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Harry is NOT a Magical Hermaphrodite, but actually was born a girl. Her name is Harrienne Jamena Goldenweiler. Harrienne or Harry for short, was kidnapped just an hour after she was born, by James and Lily Potter. the real Harry James Potter died of SIDS, and they wanted to replace their son. They performed a dark summoning ritual, which summoned little Harrienne to Godric’s Hollow.

Harrison James Potter – July 31st, at 8:34 p.m.

Harrienne Jamena Goldenweiler – July 31st, at 11:59 p.m.

When Harrienne is 16-months old (just a month after Voldemort attacked and killed the Potters), her real parents – Henryk and Edyta Goldenweiler – finally track her down, and bring her back to the family manor in Germany.

They have no other children. Edyta is Italian-Polish (born and raised in Italy). Henryk is German-Polish (born and raised in Germany). So Harrienne is of German, Italian and Polish descent, and raised in Germany, learning to speak fluently in German, Italian, Polish and English.

When Harrienne is 14 and still in Hogwarts (where everyone thinks that Harrienne is ‘Harry Potter’, and where she charms her voice to sound British, when she really has a German accent), her mother, Edyta, is killed by a group of Death Eaters (who are still loyal to Voldemort, even though he has yet to be resurrected – they are still trying to recruit, unsuccessfully). Henryk and Edyta were in England, doing business and they came across a group of Death Eaters, who upon knowing the Goldenweiler name (a twelve generation pureblood family), the Death Eaters tried to recruit the Polish couple. When they refused, the Death Eaters attacked, killing Edyta. In rage, Henryk killed them.

Upon returning to Germany for the summer holidays, Henryk refuses to let his daughter return to England. Thinking that it was only a matter of time before Voldemort returned and therefore nowhere in Europe would be safe. The two pack up and leave Germany, and head to America.

Female Harry Potter (Harrienne Goldenweiler)

Selena Gomez47 Selena Gomez22 Selena Gomez21

Henryk Goldenweiler – Harrienne’s father

Til Schweiger1

They move to Chicago, Illinois.

In Chicago, Harrienne goes into high school, and joins the swimming team.

High School Pool

School pool

Girl’s Swim Gear

Swimsuite Swim gear Swim gear3

Guy’s Swim Gear

Swimsuite1 Swim gear1

Miss Jodie Cavan – The Swim Coach

 Maria Bello1 Swim gear4 Swim gear5

Edyta Goldenweiler – Harrienne’s mother

Carla Gugino 

Some of Harrienne’s school mates:

Derek Pennington                              Chloe Zepeda                               Travis Jordan

Chase Crawford1 Dark haired woman13 Grey Damon - True Blood Actor

Beth McQuin                                   Lana Richardson                    Jacqueline Anderson

 Mary Elizabeth Winstead Amanda Bynes Nina Dobrev

Kendra Ross                                         Caleb Jackson                     Nicholas Collins

 Kiki Palmer Steven Strait (Newscom TagID: wennphotos069436)     [Photo via Newscom]


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Challenge Pairing: Elliot/Harry

Challenge Fandoms: Harry Potter, Leverage

Objective: Basically, Elliot and Harry (a Magical Hermaphrodite), have been married or dating ever since Harry is seventeen. Harry can’t be older than 20-years-old, and Elliot, well, I don’t know how old he’s supposed to be in the show, so make him around 25-28-years-old.

Their relationship is secret, so Nate, Sophie, Parker and Hardison don’t know about Harry. That is, until they need help with a job. Elliot tells his team/family that he knows a person that can help. He calls Harry (who’s already pregnant, heavily so 5-8 months along), and asks him if he is willing to help the team with the special job – they need a little ‘extra’ help, and Harry’s magic was the key.

It can be any type of job, but I prefer that it is a muggle job. Why would they need use of Harry’s magic if it’s a muggle job? Be creative! You can think of a reason, I’m sure. Hell, maybe the muggle ‘bad guy’ is working with a magical ‘bad guy’. I don’t know, I’ll let you decide…

I want Harry to have left Hogwarts after 5th year. He went to America, to get away from the press, the memory of Sirius and the friends that betrayed him/blamed him for the disaster of the Ministry of Magic. While in America, he continues his magical education in the form of self teaching, visiting the magical communities across the states to get reading materials and other such learning tools.

