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Vin Diesel and Michelle RodriguezVin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez1


Challenge Pairing: Dom/Harry/Letty – Fast and the Furious/HP crossover. SLASH, HET, FEMSLASH. Rape, Sex, Cars, Magic, gender-bending, Wandless Magic, Mpreg, Magical Hermaphrodite…

Objective: While on vacation in Los Angeles, the Dursleys abandon four-year-old Harry Potter. Harry, bloodied and broken from his uncle, Vernon’s physical and sexual abuse, is found by Tony Toretto, and his son Dom and pseudo-son Vince, while on their way home from a race.


Harry – 4-years-old at the beginning. Goes back to England at 11, and returns after graduating Hogwarts, when he’s nearly 18-years-old.

Letty – 12-years-old in the beginning. Is 19 when Harry leaves for England. She’s 26 when Harry returns.

Dom – 15-years-old in the beginning. Is 22 when Harry leaves for England. He’s 29 when Harry returns.

Vince – 15-years-old in the beginning. Is 22 when Harry leaves for England. He’s 29 when Harry returns.

Mia – 11 ½-years-old in the beginning. Is 18 when Harry leaves for England. She’s 25 when Harry returns.


Sexually and physically assaulted, Harry is taken to the hospital by Tony, Dom and Vince. After a few weeks of trying to figure out who the guardians of Harry is, Tony agrees to adopt him. However, Tony thinks that Harry is a 4-year-old girl, because when Harry was found, his natural glamours (that hid his Magical Hermaphroditism) had canceled out in order to help preserve his magic, which was helping his injuries heal faster. So, when Harry told Tony that his name was Harry, Tony automatically assumed that it was short for Harriet or Harrietta or some other name like that. On the adoption papers, Tony signed Harry’s name as Harrietta Toretto.

It wasn’t until a few weeks after Harry had been home, that they find out that Harry is a MH (Magical Hermaphrodite), though they don’t really know the term, being muggles (make up your own term that the Toretto’s call Harry’s MH). You can also choose HOW they find out about Harry’s MH and his magic. Though muggles, nobody in the house cares about Harry’s magical abilities, as they all love Harry like the baby sib that he is.

Growing up in the Toretto household, Harry (now considered neither just male nor female by them, as to them he is BOTH genders) gets attached to each and every person – Tony, Vince, Mia, Dom and Letty (who is Mia’s friend and one of the boys). However, it is Letty and Dom that Harry latches onto the most. They become his childish ‘idols’, and he wants to do everything that they do, because he admires them. He is taken to the garage where they all work, and taught all about cars and how to mix them up. Letty teaches him to be fluent in Spanish, while how to do tune ups and oil changes, while Dom teaches him how to fight a little, though Letty also helps with this (female tricks/cheats to fighting) but also he teaches Harry about racing and also how to fix up cars.

Together, he learns all about the cars themselves, the mechanics behind fixing and tuning them and all about street racing. He falls in love with the whole business. From ages 4 to 11, Harry spent most of his time either with Tony, Dom, Vince and Letty in the garage, helping out and learning car and mechanics, or with Mia, learning clothes, make-up and all the other stuff an 11 to 18-year-old would teach their younger sibling (remember, Harry has a female side, which DOES need to know clothing/fashion and make-up). Or, he was attending muggle school.

When Harry is 8, Tony in killed. When he’s 9, Dom is arrested and sent to prison for two years.

At age 11, Harry is sent to Hogwarts, just days after Dom’s release from the LAC Prison. Dom actually drives Harry to the airport himself, on August 30th. Harry stays in Diagon Alley (the Hogwarts letter mentioned how to get to DA) one day, buying school supplies. During that day, Harry hears the rumors and talk about ‘Harry Potter’, and immediately realizes that he was not what everyone is expecting Harry Potter to be. Not wanting to cause suspicion in a community he didn’t know and wasn’t familiar with, he decides that he’d play the part they expected. Meaning, he would use his wandless magic to make his American accent sound English, his tanned skin paler and to glamour his MH features (his femininity – as even in his male form, he was VERY feminine).


** Harry can do WANDLESS MAGIC. Has always been able to do wandless magic, even as a baby – though his parents and their friends thought that it was just the usual and very common raw underage magic that kids were known to do.


Harry makes friends with Ron Weasleys and Hermione Granger, but after only a few months, they begin to drive him insane – Ron because of his laziness and bigotry, and Hermione, because she’s the world’s largest Know-It-All and perhaps the bossiest and rudest. He also realizes soon after befriending them, that they were only friends with him for his fame and the privileges that come with being his friend. However, he still socializes with them, and pretends that they are his best friends, because he was ‘Harry Potter’ and Harry Potter did not ditch friends. Apparently…

Privately, Harry gets on well with his other roommates – Dean, Seamus and Neville – and the four top Slytherins – Draco, Pansy, Theodore and Blaise. By the time Harry’s 15, he’s had sexual intercourse with Dean, Seamus, Draco, Blaise, Theo and Pansy. Neville was just only one he didn’t sleep with, because he was too much of a friend and too shy. While not a total slut, Harry DID love sex. Pansy is the only female he slept with (usually, while in his female form), but they were together numerous times – more times than he was with any of the other guys (usually in his male form, though often in his female form too). They all were under wizard’s oath, taken when Harry told them his secrets of being a MH and Wandless Magic user – which were both VERY rare. These seven were the ONLY people he told about his MH and wandless magic.

