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Luna/Harry/OtherMale threesome   Leave a comment

Challenge: Harry/Luna or OMC/Harry/Luna

First het-pairing challenge of the collection. It wont be the last, up definitely a rarity. Though, granted, its not totally het, so maybe it doesnt count.

Must have/include: sexual situations (graphic and non-graphic between H/L), bi-sexual situations (bottom!Harry with another male, not Luna with another female), submissive-Harry (even to Luna), kinky-sex but not overly kinky (no handcuffs, bondage or pain just Luna w/ strap-on), threesome (OMC/Harry/Luna in that order).

Harry must be submissive to both Luna and the OMC (or another HP male character). The other male and Luna are NOT to be together, they are to share Harry, but he doesnt share either of them with the other…if that makes sense. ONLY Harry bottoms or is submissive. Harry may top Luna, but she is still ALWAYS in control.

This submissive side of Harry is only for Luna and the other male to witness, but of course, as the story goes on, you may have everyone witness the more submissive personality that is Harry.

NO Ron/Hermione, unless it is after Harry and Luna get together (a long time after they get together). I dont like R/Hr, so no graphic romance with this pairing, AT ALL.

You may have Mpreg and Preg (Harry and Luna), if you like. If you like to mess with impossible feats when it comes to magic, then it would be could if you could somehow make it where it is possible for Harry to become pregnant with Lunas child. If you cant or if you dont like that idea, then just have Harry become pregnant with his male lovers child, and Luna with Harrys child. Though, Harrys pregnant, should you choose to use a pregnancy in this fic, has to come before Lunas.

HP/LL and whoever else you decide to add into this fic (the other male, I mean) may have a secret relationship. I love secret relationships! They could have started a relationship during 5th year, when they actually got acquainted with one another, or several months before they come public in Harrys 7th year.

Yes, this is a 7th year fic. You can write an overview of the other years, but the main part of the story will happen during Harrys 7th year.

If you want Harry to be feminine, like almost girly, then thats perfect. He does have to be a at least ONE (1) inch shorter than Luna, so 5 foot 4 5 foot 6, and I would like him to have at least shoulder-length hair, if possible.

If you dont like a feminine Harry, you can do have Harry where hes in between feminine and masculine not too girly but definitely not to masculine enough, as he IS submissive. Keep that in mind!

Just make sure that this fic is centric-Harry, oh, and in 3rd person. Anyone who writes in 1st person, sorry but I dont think Ill let you adopt one of my fics. Its not you, jus the style…Im not fond of first-person POVs they bug the hell out of me.


That concludes challenge number three (3).