He may or not not be a criminal of some kind – thief, con, etc. At 17, he and Elliot meet. Whether it be while on a job, or just by happenstance, you decide. The circumstances under how they meet is your choice.

I don’t want Harry to be a virgin when they meet, though. That doesn’t mean that I want him to be a slut or anything, just not a virgin.

NO Ron/Hermione.

Sex is required when it comes to Elliot/Harry, but it doesn’t have to be graphic if you are that uncomfortable with writing graphic sex scenes.

Mpreg is a must. Baby must be a girl.

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Challenge Pairing: Harry/Any female character,  except Hermione and Ginny. No H/Hr, H/G, or anything slash. It can be a female OC, or another female from cannon. My choices of preference:

— Luna Lovegood

— Daphne Greengrass

— Fleur Delacour

— Padma Patil

— Parvati Patil

— Su Li

Any female that is uncommon, as well, but no older then Harry by more than one year, with the exception of Fleur Delacour. This means no Tonks. I like Harry/Tonks but not for this idea…

If you use an OC female, please make her be foreign from an Eastern European country – Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece, etc. I have a thing for Eastern Europe, and really, Harry hasn’t had many girlfriends that are truly Eastern European – they are usually American, if foreign, so I’d like a change. Russia, Ukraine and Germany are welcome too, but not as much.

NO OC from England, Scotland, Ireland or AMERICA!


Objective: Harry, since the moment he could read, has been interested in the history of people, places and artifacts from all over the world. He studies the ancient and more modern history and lore and legends of the world.

His dream is to one day travel the world, and to explore and discover the truths within the legends and history. He wants to find legendary artifacts and proof and evidence that such legends and myths are true. He dreams of being an Archaeologist.

**** He has an eidetic/photographic memory.

**** He is able to do wandless magic with just a thought – ever since he could remember (his wandless magic started when he was a baby, but his parents and their friends thought that it was simply underage magic that all children were prone to have – levitating bottles and toys, animating said toys, etc.


If an OC, then Harry has to have met them previous to Hogwarts. Since the witch has to be foreign, they CANNOT attend Hogwarts. The way the two maintain communication (without Harry’s friends or Dumbledore knowing about their friendship/relationship) is through a set of two-way journals and two-way mirrors.


For the OC pairing

At 8-years-old, Harry comes upon the Leaky Cauldron while wandering the streets of London – Petunia takes him with her, but she leaves him to his own while she and Dudley are off shopping.

Harry enters the pub and follows the wizards and witches into Diagon Alley. There, he discovers the world of magic, and where he meets the OC and her parents (pureblood foreigners, just visiting Diagon Alley while on vacation or something).

He and the OC hit it off immediately, being only 8-years-old. Recognizing him, the OC’s parents pretty much take him in and introduce him into the actual inner-workings of the wizarding world.

The parents purchase a set of two-way mirrors, so that Harry and their daughter can still communicate even while in different countries. They also buy them each a two-way journal, and Harry a Receiving Bag.

When Harry returns to the Dursleys, he and the OC continue to communicate through the mirrors and journals – teaching each other the other’s language, through both speech/pronunciation and writing lessons.

The Receiving Bag is a bag that allows the OC family to send Harry things, without alerting the Dursleys to anything ‘freakish’ being done under their roof. The OC has a connecting bag – when they place an object in their bag, it “magically” appears in Harry’s. This bag allows them to send Harry magical books and magical lesson packets that they set up for him.

In Hogwarts, Harry goes on as in cannon. He downplays his true intelligence, allowing Hermione to take the Know-It-All alias. He also hides his advanced magical knowledge – because, as he lives with the Dursleys, he shouldn’t know anything about magic and the wizarding world.

He doesn’t tell anyone about his OC counterpart, or that he has an eidetic memory and that he can do wandless magic.


His Teachings/Studies:

He pretty much self-teaches himself about the wizarding world, about it’s ancient history – the people, the places and the artifacts.

He also self-teaches himself:

Ancient Runes



Ward Work


Medicine (magical and muggle, though only in theory)

Crafting (wands, jewelry, gems, daggers, swords, etc.)