At 16, Harry brewed an eye correction potion that healed his eyes and gave him perfect vision. He hid this from everyone by wearing his glasses that had fake glass lenses (that didn’t damage his eyes yet again). He only kept this a secret because it was a small surprise/advantage over the Death Eaters and Voldemort.

At 17, just two months before his graduation from Hogwarts, he defeats Voldemort.

** Harry was sent back to the Dursleys every summer, much to his displeasure, the Dursleys displeasure and his adopted family’s MAJOR displeasure. Even though he was only 4-years-old, Harry still remembers the physical abuse and sexual assaults done by Vernon. He uses his wandless magic to defend himself against the Dursleys, though it doesn’t do much for the starvation and neglect he suffers while in their care for the summers. They CANNOT touch him, his magic (and his dire will) will not let it happen again.


** While in the magical world for the near seven years, Harry still communicates with his family and friends in L.A. through several two-way journals, all color-coded for a specific person.

Red Journal Mia

Purple Journal Letty

Black Journal – Dom

Blue JournalVince


Writing Letty and Dom back and forth in the journals through the last near 7 years, Harry’s childish admiration for them turn into love. He has fallen in love with them both, their minds and their personality while talking to them one-on-one privately through the journals.

Right after getting out of Hogwarts after his 7th year, Harry sneaks off to Diagon Alley and to Gringotts. After claiming his inheritance from his parents and Sirius, he transfers all of his accounts to the L.A. Gringotts branch. Once done, he goes and shops in the muggle world for clothes and such, before taking the portkey the goblins made him, and leaves for L.A.

Arriving at the Toretto house, Harry is greeted by Dom, Mia, Letty, Vince and Jesse, whom he had never met before. The four are shocked by the change from the little Harry they knew at 11-years-old to the grown-up 17-year-old Harry. He had grown-up and developed quite well over the near decade he was gone, even though he was still extremely short compared to everyone else his age. However, he too, is shocked by the changes in everyone – seven years was a long time to a teenager and lots of changes seem to take place in that time. Everyone looked more adult-like and grown-up. Mia was gorgeous and feminine, tall and scrawny. Vince, looked pretty much the same, only a bit older and more masculine. Dominic was a hell of a lot taller, and a HELL of a lot more muscular that he was when Harry left. His whole presence just screamed ALPHA and MALE. Letty was still petite and the perfect mix of feminine-masculine, but she was a lot much more sexy.

Harry’s attraction and lust grew in heights upon seeing the older and hotter Dom and Letty. However, when he realized that they were together (had been for a few years by then), he’s heart broken.

When he doesn’t know however, is that Letty and Dom were also very much in love with him – though neither had ever mentioned it aloud. Through the journal, they had realized just how much little Harry had grown up, and over the years and after and in between their conversations through the journals, they had caught themselves thinking and dreaming of Harry. Neither said anything because for one – Dom was supposed to be thinking Harry as his sibling, not as someone he wants to fuck; two – the age difference between Harry and Letty and Dom. Dom was a good 11-years older than Harry, and Letty was 8-years-older; three – Harry was still a minor in the U.S.

When the two see Harry for the first time in nearly 7 years, both are struck dumb and blown away. Both of them immediately thought that Harry was breathtakingly beautiful, and their minds pictured him as the perfect middle/sub to their, hopeful, sandwich. They were known to have threesomes every once in a while (though absolutely no skanks, as Letty would say), with either sex though most of the time it was with a female – sometimes they had another male, but not often. Both Letty and Dom were dominate by nature – so dominant that neither of them willing submitted to anybody. They even constantly fight each other for dominance, fights that each have won. They simply HATE submitting, but love each other and the sex, so they make the sex the fight (if that makes sense – both are in control and it’s random, and sometimes aggressive but they LOVE it, the fights).

Harry is very submissive by nature (that doesn’t mean he’s weak or anything, he just loves to be controlled and dominated in bed). He never tops a male, as he prefers the bottom, and he is also very submissive when having sex with a female, who often like to take control in bed anyways. He’s feisty and freaky in bed too, but loves to submit to his lovers – of both sexes.

Once Harry returns to L.A., Letty and Dom start to get possessive and VERY protective of Harry. They block his every turn when being flirted with or flirting with someone else. Because he knows that Letty and Dom are together, he’s trying to get over his feeling so that they don’t get in the way of his bond with either of them. He’s shocked and confused over the severity of the newfound closeness, possessiveness and jealousy (?), and turns to Mia, his older sister, for help. When she, Mia, catches on to why Dom and Letty are acting the way they are, she is shocked but after learning that Harry has feelings for both of them as well, she just smirks and deviously (being the best friend and little/older sister, of course she’s going to be devious about it) hatches up a scheme to help the threesome along.


MUST be Mpreg (Harry), though whether you want to make Letty pregnant or not too is up to you (though I honestly can’t see her pregnant).

