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The real Harry Potter dies just hours after his birth (7:34p.m. on July 31st), and so in their grief, James and Lily perform a dark magic summoning ritual that would bring to them a newborn baby boy who shared the same birthday as their deceased son, as well as had black hair, green eyes and immense magical strength. The ritual worked, and within moments, a beautiful newborn baby boy appeared before them, having been born at 11:59p.m. of July 31st. He had jet-black hair and had been born with magnificent emerald green eyes – a different shade to Lily’s bottle green ones, but close enough. However, he had no resemblance to James Potter, unlike their son Harry had. Using glamours, Lily magically transformed the new baby into the exact carbon copy of Harry James Potter.

The baby’s real name was Lysander Simon Vaduva, the only son in a rather large and ever expanding Romanian pureblood family. His birth parents are Gavril and Dorina Vaduva. When he was born, he had three older sisters, Ecaterina (6-years-old then), Ileana (5-years-old then) and Crina (2-years-older then). As he turned 2-years-old, came Iuliana, then the twins Miruna and Mihaela a year after her and then the last but not the least, the baby of the family, Stela, who was born when Harry – or rather, Lysander, was 10-years-old.

Gavril Vaduva – Father, Loup-Garou (Wolf shifter)

Til Schweiger1

Dorina Vaduva – Mother, Dames Vertes (Elf)

Rachel Weisz

Vaduva Siblings in order of birth/age:

  • 1. Ecaterina Ioana Vaduva – 23-years-old.

Ashley Greene8

  • 2. Ileana Elisabeta Vaduva – 22-years-old.

  • 3. Crina Larissa Vaduva – 19-years-old.

Ashley Tisdale1

  • 4. Lysander Simon Vaduva – 17-years-old.

Green Eyes41

  • 5. Iuliana Nadia Vaduva – 15-years-old.

Juliana Forge - Australian Model2

  • 6. Miruna Jadelle Vaduva – 14-years-old.

Selena Gomez52

  • 7. Mihaela Jordana Vaduva – 14-years-old.

Selena Gomez36

  • 8. Stela Paige Vaduva – 7-years-old.

Child model

Just three months after Lysander’s kidnapping, the Potters are killed by Voldemort and Lysander is marked as his equal, before being shipped off to the Dursleys. However, just a few hours after being placed on the Dursleys’ doorstep, the glamours in which Lily had placed upon Lysander fell away and his real parents – Gavril and Dorina Vaduva – are able to track him down. They had been searching non-stop for the past three months for their son, by way of magical means and by the family’s special creature magic. Gavril was a Loup Garou with a great nose to sniff out most people, and Dorina was an elf, a Dames Vertes, and she had access to a ton of elfin magic in which she used to try and track Lys down. As soon as the two found their son, they grabbed him up and brought him back to Romania, where the Vaduva Mansion lies.

Though Romanian, the whole family spoke fluent English as well, along with several other European languages, even though Romanian was their first language.

With Gavril a Loup Garou (a wolf shape shifter) and Dorina a Dames Vertes, the Vaduva children were hybrids, a mix of Loup Garou and Dames Vertes. They are all very beautiful, with their own unique look yet there is no denying that they were not related as they all had several of the same features. A perfect blend of their beautiful mother, Dorina and their very handsome father, Gavril – the dark hair. Only Lysander, out of all of his siblings, inherited his maternal grandmother’s emerald green jewel-like eyes – all of his sisters had stunning brown or hazel eyes like their parents.

Lysander quickly surpassed his older sisters and his younger sisters when it came to magic. He was very powerful – at the age of 3, he was already casting wandless magic knowingly and it always acted to his will. Plus, he had full control over all four of the elements – earth, fire, wind and water – while his sisters only had one element between then and only half control. They could manipulate but not create, unlike Lys, who had the power to both manipulate the elements, as well as create and conjure them out of thin air. He was also a strong Seer – he was prone to visions and predictions, whether small or large.

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Sight – predictions and visions
  • Wandless magic
  • Shape Shift into pure black wolf
  • Enhanced vision, sound and smell, stamina and strength
  • Swiftness and stealth
  • Strong Wizard Magic
  • Mind magic – empathy, telepathy
  • Teleportation

All of his sisters had their own unique talents and powers, and of course gifts that ran in their blood and all shared with one another. All Elves knew how to teleport and how to protect their minds from mental attacks, and they all had some kind of elemental gifts, as well as light-footedness, stealth and the enhanced senses. Their enhanced senses were far more intense than most other Dames Vertes, for they also had Loup-Garou blood in their veins, their wolf forms, also helping with their senses. All could do wandless magic on a small scale.

