claudia came and visited Asta at the Dursleys, making sure that their only child was being treated well. It was only under fear of the magical couple that Vernon and Petunia did not harm Asta. Sure, they were still insanely cruel, giving harsh punishments and chores and they still fed her as little as they dared, but they never truly hit her.

Growing up, Asta learned of her past – from her birth, to her kidnapping, her life with the Potters, her fame within the wizarding world, the prophecy (Claudia had the gift of true divinative prophecies and visions, thanks to her Elvin magic) and all of that. Her parents even taught her about her magical creature inheritance – what she could do now and would be able to do upon turning 17, when she went through her inheritance. She was a hybrid, of the rarest kind. Her father, Vicente, was a vampire – though he looked only 25 years of age, he was actually well over 500 years old. Her mother, Claudia, was a High Elf – she too looked only about 23 to 25, when she was truly 230 years old. Both were creatures of immortality and eternal youth, as well as very strong magical and physical abilities. As Asta was a hybrid of Vampire-Elf origin, she had all the gifts of a vampire and an elf within her and at her fingertips. Or rather, she would, upon her inheritance at 17.

At the age of 3, Asta was able to cast wandless magic – just simple things, such as levitation, locking and unlocking spells, cleaning spells, lighting and darkening charms. Mostly, everything that was harmless to anyone, but still useful. Unfortunately, she was only able to perform neutral and harmless wandless magic – she was unable to cast magic to defend or offend an opponent, even if said charm or spell was, for example a levitation charm – she could cast it, but not in an defensive or offensive way. The intent in which she used her wandless magic ability was a factor. Same with a cutting charm, or any other charm that, though designed for innocent use, had quickly cottoned on as possible harmful spells. She could cast them, but if she was casting with the intent to harm, they wouldn’t work.

Her wandless magic ability was the only power she had possession of, within her grasps currently. She grew up learning to cast new spells and charms without the use of a wand. Her parents were delighted in teaching her.

When Asta is nine, Claudia and Vicente are killed, as they had been ambushed by a large pack of werewolves as they wandered the countryside of Snowdonia, Wales. With her parents dead, the Dursleys no longer felt fear, only anger. They immediately started letting all of their pent up rage show – she was thrown from her bedroom – the smallest in the house – to down into the small, cramped cupboard under the stairwell. There was hardly any leg room, and definitely not enough room for a child and her belongings, as meager as they were.

Thankfully, the only thing the Dursleys did not take away was her clothes – they continued to provide a decent wardrobe, sure they were second-hand, but most of them were usually presentable and still in fashion. She was sure that if Asta really had been Harry Potter, Petunia wouldn’t have cared less about the wardrobe, but Asta figured that Petunia, deep down, wanted a daughter to dress up and Asta was all she was going to get. Either that, or she figured that a girl has to have decent clothes, no matter who or rather, what they were.

The abuse escaladed, and soon Vernon as well as Dudley to a much lighter extent, was beating Asta black and blue. Unfortunately, Vernon also grew to ‘admire’ the beauty that was his ‘niece’, and began following the petite girl with his beady eyes, and then he began to visit her nightly – he would pull her out of the cupboard and drag her into the living room – and touch her, and force her to touch him. Thankfully, the farthest the sick bastard ever got to penetrating her was his fingers.

At age 11, Asta recast the Harry Potter glamour and entered Hogwarts.

At the age of 14, Asta met Dmitri Ryskamp, an older boy of 17, a born vampire who had attended Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament. He hadn’t placed his name in the Goblet of Fire, but had only come to England to support his competing friend, Viktor Krum. For some reason, Dmitri could see through her glamours, seeing Asta instead of Harry Potter like everyone else. Dmitri, curious and in awe at her beauty, had approached her, to comfort her – he had found her crying, due to Ron’s betrayal and Hermione’s avoidance. They had hit it off, and quickly began dating, secretly.

Asta, of course couldn’t go to the Yule Ball as herself, she was forced to go as Harry Potter and had chosen Parvati Patil as her date.

Only five months in their relationship (in March), Asta discovers that she is pregnant – at 14. Though she was so young, she didn’t really worry about it, as due to her immortality and eternal youth she would stop aging very young, and it wouldn’t matter, the age different between her and her child. She tells Dmitri, but no one else, choosing to hide her pregnancy. For the rest of the year, during the summer and up until Christmas break of her 5th year, she hid her pregnancy by glamours.