— The Dom/Harry/Letty hook-up can’t take up most of the story. I want them to be a threesome pairing for MOST of it, perhaps during the first ten or so chapters (depending on the length of the chapters). I don’t want the ‘chase’ as it’s called to last long, because the relationship has to be very solid and firm when the actual plot (which I leave up to you to create, though it must have something to do with the actual Fast and the Furious theme – cars, races, heists, etc.)

— Letty and Dom must be as close to in character as possible, with Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel in mind!

— Brian may or may not be written in. I don’t care – if you want to go that into the Fast and the Furious film, go for it. However, not before a while after D/H/L get together.

DO NOT kill off Letty! Or Dom, for that matter! But definitely not Letty!




— 5’2’’

— Long, jet-black hair

— Deep, mesmerizing emerald green eyes.

— Petite, slender body that is curvy and physically fit (though not as femininely muscled as Letty’s body). Tiny waist, proportioned breasts (maybe a 34B-cup, not really sure), long legs and arms, with delicate and small hands and feet. Small frame, all in all, but still he isn’t exactly weak. He is very powerful and has a quick fuse when set off.

— Piercings – naval, tongue and both ears.

— Tattoos – a tramp stamp (lower back) of his favorite car logo, and a Lily flower on the inside of his ankle (you choose which ankle).


Harry’s Style:

In both his female and male form, he dresses femininely, as his male form is still quite feminine. The only thing that really changes while switching genders in his breasts and private parts (genitals), everything else pretty much stays the same – long hair, cheekbones, lips, flawless skin, etc. He is often mistaken as a female when in his male form, as he uses his wandless magic to hide (glamour) the bulges of his cock and breasts.

FEMALE: Leather, denim, fishnet, pleather…A mix of girly and tomboy – one minute he’ll be in a mini skirt and a short, skin-tight shirt, and then in the next, he’ll be in skinny jeans or tight denims jeans, and a tight shirt or plain tee. Whatever he feels like it.

MALE: Usually either feminine cargo-pants, skinny jeans or pleather/leather pants. Most of the clothes he wears in his male form, are, again, designed for a female. Loves his stylishly cool heeled boots (not cowboy boots, yuck)!


I don’t think anyone has done a Dom/Harry/Letty threesome before, so this MIGHT be the first. If it isn’t please tell me so that I can read them.

I’ll willingly admit to everyone that I have the biggest lesbian crush on Michelle Rodriguez right now. I absolutely love her, so please make me absolutely proud of you by adopting this idea from me and making this Letty THE Letty Ortiz we all love and miss (damn them for killing her off!).

So are you interested in adopting this? Anyone? Pleeaaassee!

Thanks for reading,

~Esprit du Coeur~


Charlie Weasley/ Harry Potter (female)   1 comment

A month before her marriage to James Potter, Lily heads to Greece for Unspeakable business. While in Crete, she meets a native man named Niko Piotropakis and ends up having an affair with him. An affair that lasts only one night, but has major consequences. Guilt-ridden, Lily returned to England, but she still marries James. It is only a few weeks after their wedding, that she discovers that she’s pregnant. She then confesses to James that the baby might not be his.

James is distraught but doesn’t leave her. He decides that even if the baby isn’t his, he’ll still love it like his own and name it his heir. They agree to keep the affair between them, telling not even their closest friends. James warns Lily that if the baby turns out to be a girl, then they would have to either make the affair known (which would disgrace her good name) or they would have to hide the baby’s gender, turning her into a temporary boy.

Why? In the mid-1600’s, the Potter head at the time, Emrick Potter, had placed a curse on his future bloodline so that they could only ever produce male heirs. If Lily’s child was a girl, it would be a dead giveaway to her adulterous act. Everyone would know that the baby was not James’ child. It didn’t matter if they weren’t married at the time of the affair or not.

When Lily gave birth to a little girl, whom they named Harrienne Jazlyn Potter, they decided that the best option was to change the baby’s outer appearance, so that she appeared to be a boy, not a girl. They glamoured her with strong, powerful spells and they made her look like a male, carbon copy of James, so that the guise held tight.

When the Potters died, the magic that held the glamours began to very slowly dwindle, until, on Harrienne’s fifth birthday, they fell completely. Frightened that she would get in big trouble with the Dursleys, Harrienne used wandless magic (which she had been able to perform since she could remember – only non-defensive/offensive magic such as unlocking spells, glamours, levitation, healing, etc.) to replace them, only they were now held by her own magic. They could only come down when she wanted them to.

She entered Hogwarts as Harry Potter, even though she really did not want to. She was in her ‘male’ glamours when Hagrid picked her up, so she knew from her little trip to Diagon Alley with Hagrid that the wizarding world was expecting her as Harry James Potter, not Harrienne Jazlyn Potter.

How does she know her real name? Lily had written a time delay letter to her, to be delivered to Harrienne when the glamours eventually fell, telling her about the affair, the Potter curse, her real name and why they had to glamour her. Harrienne received the letter when she was five-years-old, even though she couldn’t read very well if at all. She kept the letter with her in the cupboard and as she aged, more and more words began to make sense and by the time she got to Hogwarts she understood the letter fully.