At the age of 11, Lys replaced his glamours and returned to the Dursleys (Gavril and Dorina threatening the muggle family with magic in order to accept him into their home), where he was picked up by Hagrid and taken to Hogwarts. The glamour made him look like Harry Potter and it also hid his Romanian accent, changing it into an English one.

Lys knew at a very young age, even before going into Hogwarts, that he was attracted to men, and men only. He had grown up in a house full of sisters, and though he respected women (his mother and sisters would have killed him if he hadn’t learned to respect them), he didn’t find them in the least bit attractive. Beautiful, yes, but not sexually appealing to him. He didn’t try to hide his sexual orientation either – not that he flaunted it around, but he never hid the fact that he was gay. It was rather obvious to those who really knew him, or observed him long enough. Most of the female population knew that Lys (or Harry Potter) was off limits and untouchable, much to their great disappointment and displeasure. The male population, as sexuality was no real issue in the wizarding world, was delighted.

By his fourth year, Lys had kissed a few guys in public, but he hadn’t had an actual boyfriend. When Durmstrang came to Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament, many of his friends and classmates were astounded that he could speak to several of the Durmstrang boys in Russian or Romanian, fluently. When asked, he simply smiled and shrugged, but never answered. That year, instead of take a female to the Yule Ball, Lys was asked directly by Viktor Krum himself. To the public, they were only friendly escorts, but in private they were in a relationship, until the very end of fourth year.

Sixth year, he became romantically involved with Theodore Nott and Anthony Goldstein, who are his soul mates. Lys comes into his full magical creature inheritance on his 16th birthday, and he had immediately recognized his two slightly older year-mates as his dominant mates. They, too, had come into a magical creature inheritance on their 16 birthdays  (the year before, as Theo’s birth was September 12th and Anthony’s was September 18th), but they had waited until Lys’ own inheritance came in, to claim him. As soon as Theo and Anthony could, they drug Lys away from Ron and Hermione to get their mate alone. Turns out that both dominants were vampires – Daywalkers, with a small hint of Veela in their blood.

On the very first night of 6th year, Lys consummated his bond with his soul mates. The moment their soul bond was complete, they legally became married by magic law. The three decided to keep their mating a secret and so, in public they acted as if there was no change between the three of them. The only people who knew about the bonding were their families. Theo and Anthony knew about Lys’ real identity and they visit Vaduva Mansion over Christmas break to meet Lys’ parents and his seven sisters.

Theo-Lys-Tony Collage



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Asta Proussalidi (female Harry Potter)

Selena Gomez162Selena Gomez161Selena Gomez156

Beginning Story Points:

  • Lily is actually a pureblood – from the Boswyndel family. She was orphaned as an infant and adopted by the Evans family.
  • Lily married James Potter, but she wasn’t in love with him. James had fed Lily love potions since their seventh year, to get her to fall for him. She did, but she had been in true love with someone else.
  • Hector Proussalidi, a pureblood wizard from Greece – he and Lily had met when the Evans took a family vacation the summer before her 6th year. He was a year older than her, but he too had fallen in love with her.
  • After Lily and James were married, James stopped giving her the potions, thinking that they weren’t needed any longer. The moment all of the potions were out of her system she left James and headed to the small Greek island of Karpathos, to the Proussalidi Manor, where she knew her beloved would be. They had a passionate week together, before Lily returned to England, to pack her things. However, James caught her and force fed her more love potions as well as bound her to him.
  • Lily found out she was pregnant. Six months later – 3 months premature – she gave birth to her daughter, Asta Cybella Proussalidi. Knowing that James would freak if he knew that the baby wasn’t his, Lily reluctantly glamoured her child into the spitting image of James Potter and unofficially renamed the baby Harry James Potter.
  • Since the late 1700s the Potter line has been unable to procreate daughters. The Head of Potter House at the time, Cassius Potter, cursed the Potter line so that only males could be born. He had not wanted any female heirs.
  • The only person Lily told about Asta being a girl and not James’ daughter, was Hector, whom she still kept in touch with behind James’ back. She was unable to leave James, do to the binding spell, but that was all. She still had her free will otherwise. Hector swore to protect their daughter.
  • When Asta was 3 months old, on October 31st, Voldemort showed up and killed James and Lily. Severely wounding himself, and marking Asta as his equal, he then vanishes. Asta is sent to the Dursleys, by Dumbledore, to be kept safe.
  • Hector is unable to find Asta for five years, do to the wards surrounding Number Four, Privet Drive. They mask Asta’s scent.
  • At age 3, Asta begins training herself in wandless magic – she knows she has magic and is well aware that it listens to her will of mind.
  • At the age of 5, Hector eventually tracks Asta down, and comes to the Dursleys for a visit. Unfortunately he is unable to remove his daughter from the care of the disgusting muggle family, but he comes and visits his beloved only child very often.
  • Hector tells Asta the truth about her being a girl and named Asta not Harry, about James, the prophecy and Lily’s blood – that her mother was a pureblood witch, and neither a muggleborn nor an Evans by birth.