On December 23rd, while staying at Grimmauld Place, and staying in her own room, courtesy of Sirius, Asta gave birth to fraternal twins, Philip Anthony and Phoebe Alessandria.

Philip and Phoebe

Twin babiesTwin babies1

Dark haired boy10Dark haired little girl42

She kept the twins hidden, with her, through the rest of the school year, with help from Dobby the house elf, who she had told about the pregnancy – the house elf had helped her through the pregnancy, and had delivered the twins. Dmitri, of course, was by this time MIA – they had broken up during the summer. He knows of the babies, but has agreed to let Asta raise them –also agreeing that he would pay 1,000 galleons a month for each child, until they were 17 years of age.

At Hogwarts, with two new babies, Asta juggled school work, Umbridge, the DA and parenting. While she was in classes or doing homework or in DA meetings, Dobby had Philip and Phoebe in the elf’s quarters, where he would watch them. Nobody, not even the headmaster knew where the elf’s quarters were, so it was perfect. At night, Asta would sneak into the Room of Requirements and spend the night with her son and daughter.

When Asta returned to the Dursleys for the summer, Philip and Phoebe would come back with her. The summer before 6th year, she got a job at a local seamstress shop in Little Whinging, and while she worked, she had Dobby, her personal house elf, watch the twins. With Dobby guarding them, the Dursleys were too scared to touch them.

That same summer, while Asta was out in London shopping for her children, she met Raoul Castan, who was 20 and new in the city, having just moved from Marseilles, France. Raoul was a Loup-Garou, which he had inherited from his mother. His father was a pureblood wizard. He could, at will, turn into a large black wolf. Basically, a shape shifter, or a werewolf, without the virus. He had immense strength and a keen sense of smell and sight as well as enhanced hearing. He also had control over the element of fire.

Because it was during the summer, Asta’s glamours were down when they met. Immediately upon setting sight on one another, the two knew that they were each other’s destine mate. When Asta eventually introduced Raoul to her infant children, she was in awe at how well he bonded with them. He adored Philip and Phoebe as if they were his own, and he doted on them, spoiling them really. Instead of falling into the physical relationship immediately with Raoul, like she had mistakenly done with Dmitri, she insisted the two of them take their time. The began dating in June, that summer, and when Asta went back to Hogwarts, Raoul came to see her every Hogsmeade weekend (Asta found time to sneak away from Ron and Hermione, using carefully crafted credible excuses). During the Christmas holiday, Asta finally gave in to the intense soul mate bond between them and allowed their relationship to be consummated, binding them together as mates for eternity.

Since Raoul was the mate of an immortal being, he too would become immortal and remain youthful.

It was during their consummation, that Asta once again conceived. By then, the twins were a year old to the day of the conception – December 23rd. Raoul had officially become Philip and Phoebe’s daddy. Due to their soul mate bond, as soon as they had consummated, they were legally married within the laws of the wizarding world.

Once again, Asta hid her pregnancy from everyone, and with the help of Dobby, on August 29th, she gave birth to a set of triplets – Evander Logan, Leander Eron and Evangelia Ledona Castan.

Evander, Leander and Evangelia Castan

Triplet Babies4Triplet Babies1

Evander Logan Castan

sleeping newborn

Leander Eron Castan

Newborn baby10

Evangelia Ledona Castan

Newborn baby6

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Asta Calypso Boswyndel, was kidnapped by the Potters just hours after her birth on July 31st. Their own son, who had also been born July 31st, just a few hours before Asta, had died of SIDS during the first night. In their grief, James and Lily resort to forbidden dark magic to gain another child – they perform a dark magic summoning ritual that would bring them a child, a child that had the requested characteristics and features as their son and more. Part of the ritual was to add a drop of Lily’s blood and James’ blood to the cauldron, as well as throw in bits of parchment that had certain characteristics and features.

The two asked for ‘their’ new child to be/have:

  • Jet black hair (for James)
  • Emerald green eyes (for Lily)
  • A massive magical core – very powerful
  • A Pureblood or Half-blood
  • Beautiful
  • Born on July 31st

They forgot to write in ‘male’, so when the infant arrived, they discovered that the baby was a little girl. After a quick DNA test, which told the Potters who the baby was, and who her parents were, the two then glamoured Asta to change her into a infant male version of James Potter – they renamed her after their own deceased son, Harry James Potter.