During fourth year, before the Yule Ball but after the first task, Harrienne dropped her glamours for good. She was tired of hiding who she really was, and hated acting like a boy (in her opinion, her acting was horrible – she felt like she had made Harry Potter appear feminine. Not all if it was in her head, either). Because she was now Harrienne (also known as still ‘Harry’ just female now), she did not take Parvati Patil to the dance with her. Instead she was asked out by Cormac McLaggen, as well as several other boys. She went with Cormac, though she didn’t really care for his company. She was just desperate to find a date in time for the ball and didn’t have much time to be very picky about who she went with. Champions had to have a date, after all.

Year after year, her beauty grew, but she was very ignorant to that beauty. She had no idea just how naturally beautiful she was or how much her presence affected those around her. She had this charm about her that not a single person – male or female – could ignore. Her dazzling big smile made those around her smile and her laugh was very infectious making others laugh or turn to look at her when she did. The female population of the school were all inferior to her and they wanted to hate her for it, but because she was just too kind or ignorant of it all, they couldn’t. They admired her instead and wanted to be friends with her.

Her enemies still hated her, though both Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy hated her a little less than before. Draco, before he found himself attracted to Harrienne, and Snape, because she was not related to James and therefore she did not warrant as much hatred from him as she had previously when Snape thought her to be James Potter’s offspring.

Harrienne still has Lily’s emerald green eyes, but she has her birth father’s (Niko Piotropakis) dark hair and was very good mix of both her parents.

Lily Potter                                                    Niko Piotropakis

Redhead5 Theo Theodoris - Greek Male Model

Female Harry Potter – (a.k.a. Harrienne Jazlyn Potter)

Selena Gomez67 Selena Gomez65 Selena Gomez46

During the summer before sixth-year, she is staying with the Weasleys from July 30th to September 1st (Burrow or Grimmauld Place, I haven’t decided). That summer, Charlie Weasley also comes to stay and spend time with his family before going back to Romania. The two secretly start dating and it’s as Harrienne, Ron and Hermione gets on the Hogwarts Express September 1st that Charlie decides that Romania could wait for a couple of years, until his girlfriend graduates. Not telling his family that he was taking a sabbatical from the dragons, Charlie gets a small convenient flat in Hogsmeade while also doing some work in the muggle world to get extra money (he enjoys being a bouncer at a night club).

During Hogsmeade weekends and whenever she gets a chance to sneak out undetected, Harrienne goes to spend days and sometimes nights with her boyfriend. None of her friends catch on to her, thanks to her handy invisibility cloak and her always having the Marauder’s Map. Also, she’s a very convincing liar when she needs to be.

In January of her sixth year, Harrienne finds out that she’s pregnant. She once again uses glamours to hide her developing pregnancy from everyone, and she only tells Charlie. By the time school lets out for summer in early June, she’s already five-months pregnant.

When the Order members go and pick her up from the Dursleys on the eve of her birthday, she’s in her sixth (almost seventh) month. Remus, Tonks, Shacklebolt and Mad-Eye Moody walk in on Harrienne as she’s packing up her trunk for the departure. She and Charlie had agreed beforehand that they would come clean with the pregnancy, as it was physically draining for her to keep hold of the glamours while pregnant (her pregnancy was eating up a lot of her magical reserves) as well as their relationship. So, when the four Order members enter her small room, they see her in all of her pregnant glory.

They are shocked but they don’t comment. Instead they simply help her finish her packing and guide her down the stairs to the Dursley’s fireplace – which was hooked temporarily to the floo network.

Note to Self://She is wearing this when they pick her up: Only she’s pregnant while wearing it.

Outfit17 or Outfit1

By the end of August she is seven months pregnant:

Harrienne while pregnant

Pregnant woman1

However, for some reason, she goes into labor just two days before she is to return to Hogwarts for her 7th year. She gives birth to her and Charlie’s daughter, prematurely. She’s a healthy baby, despite her premature birth, and because of magic (spells and potions combined), the baby doesn’t need to be in an incubator like muggle preemies.

Avalon Evaine Potter-Weasley

Newborn baby1 Dark haired baby

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Cormac and Female-Harry Gryffindor Banner (photos)

Cormac and Harrienne1

Cormac McLaggen

Freddie Stroma7 Freddie Stroma6 Freddie Stroma3

Harrienne (Harry) Potter

Selena Gomez72 Selena Gomez67 Selena Gomez90

Harry’s First Year Overview

When Cormac was eleven, he was told by his father to start looking around for a future spouse the moment he entered Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, when Cormac started his first year at the school, he was not impressed by his year-mates or those ahead of him. Disappointed, twelve-year-old Cormac returns to his home in Fowey, Cornwall. Over the summer, he gets curious about sex and looks through the library in the McLaggen manor, where he finds several books – books from hetero sex to homosexual sex. Like many magical families, especially pureblood families, the wizards tend to often be bisexual, as homosexuality is not looked down upon in the wizarding world, like the muggle world.

The percentage for a young wizard to have sex with at least one other male in their lifetime is about 75%. Not all wizards are bisexual, but many will still find pleasure wherever they can get it. However, there are still more heterosexual marriages than homosexual.

Cormac finds the books and takes them from the library, and goes back to his room. For the rest of the summer, he becomes obsessed with finding someone he can do all the things to that he sees in the magically moving pictures.