During the summers between Asta’s 5th and 11th birthdays, Hector arranged for the Dursleys to go on a family vacation in Greece. This allowed for Hector to spend time with his daughter outside the wards of Privet Drive, and it gave Asta time to spend with her father and away from the horrid muggles. The Dursleys eagerly took up the arrangement – it was a full paid two-months vacation to the beautiful Greece and two months away from the freak. Who would have given that up?

In those summers, Hector made sure to help Asta with her wandless magic abilities as well as teach her to speak Greek as well as a head start in Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology, History, Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms.

Also, Hector came clean to his daughter and told her that he was a Loup-Garou – a  shape shifter who could turn into a massive wolf at will. Lily had been his one and only mate. However, he was also the Alpha of a pack of Loup-Garou, all mostly adolescents, that lived amongst the houses that were scattered around the Proussalidi land on Karpathos Island. Although Hector was Greece, the other wolves were from all over Europe – England, Ireland, Russia and Slovenia.

All in all, there were about twenty pack members – more than half of them were adults, the rest were children around Asta’s age and all boys. There wasn’t a single female wolf in the pack – all the females were muggles or witches, who married a Loup-Garou and were thereby accepted as part of the pack. Most Loup-Garou born were males. It was extremely rare for a female with the shape shifting Loup-Garou gene to be born. This made Asta a rarity within not only the Loup-Garou nation but also the wizarding world in general.

Asta inherited the Loup-Garou gene from her father. She was able to shape shift into a jet black wolf with emerald green eyes.

Unlike the werewolves, Loup-Garous were not considered dark creatures, since one had to be born with the gene to become one. A Loup-Garou was born, not made or Turned. One cannot be turned into a Loup-Garou by a Loup-Garou’s bite.

Hector Proussalidi

Theo Theodoridis - Greek Male Model3

At the age of 11, Asta with her own glamours now in place and still looking like Harry Potter (she only looked like herself when around her father during the summers), she went to Hogwarts. There, she plays the role of Harry Potter, while in disguise, without anyone becoming suspicious. It was hard, though. In the muggle world there were no expectations for Harry Potter so Asta, though still looking like Harry, was able to generally be herself. However, at Hogwarts and in the public of the wizarding world, Asta had to essentially mold herself into the perfect Harry Potter, Savior of the Wizarding world. She did what she thought was expected of Harry – she excelled in the Defense Against the Dark Arts, but hid her intelligence and knowledge of the other classes (it was actually easier than she thought it would be, with Ron Weasley as a friend), as well as played naïve to the wizarding world.

She felt horrible for lying to her two best friends, but she couldn’t tell them the truth, scared that it would somehow get back to Voldemort (whom she knew was not dead).

  • Years 1 through 5 happen as it did in cannon. This means that she was unable to go to Greece with her father. Instead, the Dursleys stayed in Little Whinging and Hector came and visited frequently, unseen through his own powers of invisibility (Loup-Garou were magic using, shape-shifting folk – they had their own powers, just like Vampires or some werewolves).

A few weeks after 5th year, Dumbledore comes to the Dursleys, with Ron and Hermione in tow. Much to the Dursley’s displeasure, Dumbledore has given Ron and Hermione permission to stay with ‘Harry’ for the rest of the summer. The old wizard enlarges Asta’s small bedroom to fit three twin-sized four-poster beds, a private bathroom facility and three wardrobes, as well as a small kitchenette. Basically, Dumbledore had turned his room into a mini suit.