Just three months later, Voldemort came on October 31st and killed the Potters, while trying and failing to do the same to Asta. Instead, she was marked as his equal and then shipped off by Dumbledore, to the Dursleys.

At the age of 3, Asta was able to do wandless magic. Also, it was at that age that her real birth parents, pureblood elitists, Aloysius and Euphemia (Femia) Boswyndel, finally tracked her down and took her from the Dursleys – before they left, they made sure that the Dursleys knew that they would be coming back, to drop Asta off upon her eleventh birthday.

Asta was the youngest child and only daughter of Aloysius and Euphemia. They had, in total nine children, eight of which were sons.


Youngest to Oldest – The Boswyndel Siblings

1. Astrid (Asta) Cassiopeia Boswyndel – 17-years-old

Green Eyes14

2. Gabriel Viktor Boswyndel – 22-years-old

Gaspard Ulliel8

3. Kellan Joel Boswyndel – 23-years-old

Kellan Lutz33

4. Jared Samuel Boswyndel – 24-years-old

Jared Padalecki1

5. James Andrew Boswyndel – 27-years-old

James McAvoy2

6. Dean Desiderius Boswyndel – 28-years-old

Jensen Ackles27

7. Leonius Isaias Boswyndel – 32-years-old

Karl Urban

8. David Gabriel Boswyndel – 34-years-old

David Boreanaz

9. Dominic Julius Boswyndel – 35-years-old

Vin Diesel5



Astrid 'Asta' BoswyndelGabriel BoswyndelKellan BoswyndelJared BoswyndelJames Boswyndel

Dean BoswyndelLeonius BoswyndelDavid BoswyndelDominic Boswyndel


Once back at Boswyndel manor, Aloysius and Euphemia take off her glamours. All of her brothers, much older than herself – the closest in age was Gabriel, who was five years older than her, and the farthest in age was Dominic, who was 18 years older than her. All eight boys were extremely protective of her, and though there was such an age gap between her and all of them, they were far from distant with one another – in fact, all of the brothers and Asta were very close. Of course, there were fights between the boys and they all loved to tease and pick on their ‘baby sister’ to no end, but they all loved each other very much and each had a special bond with each sibling. She didn’t have a favorite brother, as they all spoiled her rotten and watched out for her.

When Asta is six, Aloysius and Euphemia were out on business in Romania, when they were attacked by a clan of vampires and killed. Without her parents to look after their sister, the oldest five brothers – James, Dean, Leo, David and Dominic – band together and help take part in raising Asta, and the youngest three boys, Gabriel, Kellan and Jared, whom at the time were 11, 12 and 13, respectively. James was 16, Dean was 17, Leo was 21, David was 23 and Dominic was 24.

They all lived at Boswyndel Manor, located in the Snowdonia valley of Wales. The land was owned by them, and on it also laid a farm, which the brothers and the family house elves helped manage. They had horses, sheep, cows, ducks, dogs, cats, chickens, goats and pigs. It sits in the Snowdonia National Park, though it is hidden by wards, so that the whole Boswyndel property is invisible and undetectable by muggles or wizards alike.

As Asta grows up, she is taught how to perfect her wandless magic – though none of her brothers can do wandless magic, they help her control her own ability. Also, they give her advanced lessons in magic, both theory and practical. Potions, Defense against the Dark Arts, Transfigurations, History of Magic, Charms, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Herbology and she is given crash courses through Magical Creatures, Divinations, Astrology, Astronomy and Muggle Studies. The Boswyndels, though purebloods, have nothing against muggles and often they go out and wander the muggle world – restaurants, shopping, cinema, amusement parks, etc..

At the age of 11, Asta wandlessly creates a new glamour – an older, 11-year-old version of Harry Potter (she had a photo of James and Lily Potter, to go on), places it on herself and is reluctantly sent to the Dursleys, where she is later picked up by Hagrid, before she enters Hogwarts for her first year, as Harry Potter.