Upon starting his second year, his honey-brown eyes fall upon little first year, Harry Potter, and he immediately knows that it is Harry he wants to not only be his partner in the sexual activities department, but also be his future spouse. The small boy was beautiful, even in the too-big baggy clothes and awkwardly hideous glasses. Eye sights can be fixed and so could a faulty wardrobe. Cormac saw the beauty underneath the Dursley-made mask (profile) of Harry.

That night, after the sorting and after everyone had gone up to the Gryffindor tower, Cormac pulls Harry away from the crowd, out of the common room and into an empty broom cupboard just down the corridor. In the cupboard, a stunned and confused eleven-year-old Harry gapes at Cormac when the older, golden-haired boy confidently announces:

“Harry, I am Cormac McLaggen, and I wish to court you. The moment I saw you I knew that you were the perfect choice to become my spouse in the future. Please, allow me to be your boyfriend, so that we shall get to know each other very well, and so that eventually, you will become my betrothed and then my spouse.”

Harry, the naive muggle-raised kid that he was, was confused and had no idea what a betrothed was, or even what a ‘court’ meant, but he did know what boyfriend meant to some degree and since he was attracted to the older boy, agreed, blushingly.

Then, before Harry could blink, Cormac was kissing him and Harry was kissing Cormac back. Cormac, eager to try those things he had seen out in a book, asked, “Can I make you feel good?”

When Harry says yes, Cormac grins and undoes Harry’s pants before sliding his hand inside of them and takes ahold of Harry’s cock. Harry, stunned, jumps back, but he moans softly as Cormac starts to move his hand up and down, stroking him gently but eagerly. Having never before touched himself and never feeling such pleasure, Harry doesn’t stop him and the honey-brown haired boy continues, until he orgasms for the first time right into Cormac’s hand.

Again, Harry was a naïve and sheltered (thanks to the Dursleys) little boy, who had never felt affection of any kind that he remembered. When Cormac said that he wanted Harry, and then when he had touched him and gave him enormous amounts of pleasure, Harry was quickly drawn in. Cormac, also only a naïve twelve-year-old, had no idea that he had accidently manipulated Harry into becoming his boyfriend by way of using Harry’s cravings of affection and being wanted, as well as by every male’s (young and old) need for sexual pleasure.

Harry was, from that point on, extremely attached to Cormac – the first ever person that he knew of, to ever want him and promise to care for him forever. He would do anything Cormac asked of him, to hold on to that one person. Cormac was just as enamored with Harry, and over the next nine months, the two became even closer, though only in secret. They didn’t tell their friends about each other.

In his first year, Harry Potter lost his virginity to Cormac McLaggen.

Notes://I know that they are VERY young and most of you will not approve about the sexual activities between them, at their age, but I don’t really care. I was young when I lost my virginity, so I know kids this young DO have sex.

Sure I was 13-years-old and not 11 like Harry, or 12 like Cormac, but 13 is still young and I had been curious about sex since probably the age of 8. I wasn’t a slut or promiscuous. That was my one and only time I have ever had sex in my life – that was ten years ago, for I am now 23-years-old.

Anyways, please don’t complain about their age. NO, I don’t condone underage sex, but it happens and there isn’t much we can do about that. Also, I’m not a pervert of any kind either. Just a chick with a weird sense of entertainment.

When (if ever) the story does come out, don’t bitch at me. We clear? Awesome, lets continue, then!

Harry and Cormac’s relationship over the next several years

The two continue dating and continue to keep their relationship a complete secret from everyone. The only ones who know about it are Cormac’s parents, Cavan and Meredith McLaggen. It was Cavan and Meredith that advised them to keep their relationship and secret, saying that it would only be a matter of time before Voldemort returned, and they didn’t want their son hurt. Harry didn’t want Cormac hurt either, so he readily agreed to the secrecy.

Like all pre-teen and teenage boys, once they had discovered sex there was no stopping them from going at it.

A few months into their relationship during first year, Harry confessed to Cormac about being a Magical Hermaphrodite (definition above on it’s own page).

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Rajan ‘Raj’ Priyashna (Original Male Character)

 Allu Arjun - Indian Male Actor and Model Allu Arjun Allu Arjun1

Rajan Priyashna – Is a 20-year-old half-blood wizard of Indian-descent (but is two generations British), who lives next to to the Dursleys with his muggleborn father, Ajay. They moved into Number Six, Privet Drive when Harry was three-years-old (Raj was then six). He’s a very athletic boy, who does heavy work out – running and visiting the local gym. He’s homeschooled in magic by Ajay, who is an Auror for the Ministry of Magic. He is popular with the females around Little Whinging for being a very handsome young man. His body only enhances the attraction, not to mention his dark skin, hair and other good looking features.

Ajay Priyashna – A 52-year-old half-blood wizard, who upon his wife’s death (when Raj was 2-years-old), decided to return to the muggle world where he was raised. Though still very much involved with the wizarding world, being a hard-working and very accomplished Auror, he prefers to live muggle-style. Muggle home, home neighborhood and he even made sure that his only son had a muggle education to turn back on, should his life/career in the wizarding world turn sour or simply didn’t work out.