On Asta’s 16th birthday, she wakes up early and so gets dressed in a pair of jogging pants and shirt before going outside for a run around the neighborhood. For a full hour she was out running, and when she approached the house, Ron and Hermione were waiting, having awoken to find her gone and had assumed she was out exercising. They were sitting on the front porch steps, dressed for the day. She was only a few steps away from them, when suddenly three large men appeared out of thin appear in front of the three teenagers.

Ron and Hermione were instantly on guard, but Asta immediately recognized the intruders as Aleksandro Palomer (Estonian), Crevan Mulrennan (Irish) and Dmitri Jarkovovich (Russian) – her pack-mates. Forgetting momentarily that her two best friends were there, Asta screeched in excitement and threw herself at the three massively tall and muscular men, who were all two years older than her.

“Sandro! Crevan! Dmitri!” she cried happily greeting the three with tight hugs.

Almost immediately, upon touching them, did she realize that something wasn’t right her three pack-mates. She pulled away from them, or at least she tried to, but their hold on her was firm. Stiffening in alarm, she noticed how Sandro’s hands gripped her tight, how Dmitri had buried his nose in her long jet-black hair and how Crevan growled deeply in his throat. She knew exactly what was happening, and she groaned in not only disbelief but also distress.

Using her wandless magic, she gently stunned the three strong Loup-Garou men in place, before quickly wriggling out of their arms. She spun around, grasped hold of Hermione and Ron and proceeded to hurriedly pull them up the steps of Number Four and into the house.

“Hurry! The immobilization charm will only hold them for a few seconds. Get inside!”

The two, confused and alarmed, followed their friend inside. She slammed the door behind them and rushed them up the stairs.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” asked Hermione sharply.

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Asta Cassiopeia Proussalidi

Selena Gomez162Selena Gomez156

Olivia Annette Treveaux – Asta’s best friend

Briana EviganBriana Evigan3

Marie Jovana Weily – Asta’s best friend

Alyson MichalkaAlyson Michalka2

Aaron Pellum – Boyfriend of Marie

Freddie StromaFreddie Stroma3

Dmitry Carmody – Olivia’s boyfriend

Gaspard Ulliel2Gaspard Ulliel8

Kieran Ó Riain – Asta’s boyfriend

Kellan Lutz20Kellan Lutz16

Lily went to Greece on Unspeakable duty, where she met Hector Proussalidi, a pureblood Greek wizard.

Hector Proussalidi – Asta’s father

Theo Theodoridis - Greek Male Model3Theo Theodoridis - Greek Male Model2

They slept together, when out celebrating the job well done. She had a little too much to drink and one thing led to another. In the morning, Lily, ashamed of what she had done, left Greece, returning to England and to James. Six months later, Lily gave premature birth to her daughter, Asta Cassiopeia Proussalidi on July 31st. James, in his rage over the fact that the child was not his, made Lily glamour the child – she disguised Asta as Harry Potter, the son of James Potter, using her extensive Charms knowledge.

Three months after Asta’s birth, Voldemort came to Godric’s Hollow and killed James and Lily. He marked Asta as his equal as he tried to kill her as well. Orphaned, Asta was sent to live with the Dursleys, who were thought to have been her blood relatives. Lily Evans was no muggleborn, however. She was a pureblood witch, born to Welsh parents, Emrys and Gwyneth Boswyndel, who were killed by a clan of rogue vampires, leaving their only daughter, Emlyn Brynne Boswyndel orphaned. They had infant Emlyn with them but the vampires left her be. When muggle authorities found their bodies, they took Emlyn and placed her in an orphanage. Only a few months later, baby Emlyn was adopted by muggles Vance and Rosalind Evans, who already had a daughter named Petunia, but were unable to have more.

At the age of 3, Asta was able to control her magic, performing wandless magic with incredible ease, and using will magic as well.

At the age of 6, Hector Proussalidi tracked down his daughter and though he didn’t take her from the Dursleys, made sure to visit her frequently. Hector had been told about Asta by Lily and he had immediately agreed to sign the birth certificate, naming Asta as his one and only heiress. He did love his daughter, dearly, and wanted the best for her, but do to the wards set up around Number Four, he was unable to remove Asta from the filthy muggles’ care.

Asta grew up knowing the love and protection of a father. She adored her father like most little girls.


