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Threesome Rant   4 comments

Threesome Rant – Male/Female/Male.

Warning: Crude Language!

Now, I know that this topic of rant is not true about ALL of the threesome fics out there. This rant is for all of the fics out there that are like – and trust me, there are MANY, for I have read a hell of a lot of them.

First of all, I have to let you guys know that I am a person that reads only Harry-centric fics, and I am a loyal, dedicated SLASH fan, though I enjoy reading a good het fic as well. I feel I have to mention this, otherwise those who read this and don’t like SLASH, will question why this rant is such a big deal, or why I find is a big deal. Oh, and I love threesome fics, so long as Harry is the focal point of the threesome and the middle, as I like to call it.

It is that reason (middle-Harry) that I feel I must rant about this topic…


Okay, here we go. Threesomes…Example: Ron, Harry, Hermione threesomes.

When reading threesome fics, I like SLASH to be the focal pairing or at least more so then the HET, and definitely Harry has to be the focal point of the threesome. I like reading het, too, but slash will always come first in the threesomes that I read. I want a LOT of slash action, with het being a sub-focus.

There are a lot of Golden Trio threesomes out there, and I enjoy reading those, along with other Harry-threesomes. When I do read them, I always go into the fic praying that Ron and Harry will fuck or at the very least, suck each other off. I always want Harry to bottom (in all slash fics, not just threesomes), as I have a real obsession with submissive-Harry – he can’t do anything BUT bottom, when it comes to slash. I can’t read top-Harry, it’s just wrong to me.

My perfect Trio threesome would be Ron fucking Harry, while Harry fucks Hermione – Ron/Harry/Hermione, with Harry in the very middle, receiving the most pleasure, obviously. It’s just the hottest thing to read and to picture. Ron, all 6 foot 4 and muscular, fucking Harry (5 foot 10 at the most), while Harry is being rocked, forcefully from Ron’s thrusts, into Hermione pussy. It’s just hotter then fuck.

However, what I usually end up getting in MOST of the threesome fics is Ron and Harry focusing their attention on Hermione – a Ron/Hermione/Harry, where Ron has her front and Harry her back, most likely. This does not turn me on in the LEAST.  Again, I’m a Slash-addict, and this just doesn’t do anything for me. Plus, I really hate Hermione, most of the time in fanfiction, so to have her be the focal point of both boys, when there is hardly any slash action between Ron and Harry, just really pisses me off.

It’s not just Hermione, though – even if R/Hr/H does make me the most angry, because of the fact that I hate her, and Ron/Hermione – it’s all threesomes, where the chick ends up being the focal point of the two males, one of which obviously is always Harry.

Seriously, though, I can’t be the only person that HATES IT when you get into a fic, looking and hoping for some BoyxBoyxGirl action and then realize that instead, you’re getting BoyxGirlxBoy! I can’t be the only slash-addict out there, or the only Hermione-hater or Ron/Hermione hater for that matter.

It is kind of ironic, really. I love reading Ron/Harry/Hermione threesomes, and while I love Harry above all other characters and it’s understandable here, I hate Ron AND Hermione, and especially Ron/Hermione. I simply loath the R/Hr pairing, it’s the only pairing that I will stop reading a fic over. Seriously, I will. I’ll be reading a really amazing story (Harry-centric of course), and the first sign of R/Hr, and especially before Harry is even in a relationship or even has his eyes on someone, romantically, I’ll exit the fic very fast, and be very angry about it. That pairing, R/Hr, ruins a good fic faster than anything else EVER could. REMEMBER THAT, PEOPLE!

The only time I’ll read the trio threesomes is if Harry is the focal and middle of the three. It’s the only way I can get through them. If it is a focal-Harry, bottom-Harry and middle-Harry fic, between Ron/Harry/Hermione, I’ll cry because I’d be very, very happy. However, they are very rare, I noticed, and therefore I do not read very many threesome fics.

If you know any good ones, please recommend them to me! Can be on any website – Fanfiction.Net,, Restricted, etc. Whatever, I’ll be very thankful and I’ll definitely read them. They do not have to be Ron/Harry/Hermione – they can be any threesome, so long as they are Harry-centric, and of course, he has to be the main bottom of the threesome, the middle and the focus of the threesome. It doesn’t also have to involve a female, is can be Harry and three other males as well. NO Harry and two females, though, please!