Female Harry

Selena Gomez46 Selena Gomez47 Selena Gomez53 Selena Gomez1

Harry Potter – He’s a 17-year-old Magical Hermaphrodite, who was raised by the Dursleys as Harrienne Potter (in his female form). He goes into Hogwarts in his male form, trying to hide his MH status, but it eventually is found out and received well. However, at the end of 5th year, to get back at him for putting Lucius in Azkaban, Draco Malfoy curses him with a dark curse – a curse that was designed primarily for permanently locking animagi-shifters in either their animal form or their human form, forever, preventing them from ever shifting back or into their other form. However, it could be used for anything, such as transformation objects and of course, Magical Hermaphrodites. At the time he was cursed, Harry was in his female form, on the train back to the Dursleys. So he is now stuck in his female form for good.

Rajan/Harry History – A 6-year-old Rajan witnessed Vernon Dursley beating a 3-year-old Harry, and called his father. Ajay, in a rage, stormed over to the Dursleys house, hexing the obese man unconscious. Raj, having followed his father, grabbed Harry and brought him over to Number Six, while Ajay stayed and ‘took care’ of the Dursleys, by threatening them with magic. After that incident, Ajay and Rajan took Harry (who, again, went by Harrienne) under their wing, teaching him all about magic and how to cast it – wandlessly and wordlessly.

Harry grew up with Rajan as his best friend, even though they were three years apart. Ajay taught Harry early magic, which made him very advanced when he eventually came to Hogwarts at 11-years of age. They hung out all over the town, keeping to each other and trusting only one another.

When Rajan had first touched Harry (during the rescue), a soul mate bond had awakened between them, which as far as magic is concerned, means that they were at that very moment, legally married. Ajay recognized the golden glow that appeared, and so informed his son and future ‘daughter’-in-law about the bond and marriage.

Rajan is very protective, as well as possessive, of Harry. He follows Harry everywhere the younger wizard goes while around Little Whinging, even into the Dursley home. The Dursleys, under threat of Ajay, reluctantly (very, very reluctantly) ignore Rajan’s presence and most of the time, Harry’s as well. The only time Harry is actually at the Dursleys is to sleep and to do his daily chores – which Raj often helped him with, to the annoyance of the Dursleys. Also, he often used his wandless magic to help them both along.

Although they were technically married, Raj and Harry didn’t actually start dating until the summer before Harry’s 3rd year. They didn’t consummate their bond until March, when Harry snuck into Hogsmeade to meet up with Rajan, who at 15 and with the permission of his father, flooed into the village from Number Six to Three Broomsticks.

Since 3rd year, they would always meet up with each other in Hogsmeade – where Harry would sneak off from his friends to do so. Yes, his and Raj’s relationship/friendship is kept a secret from everyone, including his friends as well as the Order.

Ajay Priyashna joins the Order of the Phoenix, and warms the boys that Harry is being watched by Dumbledore’s people. In order to keep from being caught or seen by the Order members, the two sneak in and out through the Dursleys’ back door, as well as Harry’s window, which faced the back of the house – seeing as the Order was only watching the front of the house.

Harry also worked out with his boyfriend/husband, though only to stay fit, not gain muscles, like Raj was working for. They ran together, and went to the local gym together (Ajay gladly paid for his membership) for indoor workouts – weights, basketball, swimming, machine-workouts, martial arts and even dance. Harry’s favorites were swimming and dancing.


Harry Potter/Twilight Crossover Story Idea #2   Leave a comment

Edward Cullen2Selena Gomez56

Objective: Harry gets kidnapped on the Platform 9 3/4, just before he was to get onto the train to Hogwarts for his first year.

The man who abducts Harry, takes him the older man’s home (in a different country) and keeps Harry prisoner there, through heavy magical wards and a No-Harm magical collar (which stops Harry from defending himself from the dark wizard by any means – magical or not). The wards are locked on him, keeping him trapped inside or at least on the wizard’s property.

The dark wizard, named Enryko Bȍrec treated Harry like a plaything – he used and abused him, sexually and physically, whenever he was in the mood or angry. Harry was raped repeatedly, but after a while he learned that not fighting Enryko allowed him a lot less pain and even some pleasure. Enryko was a gentler lover when Harry cooperated and didn’t struggle.

Just a few months after being held captive by Enryko, Harry (an 11-year-old Magical Hermaphrodite or he was born a female) falls pregnant. Nine months later, just a month after turning 12-years-old, he gives birth to his daughter, Vivienna Claire, on August 31st.

Just five months after Vivienna is born, Harry once again becomes pregnant. Nine months later, in October, and at 13-years-old, he gives birth to his son, William Mason. William is just 14-months younger than Vivienna.

Thankfully for Harry, he goes the next couple years without conceiving another child. Up until Harry is 15, that is. In mid-fall of what is supposed to be his 5th year, Harry once again falls pregnant. On July 29th, just two days before Harry’s 16th birthday, he gives birth to his third and youngest child, Ainabeth Olivia.

Only two days later, on his birthday, Harry comes into his magical creature inheritance of a Faery – an immortal creature who has magical (different than wizarding) powers and can elemental magic and can shrink from his original height of 5 foot 1 to a mere 6 inches. The minute he becomes a Faery, he knows that his children are NOT Enryko’s, but his soul mates’ instead. Magic found a way to take the essence of his soul mate, from wherever he was, and replace the genes needed to create Vivienna, William and Ainabeth. Also, the second he came into his inheritance, he stopped aging – he was now 16-years-old forever.