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Ron Weasley

  • 6 foot 4
  • Athletically muscular (built)
  • Red hair
  • Blue eyes

Weasley Boy1

Harrienne Adelaide Malfoy-Snape

  • 5 foot 4
  • Slender and curvy
  • Jet-black hair
  • Emerald green eyes

Green Eyes14Green Eyes5

Lily Evans was born Rhiannon Boswyndel was the pureblood daughter of wealthy Cadeyrn and Gwendolyn Boswyndel of Wales, both of whom  were purebloods and from wealthy Ancient and Noble Houses. Voldemort killed them when they refused to join him and his Death Eaters. Lily was sent to a muggle orphanage, where she was adopted by Robert and Rosalind Evans.

At 19, James and Lily get married. A few months later, Lily is kidnapped while on her way to work at the Ministry, and is taken to Voldemort, where she is raped and tortured before being rescued by James, Sirius, Remus and a few others. Nobody but James, Sirius and Remus knows that she was raped. Nine months later, she gives birth to Harrienne Jaslynne Malfoy-Snape.

NOTE:// Lucius and Severus had been two of the men that had raped her. However, neither of them had wanted to do it. Bellatrix had Imperioed Severus, when she saw him about to leave, and her husband Rodolphus did the same to Lucius, when he too looked ready to leave with Severus (they were secret lovers). Lucius’ loyalty was wavering because he saw that Severus’ was.

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Asta Proussalidi (female Harry Potter)

Selena Gomez162Selena Gomez161Selena Gomez156

Beginning Story Points:

  • Lily is actually a pureblood – from the Boswyndel family. She was orphaned as an infant and adopted by the Evans family.
  • Lily married James Potter, but she wasn’t in love with him. James had fed Lily love potions since their seventh year, to get her to fall for him. She did, but she had been in true love with someone else.
  • Hector Proussalidi, a pureblood wizard from Greece – he and Lily had met when the Evans took a family vacation the summer before her 6th year. He was a year older than her, but he too had fallen in love with her.
  • After Lily and James were married, James stopped giving her the potions, thinking that they weren’t needed any longer. The moment all of the potions were out of her system she left James and headed to the small Greek island of Karpathos, to the Proussalidi Manor, where she knew her beloved would be. They had a passionate week together, before Lily returned to England, to pack her things. However, James caught her and force fed her more love potions as well as bound her to him.
  • Lily found out she was pregnant. Six months later – 3 months premature – she gave birth to her daughter, Asta Cybella Proussalidi. Knowing that James would freak if he knew that the baby wasn’t his, Lily reluctantly glamoured her child into the spitting image of James Potter and unofficially renamed the baby Harry James Potter.
  • Since the late 1700s the Potter line has been unable to procreate daughters. The Head of Potter House at the time, Cassius Potter, cursed the Potter line so that only males could be born. He had not wanted any female heirs.
  • The only person Lily told about Asta being a girl and not James’ daughter, was Hector, whom she still kept in touch with behind James’ back. She was unable to leave James, do to the binding spell, but that was all. She still had her free will otherwise. Hector swore to protect their daughter.
  • When Asta was 3 months old, on October 31st, Voldemort showed up and killed James and Lily. Severely wounding himself, and marking Asta as his equal, he then vanishes. Asta is sent to the Dursleys, by Dumbledore, to be kept safe.
  • Hector is unable to find Asta for five years, do to the wards surrounding Number Four, Privet Drive. They mask Asta’s scent.
  • At age 3, Asta begins training herself in wandless magic – she knows she has magic and is well aware that it listens to her will of mind.
  • At the age of 5, Hector eventually tracks Asta down, and comes to the Dursleys for a visit. Unfortunately he is unable to remove his daughter from the care of the disgusting muggle family, but he comes and visits his beloved only child very often.
  • Hector tells Asta the truth about her being a girl and named Asta not Harry, about James, the prophecy and Lily’s blood – that her mother was a pureblood witch, and neither a muggleborn nor an Evans by birth.

During the summers between Asta’s 5th and 11th birthdays, Hector arranged for the Dursleys to go on a family vacation in Greece. This allowed for Hector to spend time with his daughter outside the wards of Privet Drive, and it gave Asta time to spend with her father and away from the horrid muggles. The Dursleys eagerly took up the arrangement – it was a full paid two-months vacation to the beautiful Greece and two months away from the freak. Who would have given that up?

In those summers, Hector made sure to help Asta with her wandless magic abilities as well as teach her to speak Greek as well as a head start in Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology, History, Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms.