Hector allowed his daughter to wandlessly remove the glamours that Lily had placed on her at birth, so instead of Harry Potter that became known around Little Whinging, Asta was able to be herself and use her real name and her real face.

At the age of five, Asta met two witch cousins, Olivia and Marie, who also lived in Little Whinging. The three girls became best friends and were nearly inseparable. Olivia and Marie were half-bloods, who attended muggle primary school with Asta and Dudley and were in the same classes.

At the age of 11, Asta once again donned the glamour of Harry Potter and went to Hogwarts, while Olivia and Marie went to Beauxbaton Academy in Paris. The three had three-way journals and mirrors that they used to communicate to one another without the need for owls.

At Hogwarts her first year, Asta met Kieran Ó Riain – a then fourth-year Gryffindor, who, while athletically built, was not a Quidditch player. He was very popular within the house and a really nice guy. For some reason, Kieran could see right through Asta’s glamours and confronted the small first year about it. At first she freaked, but when Kieran consoled her and told her that he wouldn’t tell anyone, he just was curious as to why everyone was calling a small little girl Harry Potter. So, she tells him everything from her mother’s affair with Hector to James forcing her to cover up the affair by glamouring Asta as an infant. Then she goes on to tell Kieran about her father coming to visit her at the Dursleys. He nods and simply says “That’s cool, kid.”

From that moment on, Asta was the center of Kieran’s world. She didn’t know it, but his blue eyes hardly left her frame for the next three years that he was in school. When he was a 7th year, she was a 4th year and so he made his move. He approached her, when all of her friends (even Hermione chose to ignore her rather than be seen talking to the school cheat) abandoned her.

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Harry in wolf form

Black Werewolf Black Werewolf2

He’s supposed to be monstrously huge and one that can stand on two legs. I don’t like the way Remus Lupin (Moony) was portrayed to look in the 3rd Harry Potter film, so I have decided to change it and have it so that the HP werewolves look more like Underworld or Van Helsing’s werewolves. I also wanted the werewolf body to be very muscular and strong-looking, instead of the emaciated wolf that Remus turned into. He’s about 6 ft. 7 inches to 7 ft. tall from head to feet.

Harry in human form

 Emmett Cullen Emmett Cullen-Kellen Lutz

However, he still has emerald green eyes, and isn’t pale at all. Actually, I think he should have a small (very slight) tan. The color of the hair is perfect, but maybe an inch or two longer, so that it is stylishly messy and unruly, instead of laying flat like this. I love Kellan Lutz’s look here, but it IS a vampire’s look, not a werewolf. Really, I’m only after his build and good looks, to represent my version of Harry. Kellan Lutz is the only one I could think of at the top of my head.

Harry’s Mate

Juliana Forge - Australian Model Juliana Forge - Australian Model1

In her werewolf form

Female Werewolf3 Female Werewolf2 Female Werewolf1

I honestly could not find any really good female werewolf pictures, so I just chose the ones I could. They’re not great, but they should at least give you an idea of what she might look like in her werewolf form. She’s white, due to her having blonde hair (plus, white usually reads more feminine as far as I am concerned). She too can stand on two feet, and she is also quite muscular and strong, though not nearly as strong as Harry is in his form. She is about 6 feet tall from head to feet.

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Yelena Kataryna Petrikova

Juliana Forge - Australian Model Juliana Forge - Australian Model1

Leander (Harry) Jerome Poulakis

Gaspard Ulliel2 or Grey Damon - True Blood Actor

Leander’s (Harry) Elemental Wolf form – only he has emerald eyes and instead of the white you see in his coat in the second picture (on his belly) it is emerald green – so dark that it looks black until light hits it or he uses his elemental powers (Earth and Fire – emerald fire).

Black Wolf1 Black Wolf

Yelena’s Elemental Wolf form- only she has sapphire blue eyes. Her coat is pure white with maybe a tint of icy blue or silver, to represent her Ice/Water element.

 White Wolf White Wolf1 

Harry and Yelena together – only he’s a lot bigger than she is.

Black and White Wolves1 Black and White Wolves

Cosmos (Leander’s Wolf name)

5ft. tall from head to paws. 6ft from head to tail.

Emerald eyes

Jet-black fur, with very dark emerald undertone (tint)

Broad and muscular body

Crystal (Yelena’s Wolf name)

4 1/2ft. tall from head to paw. 5ft. from head to tail.