Thanks to his magical creature inheritance, Harry is able to fight the enchantments that is keeping him and his children captive. Revengefully, Harry murders Enryko without a moment’s hesitation, before taking his babies and leaving the country and heading back to England, with a 4-year-old Vivienna, 3-year-old William and a newborn Ainabeth.

In England, Harry went to Gringotts to check up on his finances and accounts/vaults, before walking away from the wizarding world, and going to the muggle world, where Harry and the kids stayed for a year at one of the many Potter homes in Wales. After a year, Harry decided that he was ready to go track his mate down (thanks to visions born from his Faery magic he knew who, what and where his mate was) and meet him and let his mate meet the three children he obviously didn’t know he had.

Harry packed up the children – ages 5, 4 and 1 – and left Wales for America, Forks, Washington to be exact.

Potter siblings

Emmett/Harry/Rosalie Threesome   2 comments


Emmett Cullen – Was turned at age 20, and is therefore forever in the image of a 20-year-old. Though he can go as young as 17.

Rosalie Hale – Was turned at age 19, and is therefore forever in the image of a 19-year-old. She can go as young as 16-17.

Harry Potter – Never turned into a vampire. However, on his 15th birthday, he came into his magical creature inheritance (Elf/Fairy/Incubus, etc.) and because of his inheritance, he has stopped aging at 15. He can go as young as 12, and as old as 18, if he really, really tried.

Before the move to Forks, Washington, Emmett and Rosalie decide to take a mini vacation to London, England. At the same time, Harry, who had just turned 15-years-old, decided to sneak out of the Dursleys, passed his Order of the Phoenix guards (thanks to his new creature inheritance, he could sense the guards) and head into London to visit Diagon Alley’s Flourish and Blotts’ book store to try and find books/information on what he had just turned into.

Rosalie and Emmett bump into Harry as the three walk down the streets of London. Upon contact (skin-to-skin), Harry immediately gets the overwhelming sense of peace, protection, safely and rightfulness, but not knowing what it meant to feel such things. Rosalie and Emmett, however, knew the signs of finding your mate, and instantly know what their own feelings meant – they were feeling protectiveness, peace, completion and desire.

Knowing that they had just found their third mate – their submissive – Rosalie and Emmett refuse to leave Harry’s side. Though, Harry wasn’t complaining, feeling perfectly at home with the two vampires. Coming from the wizarding world, Harry did know that they were vampires, but the animal-eating kind. He confesses his knowing, and in turn he tells them of his own new inheritance as well as about his Magical Hermaphroditism.

They agree to help Harry find out what he is. Rosalie and Emmett (thanks to Harry’s glamour charms) follow Harry into Diagon Alley and into Flourish and Blotts. There, they find out exactly what Harry is – an Elf/Faery hybrid. Apparently, the genes had laid dormant in the pureblooded Potter line and the long line of pureblooded squibs in the Evans line. When Potter and Evans collided, and created Harry, the genes became active. On the Potter’s side, was the Elfin blood and on the Evans was the Faery.

1. Wandless Magic

2. Strong, unbreakable glamour charms/illusions

3. Eternal Life

4. Ethereal Beauty

5. The ability to shrink his body from his original 5 foot even frame to a mere 6 inches tall.

6. Flight – in the form of wings.

7. Enhanced vision and hearing as well as strength and speed – though nowhere near a vampire’s level (in strength and speed, anyways).

8. Teleportation

9. Has much control over the element, Earth.

10. Gifted in languages – human and creature.

Harry decides not to return to Hogwarts for his 5th year. Instead, he decides to return to Forks, Washington with his two mates at the end of the summer. From July 31st to August 31st, Harry stays with Emmett and Rosalie in their hotel, getting to know one another better and eventually consummating their bond. Rosalie takes Harry’s masculine virginity (in his male MH form) while Emmett takes his feminine virginity (in his female form).

On August 31st, the three soul mates catch a plane from Heathrow Airport to Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle, where they are picked up by Edward, Jasper and Alice. Because Harry is not a vampire, Alice is unable to see him, and therefore was caught off guard by Harry’s appearance/arrival, along with the other Cullens.

Carlisle and Esme

Jasper and Alice

Edward Cullen2

Harry Potter/OMC (male) Story Idea   3 comments

Pairing: Original-Male-Character/Harry

Objective: Hagrid takes Harry to Kings Cross station, then leaves him there to find his own way onto the Hogwarts Express. Eleven-year-old Harry then runs into the Weasley family (though he doesn’t know their name, only that they are a bunch of redheads). He starts to go up to Molly Weasley, when he is intercepted by a wizard named Dominick Romandericci – who was a 20-year-old Italian-born, American-raised, half-Incubus wizard.

Vin Diesel3 Vin Diesel2

Dominick or rather, Dom for short (just to remind myself that I’m using Vin Diesel as his image and that was what his name was in F&F), has been looking, since his 17th birthday, for his soul mate. On Harry’s 11th birthday, Dom gets the instinctual urge to follow the trail to England and so he does, eventually tracking Harry down in Diagon Alley, where he was with Hagrid, shopping for his school supplies. Instead of approaching Harry then, he simply follows him around in the shadows, through Diagon Alley and then back to the Dursleys at Number Four, Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey. Using his Incubus powers, Dom moves through the shadows of the house, to keep an eye on Harry.