Also, Hector came clean to his daughter and told her that he was a Loup-Garou – a  shape shifter who could turn into a massive wolf at will. Lily had been his one and only mate. However, he was also the Alpha of a pack of Loup-Garou, all mostly adolescents, that lived amongst the houses that were scattered around the Proussalidi land on Karpathos Island. Although Hector was Greece, the other wolves were from all over Europe – England, Ireland, Russia and Slovenia.

All in all, there were about twenty pack members – more than half of them were adults, the rest were children around Asta’s age and all boys. There wasn’t a single female wolf in the pack – all the females were muggles or witches, who married a Loup-Garou and were thereby accepted as part of the pack. Most Loup-Garou born were males. It was extremely rare for a female with the shape shifting Loup-Garou gene to be born. This made Asta a rarity within not only the Loup-Garou nation but also the wizarding world in general.

Asta inherited the Loup-Garou gene from her father. She was able to shape shift into a jet black wolf with emerald green eyes.

Unlike the werewolves, Loup-Garous were not considered dark creatures, since one had to be born with the gene to become one. A Loup-Garou was born, not made or Turned. One cannot be turned into a Loup-Garou by a Loup-Garou’s bite.

Hector Proussalidi

Theo Theodoridis - Greek Male Model3

At the age of 11, Asta with her own glamours now in place and still looking like Harry Potter (she only looked like herself when around her father during the summers), she went to Hogwarts. There, she plays the role of Harry Potter, while in disguise, without anyone becoming suspicious. It was hard, though. In the muggle world there were no expectations for Harry Potter so Asta, though still looking like Harry, was able to generally be herself. However, at Hogwarts and in the public of the wizarding world, Asta had to essentially mold herself into the perfect Harry Potter, Savior of the Wizarding world. She did what she thought was expected of Harry – she excelled in the Defense Against the Dark Arts, but hid her intelligence and knowledge of the other classes (it was actually easier than she thought it would be, with Ron Weasley as a friend), as well as played naïve to the wizarding world.

She felt horrible for lying to her two best friends, but she couldn’t tell them the truth, scared that it would somehow get back to Voldemort (whom she knew was not dead).

  • Years 1 through 5 happen as it did in cannon. This means that she was unable to go to Greece with her father. Instead, the Dursleys stayed in Little Whinging and Hector came and visited frequently, unseen through his own powers of invisibility (Loup-Garou were magic using, shape-shifting folk – they had their own powers, just like Vampires or some werewolves).

A few weeks after 5th year, Dumbledore comes to the Dursleys, with Ron and Hermione in tow. Much to the Dursley’s displeasure, Dumbledore has given Ron and Hermione permission to stay with ‘Harry’ for the rest of the summer. The old wizard enlarges Asta’s small bedroom to fit three twin-sized four-poster beds, a private bathroom facility and three wardrobes, as well as a small kitchenette. Basically, Dumbledore had turned his room into a mini suit.

On Asta’s 16th birthday, she wakes up early and so gets dressed in a pair of jogging pants and shirt before going outside for a run around the neighborhood. For a full hour she was out running, and when she approached the house, Ron and Hermione were waiting, having awoken to find her gone and had assumed she was out exercising. They were sitting on the front porch steps, dressed for the day. She was only a few steps away from them, when suddenly three large men appeared out of thin appear in front of the three teenagers.

Ron and Hermione were instantly on guard, but Asta immediately recognized the intruders as Aleksandro Palomer (Estonian), Crevan Mulrennan (Irish) and Dmitri Jarkovovich (Russian) – her pack-mates. Forgetting momentarily that her two best friends were there, Asta screeched in excitement and threw herself at the three massively tall and muscular men, who were all two years older than her.

“Sandro! Crevan! Dmitri!” she cried happily greeting the three with tight hugs.

Almost immediately, upon touching them, did she realize that something wasn’t right her three pack-mates. She pulled away from them, or at least she tried to, but their hold on her was firm. Stiffening in alarm, she noticed how Sandro’s hands gripped her tight, how Dmitri had buried his nose in her long jet-black hair and how Crevan growled deeply in his throat. She knew exactly what was happening, and she groaned in not only disbelief but also distress.

Using her wandless magic, she gently stunned the three strong Loup-Garou men in place, before quickly wriggling out of their arms. She spun around, grasped hold of Hermione and Ron and proceeded to hurriedly pull them up the steps of Number Four and into the house.

“Hurry! The immobilization charm will only hold them for a few seconds. Get inside!”