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Gryffindor Trio




Challenge: Ron/Harry/Hermione   


Objective: Harry has just come into his creature inheritance, and discovers that his two best friends are his soul mates. RW/HP/HG. Harry is the submissive, being the youngest of the three friends. Hermione is the alpha female of the trio and Ron is the alpha male. Ron and Hermione care for nothing more than to protect and care for the well-being of their little submissive mate, Harry.   

Just after his sixteenth/seventeenth birthday, Harry comes into his family inheritance (creature of your choice). He uses his limited wandless magic ability to put up glamours to hide the changes. A few days after his birthday, Harry is picked up from the Dursleys and brought to Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place, where the Weasleys, Hermione and several Order members are staying. Harry is sent up to his and Ron’s shared room, where Ron and Hermione are waiting for him to show up.   

Upon entering the bedroom, he immediately recognizes his two best friends as his dominant mates. He has the seventeen-year-old Hermione lock and silence the room, before he tells them about his inheritance and lets down his glamour. It is then he confesses his sudden desires for his two best friends. Hermione, being the obvious bookworm, immediately goes up to the Black library and tries to find any information she can about what Harry has become (or more information, depending on your choice of creature) and what he knew sudden feelings for her and Ron mean.   

OoO Ron and Hermione CANNOT have a previous relationship with each other. They have all – Harry, Ron and Hermione – had feelings for one another since the very beginning of their friendship, but being the young immature teenagers that they were/are, they never acted on them, or tried to ignore them for the sake of their friendship. Plus, they all thought it odd that one of them liked BOTH of their best friends, and they didn’t want to have to choose one over the other, should they have had to act.   

There cannot be any graphic R/Hr, please. You can make this story as graphic in sex as you want when he comes to Ron/Harry and Hermione/Harry, but not Ron/Hermione. I don’t like Ron/Hermione pairing, in fact I loathe it. The only way I will read a R/Hr fic is if they are in a threesome with Harry, and Harry is the center of the fic and relationship.   

While Ron and Hermione love each other just as much as they love Harry, they are in agreement that it is Harry that needs the most love and care in the relationship, as it is Harry who has never been shown what love actually was. He is abused (and raped, maybe?) by his relatives, abused by his peers at Hogwarts and the press in the wizarding world, and has been in constant danger from Death Eaters and Voldemort’s many attempts on his life.   

May or may not have Mpreg. However, should you make Hermione pregnant, I want there to be Mpreg, and I want Harry to get pregnant WAY before Hermione ever does. Like, for example: Harry gets pregnant in their 7th year, and then maybe after Harry’s had his baby and maybe a year or so after they’ve left school, Hermione gets pregnant by both boys.   

If you can, it would be cool if you can have Harry somehow get pregnant with Hermione’s child. Weird, right? This could work by some sort of magic or something (a potion accident, kinky sex gone wrong, etc. Use your imagination). I think I’ve read a fic once where this happened, and it was amusing. At the same time, he can also have gotten pregnant with Ron’s child as well. Harry, pregnant with both Hermione and Ron’s child, at the same time. Like in fics where Harry is pregnant with a child from Severus and Draco (there is a handful of those around).   

OoO Harry does have to be shorter than both Ron and Hermione, and it would help if he was a slight bit feminine, yet at the same time also still quite male. You can have Harry be a Magical Hermaphrodite if you like, that way Ron and Hermione can experience the best of both worlds with Harry’s female and male form. You can have a femslash scene(s) if you write Harry as a MH, where he’s in his female form and he and Hermione are ‘doing it’ while Ron watches in fascination and awe, before joining in. Just an idea…   

NO overly kinky sex scenes. Hermione can’t be a dominatrix. I want her to be a gentle, motherly dominant female, not rough, harsh and bossy. No whips, handcuffs or leather, okay? Not unless it’s just a one-time thing and/or just a experiment.   

This fic can’t be pure smut. There has to be a plot, and I want it to be a lengthy fic, several chapters at least. There can be lots of sex, but not just sex.   

Definitely has to be rated M or NC-17, depending where you post the story.   

Okay, I think that is it for now. If I think of something else I’ll let you know if you decide to want to take this challenge/idea on!   


That concludes challenge eight (8).