Sapphire blue eyes

White fur, with very light icy blue or silver tint.


When Leander Jerome Poulakis (born July 31st, at 11:59 p.m.) was just a few hours old he was kidnapped from his crib by the Potters – Lily and James – through a dark magic summoning ritual. Their real son, Harry James Potter, had died of SIDS just hours after being born (July 31st, 11:00 p.m.). Upon Leander’s arrival, the Potters failed to check his bloodline for creature-blood, and went about making him into the carbon copy of James Potter, through potions and glamours.

A few months after being placed with the Dursleys, Leander is rescued by his real birth parents – Hector and Ophelia Poulakis – and taken to Crete, Greece where the Poulakis family live.

Hector and Ophelia are mated Elemental Wolves, but like Veela and Werewolves and Elves, they too can do wizard magic and is therefore also considered magical. They were pureblooded Elemental Wolf, their family going back as far as 2,000 years – before even Merlin and the Founders. They were one of the purest magical beings, the Poulakis family.

When Leander is two, his parents and him move to Siberia, Russia to join a small family of Russian Elemental Wolves named the Petrikova family – Edeke and Ivanna, and their two-year-old daughter, Yelena. The six of them become a very close-knit pack, with Hector as Alpha and Edeke as his Beta. Upon meeting one another, Leander and Yelena initiate a future soul mate bond through touch. They were only two, so they were unaware at the time of their bonding, but they became best friends and inseparable.

The Poulakis-Petrikova family pack live together in a manor surrounded by the cold Siberian wilderness (forest). Thankfully, they were all immune to the bitter cold, and actually found it homey. The pack moved every one to two years from Siberia to Crete, because the mothers wanted their children to think of both countries as their homes. They had even moved stayed at the Poulakis manor located on Isle of Wight in England.

At age 8, Leander becomes a big brother for the first time to Julian. At age 10, his sister Veronica was born. At age 12, his brother Isaak and when he was 14, his twin siblings Alexander and Asta were born.

Leander’s siblings and their ages: When Leander is 20-years-old

— Julian – 12-years-old

— Veronica – 10-years-old

— Isaak – 8-years-old

— Alexander and Asta – 6-years-old

Yelena brother Luka was born was she was 11 and at 13 her baby sister Milya was born.

Yelena’s siblings and their ages: When Yelena is 20-years-old

— Luka – 9-years-old

— Milya – 7-years-old

Just a few weeks after the twins, Asta and Alexander are born, Ophelia and Ivanna were out in a nearby village in Siberia, when they are attacked and killed by a pack of rogue werewolves, having been caught by surprise and mistaken for a human, since Elemental Wolves only had wolf-scent when in their wolf form. Angry at the murder of their mates, Hector and Hedeon go into a rage and go out hunting for the rogue pack of werewolves.  The two kill the entire pack – of twelve. However, only twenty-four hours after Ophelia and Ivanna’s deaths, Hector and Hedeon succumb to death themselves, for a mated pair can’t live without their soul mate.

Upon the deaths of their parents, Leander and Yelena, who are only 14, take charge of their siblings. By then the had already consummated their bond and were considered fully bonded and married. They pack up the seven small children and bring them to their home in Crete, Greece. Yelena was attending a small private magical school in Athens, since she turned eleven. The two had purchased a pair of two-way multi-compartment trunks when they turned eleven, which they use during the school year – with him playing ‘Harry Potter’ at Hogwarts and Yelena in AMA (Athens’ Magical Academy).

They also use this trunk to hide their young siblings in, now that they had no one else to watch them while the two eldest went to school. It was cozy and spacious designed like a large flat.

The trunk had 10 compartments – designed like a large home

— Four bedrooms

— A master en-suite bedroom (that Leander and Yelena shared when they could)

— A bathroom

— Living room

— Playroom

— Kitchen


Because it was a two-way trunk, Leander and Yelena were able to go down into the trunk and spend time with each other and their siblings. Leander (Harry) blood-adopted Luka and Milya as his own siblings, while Yelena blood-adopted Julian, Veronica, Isaak, Alex and Asta as her own siblings as well. However, the two raised them all like they were their own children, especially the youngest three (Milya, Alex and Asta).