The two, confused and alarmed, followed their friend inside. She slammed the door behind them and rushed them up the stairs.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” asked Hermione sharply.

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Asta Cassiopeia Proussalidi

Selena Gomez162Selena Gomez156

Olivia Annette Treveaux – Asta’s best friend

Briana EviganBriana Evigan3

Marie Jovana Weily – Asta’s best friend

Alyson MichalkaAlyson Michalka2

Aaron Pellum – Boyfriend of Marie

Freddie StromaFreddie Stroma3

Dmitry Carmody – Olivia’s boyfriend

Gaspard Ulliel2Gaspard Ulliel8

Kieran Ó Riain – Asta’s boyfriend

Kellan Lutz20Kellan Lutz16

Lily went to Greece on Unspeakable duty, where she met Hector Proussalidi, a pureblood Greek wizard.

Hector Proussalidi – Asta’s father

Theo Theodoridis - Greek Male Model3Theo Theodoridis - Greek Male Model2

They slept together, when out celebrating the job well done. She had a little too much to drink and one thing led to another. In the morning, Lily, ashamed of what she had done, left Greece, returning to England and to James. Six months later, Lily gave premature birth to her daughter, Asta Cassiopeia Proussalidi on July 31st. James, in his rage over the fact that the child was not his, made Lily glamour the child – she disguised Asta as Harry Potter, the son of James Potter, using her extensive Charms knowledge.

Three months after Asta’s birth, Voldemort came to Godric’s Hollow and killed James and Lily. He marked Asta as his equal as he tried to kill her as well. Orphaned, Asta was sent to live with the Dursleys, who were thought to have been her blood relatives. Lily Evans was no muggleborn, however. She was a pureblood witch, born to Welsh parents, Emrys and Gwyneth Boswyndel, who were killed by a clan of rogue vampires, leaving their only daughter, Emlyn Brynne Boswyndel orphaned. They had infant Emlyn with them but the vampires left her be. When muggle authorities found their bodies, they took Emlyn and placed her in an orphanage. Only a few months later, baby Emlyn was adopted by muggles Vance and Rosalind Evans, who already had a daughter named Petunia, but were unable to have more.

At the age of 3, Asta was able to control her magic, performing wandless magic with incredible ease, and using will magic as well.

At the age of 6, Hector Proussalidi tracked down his daughter and though he didn’t take her from the Dursleys, made sure to visit her frequently. Hector had been told about Asta by Lily and he had immediately agreed to sign the birth certificate, naming Asta as his one and only heiress. He did love his daughter, dearly, and wanted the best for her, but do to the wards set up around Number Four, he was unable to remove Asta from the filthy muggles’ care.

Asta grew up knowing the love and protection of a father. She adored her father like most little girls.


Hector allowed his daughter to wandlessly remove the glamours that Lily had placed on her at birth, so instead of Harry Potter that became known around Little Whinging, Asta was able to be herself and use her real name and her real face.

At the age of five, Asta met two witch cousins, Olivia and Marie, who also lived in Little Whinging. The three girls became best friends and were nearly inseparable. Olivia and Marie were half-bloods, who attended muggle primary school with Asta and Dudley and were in the same classes.

At the age of 11, Asta once again donned the glamour of Harry Potter and went to Hogwarts, while Olivia and Marie went to Beauxbaton Academy in Paris. The three had three-way journals and mirrors that they used to communicate to one another without the need for owls.

At Hogwarts her first year, Asta met Kieran Ó Riain – a then fourth-year Gryffindor, who, while athletically built, was not a Quidditch player. He was very popular within the house and a really nice guy. For some reason, Kieran could see right through Asta’s glamours and confronted the small first year about it. At first she freaked, but when Kieran consoled her and told her that he wouldn’t tell anyone, he just was curious as to why everyone was calling a small little girl Harry Potter. So, she tells him everything from her mother’s affair with Hector to James forcing her to cover up the affair by glamouring Asta as an infant. Then she goes on to tell Kieran about her father coming to visit her at the Dursleys. He nods and simply says “That’s cool, kid.”

From that moment on, Asta was the center of Kieran’s world. She didn’t know it, but his blue eyes hardly left her frame for the next three years that he was in school. When he was a 7th year, she was a 4th year and so he made his move. He approached her, when all of her friends (even Hermione chose to ignore her rather than be seen talking to the school cheat) abandoned her.

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