Dom stops Harry from asking Molly Weasley for help, instead he talks Harry into coming back to America with him, where Dom will teach him magic one-on-one. He convinces Harry, by pointing out that with as many children as Molly seemed to have, she should have known where Platform 9 3/4 was. Also, he brings up that it was Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, who had left Harry on the Dursley’s doorstep. As soon as Harry agrees, Dom brings Harry to Heathrow Airport. They take the airplane from Heathrow in London, to Burlington International Airport in Vermont.

Harry immediately falls in love with the scenery and beauty of Vermont and New England in general.

Dom, having inherited the Romandericci-D’Aubigne Estates, owns a remote, and magically warded 120-acres of Vermont land, located in a beautiful small valley, just an hour drive from Fairfax. Nobody knows the place exists but the Romandericci family – not even other wizards know it exists. It has been owned by his family for two centuries by his mother’s family – the French side, D’Aubigne, who had moved to the USA in the 1600s.

The two soul mates share a beautiful two-story, three-bedroom home. Though they live together, and sleep in the same bed, they do not become sexually active until Harry is 13, which would make Dom 22-years-old. Upon their consummation of their soul mate bond, they are legally married in the wizarding/magical world. As soon as Harry is 16, they get legally married in the muggle world as well. At 13 (after the consummation of the bond) Harry gets in contact with Gringotts – be it USA or England branch, I don’t care – and is signed as an Emancipated Minor, as well as head of the Potter estates, which are even greater than Dom’s. Dom is worth close to $70 Million, while Harry is worth $40 Billion. Together, they were limitless when it comes to finances. One, if not the, richest couple in the world.

Harry, while being taught magic home school, by Dom himself, he is also in muggle Jr. High School, which he hates because he’s treated badly by his peers. The girls hate him because he’s more beautiful then any one of them put together, and the boys hate him because he won’t give them the time of day. At 14-years-old, he goes into high school. By the time the story picks up, he’s 17-years-old and a Senior. Dom is 26-years-old.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Harry is a Magical Hermaphrodite and has been since he was an infant. His parents hid his MH under glamours, but they wore off just hours of being placed in the care of the Dursleys. Petunia refused to have Harry around in his male form, so he was always in his female form. He became Harrienna Potter, the niece of Vernon and Petunia Dursley. After so many years of being in his female form, he no longer had the ability to change into his male form. Therefore he was now, permanently a girl.


Harrienne “Harry” Potter-Romandericci at 17-years-old.

Female Harry Montage Female Harry1

Though Harry was a loner at school, he was unaffected. With their bond, Harry and Dom have the ability to communicate telepathically through any distance, and so they were always having conversations while apart from one another – while Harry was at school and Dom was at work (he was an Unspeakable for the American Ministry of Magic) – so Harry was never lonely during the day.

At school, the ‘popular girls’ picked on Harry – the girls who thought very highly of themselves, and the guys would hit on him (or rather, her), and harass him – harass as in, call him cruel, dirty names tauntingly, and touch him inappropriately. Dom is always infuriated when Harry tells him about the bullying, but they agree that they wouldn’t do anything unless it gets very serious. Which it doesn’t.

For the Senior Class field trip, Harry signs up to go to Canada’s Niagara Falls on buss. Unfortunately, nearly everyone he (she) couldn’t stand have also signed up for Niagara Falls, instead of going on a small cruise just off Rhode Island.

However, just an hour into the drive (they are in Fairfax, originally), the bus breaks down on an old country road, leaving the students and chaperones stranded.

 Tennessee Country Dirt Road

The road that the bus breaks down at, nobody can get a signal on their cell phones to call for help. Also, there aren’t any homes around – just trees, grass and old wood fence posts. However, Harry and Dom’s home is only a mile or so away from where the bus stops, and so he (she) uses their telepathy to tell Dom. Since it was a Sunday, and the garages weren’t open, Dom agrees to go and fetch some supplies (tents, food, blankets, etc.) from a friend of theirs, who owns a sporting good store.

Harry claims that he (she) was able to get through once on his (her) cell phone to get ahold of Dom, to ward off suspicion from the other students. He says that Dom can’t call in a tow or a garage to get the bus, but he was bringing some camping supplies.

Two hours after the ‘call’, Dom shows up, bringing eight, 6-person tents with him, along with blankets/sleeping bags, pillows and some food and Harry and Dom’s own personal barbeque. Everyone is shocked when they see Dom – a guy who is 6 foot 1 and nothing but muscles. He definitely was an impressive sight to behold. Not only was he tall and muscled, he was also extremely good-looking with a voice that was deep and rumbly (hearing it nearly causes orgasms).

Vin Diesel1 Vin Diesel

Truthfully, Harry was also extremely beautiful. Long, dark jet black hair, deep emerald green eyes, light skin-tone, flawless complexion. He stood at about 5 foot 3, with curvy hips and a slender waist, and though he was quite short, his legs gave off the illusion of being very long.

Dark haired woman9 Dark haired woman1 Dark haired woman7

Dark haired woman10 Selena Gomez5 Selena Gomez1