Leander goes through his Hogwarts years, playing his role as Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived, but that was just a front and act. Sure the people be befriended were his real friends, but since his mother Ophelia was a seer and therefore had warned him that the Dark Lord would return, he felt that he had to keep his real family a secret. He really was the Boy-Who-Lived, however, even if he wasn’t really Harry Potter.

During their seventh year, Yelena gives birth to their daughter, Chloe Gelasia.

Chloe Beth Poulakis

 Little blond haired girl3

After graduating, and without Leander (Harry) fighting Voldemort, he leaves to go back to his wife, daughter and siblings in Crete. There, they live three years, with Leander training himself, physically, mentally and magically, so that he would be ready to defeat Voldemort when it came time to fight. The two soul mates train together, though Leander trains harder than Yelena, and he also hires professional trainers to teach him combat (magical and muggle), dueling techniques, martial arts of many varieties, etc. He becomes strong and powerful. He also continues to work with his elemental powers of Earth, Wind and Fire

At the age of 20, the two decide that Leander was ready to return to England to finish the war. By then, they have three children – 3-year-old Chloe Gelasia and two-week-old newborn twins, Jackson Kostas and Aina Beth. Together, with their three children and seven siblings, they had 10 children to look after. Julian was Leander’s beta, though 6-year-old Alex was looking like he will one day replace him when he became of age (as Beta not as Alpha).

All the children, with the exception of Jack and Aina, are able to turn into their Elemental Wolf form, though they were all cubs still.

In the three years they lived in Greece, they also added two Dogue de Bordeaux dogs named Zeus and Hera.

Zeus and Hera

clip_image004 clip_image006

Jackson Kostas and Aina Beth Poulakis

clip_image007 clip_image008

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Rajan ‘Raj’ Priyashna (Original Male Character)

 Allu Arjun - Indian Male Actor and Model Allu Arjun Allu Arjun1

Rajan Priyashna – Is a 20-year-old half-blood wizard of Indian-descent (but is two generations British), who lives next to to the Dursleys with his muggleborn father, Ajay. They moved into Number Six, Privet Drive when Harry was three-years-old (Raj was then six). He’s a very athletic boy, who does heavy work out – running and visiting the local gym. He’s homeschooled in magic by Ajay, who is an Auror for the Ministry of Magic. He is popular with the females around Little Whinging for being a very handsome young man. His body only enhances the attraction, not to mention his dark skin, hair and other good looking features.

Ajay Priyashna – A 52-year-old half-blood wizard, who upon his wife’s death (when Raj was 2-years-old), decided to return to the muggle world where he was raised. Though still very much involved with the wizarding world, being a hard-working and very accomplished Auror, he prefers to live muggle-style. Muggle home, home neighborhood and he even made sure that his only son had a muggle education to turn back on, should his life/career in the wizarding world turn sour or simply didn’t work out.

Female Harry

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Harry Potter – He’s a 17-year-old Magical Hermaphrodite, who was raised by the Dursleys as Harrienne Potter (in his female form). He goes into Hogwarts in his male form, trying to hide his MH status, but it eventually is found out and received well. However, at the end of 5th year, to get back at him for putting Lucius in Azkaban, Draco Malfoy curses him with a dark curse – a curse that was designed primarily for permanently locking animagi-shifters in either their animal form or their human form, forever, preventing them from ever shifting back or into their other form. However, it could be used for anything, such as transformation objects and of course, Magical Hermaphrodites. At the time he was cursed, Harry was in his female form, on the train back to the Dursleys. So he is now stuck in his female form for good.

Rajan/Harry History – A 6-year-old Rajan witnessed Vernon Dursley beating a 3-year-old Harry, and called his father. Ajay, in a rage, stormed over to the Dursleys house, hexing the obese man unconscious. Raj, having followed his father, grabbed Harry and brought him over to Number Six, while Ajay stayed and ‘took care’ of the Dursleys, by threatening them with magic. After that incident, Ajay and Rajan took Harry (who, again, went by Harrienne) under their wing, teaching him all about magic and how to cast it – wandlessly and wordlessly.

Harry grew up with Rajan as his best friend, even though they were three years apart. Ajay taught Harry early magic, which made him very advanced when he eventually came to Hogwarts at 11-years of age. They hung out all over the town, keeping to each other and trusting only one another.

When Rajan had first touched Harry (during the rescue), a soul mate bond had awakened between them, which as far as magic is concerned, means that they were at that very moment, legally married. Ajay recognized the golden glow that appeared, and so informed his son and future ‘daughter’-in-law about the bond and marriage.