Different kinds of Magic (Dark magic, Light magic, Wiccan magic, Shaman, Medicine/Healing Magic, Religion, etc).

Anything he deems worth knowing and learning, he teaches himself or at the very least tries to. All he does in his free time is read, study and prepare himself. He frequently sneaks off into the library and it’s restricted section to heist books of all subjects.

He is also keeping up with his muggle education, with Mathematics, Science, History, Literature, and whatever else he wishes. The Receiving Bag is used – the OC family sends him all of his required texts, packets and everything else. While they are purebloods, they are NOT anti-Muggle. They do go out into the Muggle world often for various reasons – shopping, for business, exploring, etc. They are not foreign to the world of Muggles.

Dobby shows Harry the Room of Requirements in 3rd year, instead of 5th, and so Harry uses that room to train and condition himself for his future career in Archaeology, which he knows can be a very physically challenging job.

He trains himself:

To swim

Use a weapon incase it called for it (a gun, sword, daggers, archery, etc.)

Long distance running

Dueling (with a wand, with his hands and with weapons of choice)

Physical Fitness (Weights, exercising, running, healthy eating, combat, etc.)

Hand-to-Hand Combat (Martial Arts, Karate, etc.)

Because he can’t learn all of these things from a book, he uses the Room of Requirements to provide Dummies (fake, but life-like animated foes), which he can control the level of difficulties of. Beginning-Level Karate, Beginning-Level Swordplay – Beginning, Easy, Medium, Difficult and Advanced, are the five levels, also called Level One to Level Five.


If you don’t do a Harry/OC, but go with a cannon female instead, then I’d still like the relationship between her and Harry to be secret, and still her family provide everything Harry needs as far as knowledge/study material goes. They still meet at Diagon Alley when they are 8-years-old, and her family still unofficially takes him in under their wing, and they become best friends.

They MUST be dating by fifth-year, at the latest. Originally, I had it for 3rd year, but 5th year is okay too.

NO Ron/Hermione, please, unless it’s like WAY later, and WAY after Harry and his girlfriend have gotten together. Nothing graphic, not even a kiss *shudders in disgust* it’s just so gross!


Harry has to become an unofficial Archaeologist by his 7th year. He and his girlfriend travel the world searching for magical and non-magical artifacts, doing some impressive curse-breaking, tomb-raiding and warding along the way.

Also, Harry can have a group of friends (not Ron/Hermione) who DO know about Harry and his girlfriend and what he wants to do, and they too eventually join his training inside Room of Requirements and they become a sort of crew, with Harry the leader of course, being the true brains and brawns of the group. If you think about it, it IS a bit dangerous for Harry to be going out by himself to travel around looking for artifacts…for in every INDANA JONES and LARA CROFT adventure there are a team people out there, loaded with guns, looking to steal and thief off of your findings…


This fic as to be full of ADVENTURE, ROMANCE, ACTION and COMEDY. Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft meets The Librarian meets HARRY POTTER! Not the characters, of course, just the idea/plot and the directions to take this idea of mine. Make it fun, adventurous and full of magical and muggle history.

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Michelle Rodriguez58 

Challenge Pairing: Harry/Ana Lucia


SHORT BEGINNING OF CHAPTER One. Perhaps you could call it a long summary or even a PROLOGUE.



From the moment he saw her, he couldn’t stop watching. Couldn’t stop himself from shadowing her, following her – and not with just his eyes. He blended into the shadows – they all knew he was there, all aware of his presence, but he never spoke to anyone. Just watched them all, listening but never talking. Watching her. Listening to her.

From the shadows, he watched her. As she took charge of the surviving tail section of the plane crash, himself included. He could have left at any time, just Apparated from here and never looked back. But, despite the growing feel of hostility and danger that surrounded this unknown and mysterious island that he and the others unfortunately found themselves on, he couldn’t bring himself to just leave. To just leave her.

There was something about her that drew him in, and it wasn’t the obvious attraction he felt when he watched her silently. Though, he knew that attraction was a small part of it. No, there was something else that pulled him in – something deeper and far stronger than his attraction to her. It was her soul, he realized. Like him, she was broken. Dead, they were both nearly dead, yet still they lived, barely living amongst them – the living. The two of them, they were kindred spirits, both damaged and struggling to live, yet at the same time begging to be set free of the pain. The ever consuming, burning, hot iron pain, that ate at their bleeding, fighting soul.