Rajan is very protective, as well as possessive, of Harry. He follows Harry everywhere the younger wizard goes while around Little Whinging, even into the Dursley home. The Dursleys, under threat of Ajay, reluctantly (very, very reluctantly) ignore Rajan’s presence and most of the time, Harry’s as well. The only time Harry is actually at the Dursleys is to sleep and to do his daily chores – which Raj often helped him with, to the annoyance of the Dursleys. Also, he often used his wandless magic to help them both along.

Although they were technically married, Raj and Harry didn’t actually start dating until the summer before Harry’s 3rd year. They didn’t consummate their bond until March, when Harry snuck into Hogsmeade to meet up with Rajan, who at 15 and with the permission of his father, flooed into the village from Number Six to Three Broomsticks.

Since 3rd year, they would always meet up with each other in Hogsmeade – where Harry would sneak off from his friends to do so. Yes, his and Raj’s relationship/friendship is kept a secret from everyone, including his friends as well as the Order.

Ajay Priyashna joins the Order of the Phoenix, and warms the boys that Harry is being watched by Dumbledore’s people. In order to keep from being caught or seen by the Order members, the two sneak in and out through the Dursleys’ back door, as well as Harry’s window, which faced the back of the house – seeing as the Order was only watching the front of the house.

Harry also worked out with his boyfriend/husband, though only to stay fit, not gain muscles, like Raj was working for. They ran together, and went to the local gym together (Ajay gladly paid for his membership) for indoor workouts – weights, basketball, swimming, machine-workouts, martial arts and even dance. Harry’s favorites were swimming and dancing.


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Harry is NOT a Magical Hermaphrodite, but actually was born a girl. Her name is Harrienne Jamena Goldenweiler. Harrienne or Harry for short, was kidnapped just an hour after she was born, by James and Lily Potter. the real Harry James Potter died of SIDS, and they wanted to replace their son. They performed a dark summoning ritual, which summoned little Harrienne to Godric’s Hollow.

Harrison James Potter – July 31st, at 8:34 p.m.

Harrienne Jamena Goldenweiler – July 31st, at 11:59 p.m.

When Harrienne is 16-months old (just a month after Voldemort attacked and killed the Potters), her real parents – Henryk and Edyta Goldenweiler – finally track her down, and bring her back to the family manor in Germany.

They have no other children. Edyta is Italian-Polish (born and raised in Italy). Henryk is German-Polish (born and raised in Germany). So Harrienne is of German, Italian and Polish descent, and raised in Germany, learning to speak fluently in German, Italian, Polish and English.

When Harrienne is 14 and still in Hogwarts (where everyone thinks that Harrienne is ‘Harry Potter’, and where she charms her voice to sound British, when she really has a German accent), her mother, Edyta, is killed by a group of Death Eaters (who are still loyal to Voldemort, even though he has yet to be resurrected – they are still trying to recruit, unsuccessfully). Henryk and Edyta were in England, doing business and they came across a group of Death Eaters, who upon knowing the Goldenweiler name (a twelve generation pureblood family), the Death Eaters tried to recruit the Polish couple. When they refused, the Death Eaters attacked, killing Edyta. In rage, Henryk killed them.

Upon returning to Germany for the summer holidays, Henryk refuses to let his daughter return to England. Thinking that it was only a matter of time before Voldemort returned and therefore nowhere in Europe would be safe. The two pack up and leave Germany, and head to America.

Female Harry Potter (Harrienne Goldenweiler)

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Henryk Goldenweiler – Harrienne’s father

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They move to Chicago, Illinois.

In Chicago, Harrienne goes into high school, and joins the swimming team.

High School Pool

School pool

Girl’s Swim Gear

Swimsuite Swim gear Swim gear3

Guy’s Swim Gear

Swimsuite1 Swim gear1

Miss Jodie Cavan – The Swim Coach

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Edyta Goldenweiler – Harrienne’s mother

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Some of Harrienne’s school mates:

Derek Pennington                              Chloe Zepeda                               Travis Jordan

Chase Crawford1 Dark haired woman13 Grey Damon - True Blood Actor

Beth McQuin                                   Lana Richardson                    Jacqueline Anderson

 Mary Elizabeth Winstead Amanda Bynes Nina Dobrev

Kendra Ross                                         Caleb Jackson                     Nicholas Collins

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