So maybe they weren’t dead. But it sure as hell felt like it sometimes…The times when, instead of pain, there was that numbness. It was the numbness that felt like death. Like they were already there, dead.

He knew what she was feeling, for he felt the same way. However, unlike her, he didn’t use his pain and numbness in the same manner as she did. Instead of self-asserting himself as group leader, he stayed in the shadows, watching.

She used her anger and her pain, to dictate and lead. He knew that, though her presence was one of strength and coldness, it would only serve to drive the rest of their group away or to turn on her. They were desperate to survive, while she was just barely hanging on. She was forceful and stubborn, too set into her mind to listen to anybody. It was starting to divide them and eventually, something would happen to set them off.

He understood that the rest of the group was cautious and uncertain when it came to her – she was, with her mindset as it was, incredibly unpredictable and dangerous. Yet, he understood her actions and wasn’t nearly as worried as everyone else. He knew that, through the anger and pain, that she was still a good person, still trying to do the right thing and to protect everyone. She wasn’t completely gone – not yet.

He wanted to save her. More than he had wanted to save anyone, he wanted to save her. That was saying something, given his history with the whole ‘saving people thing’. This alone shocked him. They’d only been on this island for a little over a month, and that time couldn’t even compare to the seven years he had spent with Ron and Hermione, his brother and sister. Yet, he felt more compelled to save her than he had them, his two best friends. He had witnessed their own bloody murders, up on that battlefield. Yes, he had desperately wanted to save them, but he couldn’t then. He’d wanted to run to Ron’s aid as he watched the red-head’s throat being torn open and Fenrir’s wolf form hunched over his body, grinning with blood dripping from his jaws. he’d wanted to jump in front of the dark curse, cast by Bellatrix herself. The curse that caught Hermione in the chest, splitting her form nearly clean in half. However, he had been in the middle of his own battle at the time. And, while he had felt his heart bleed for the brutal deaths of his brother and sister, he had not run to save them. His pain had turned to boiling rage and he had turned back to the cackling and gleeful Voldemort and he had slaughtered the bastard.

This time, he could save her. There was nothing in his way now, nothing preventing him from running to the rescue. Yes, it would be a rescue, for she was slowly suffocating and slowly loosing the struggle to truly survive. Whatever she had been through, it was eating at her, just as his past was eating at him.

Maybe, if he saved her, he too could also be saved. He wanted to be saved, to be able to breathe properly again, without the horrible pain and the mind blowing numbness…

He found his chance, a little over a month after the crash. They’d been on the move, to the camp where the other crash survivors were and had crossed back with a few of them. With everyone on high alert and tense, with the Others out there, it really was an accident. A horrendous one, but an accident all the same. The girl, Shannon, was simply there at the wrong time. Ana Lucia had gotten spooked, mistook her as an Other, and being the trigger-happy ex-cop, she shot the girl, and killed her.

He’d winced and though he hung back, watching silently as conflict truly began to take hold of the group, he silently supported Ana Lucia, taking her side. It had been a mistake, anyone could have made it. Unfortunately, it had been Ana Lucia with the gun…

He watched her, as she had the girl’s lover, a Middle Eastern named Sayid Jarrah, tied to a tree. He watched as Michael and the rest tried to reason with the Latina ex-cop to set the guy free, and as she refused.

The man’s face was that of rage and pain. Not nearly as powerful as either his or Ana’s, but still evident and strong. He knew that Ana had reason to keep Sayid tied up. Hell, he would have done the same thing. The man was murderous, not that he could blame him. Not that Ana Lucia could blame him either. It was pretty obvious to him, that Ana too had lost someone and was suffering – a loved one – and she felt guilty for taking Sayid’s lover.

When Ana Lucia let Michael go, he knew that the guy wasn’t going back to their camp. It read in the guy’s eyes. He was going to get help. With Michael gone, the rest of the group left soon after, heading to the other surviving camp. This left Ana Lucia, Sayid and himself in the little clearing. Ana with her gun, Sayid tied to the tree and himself, just sitting out the way, yet close enough to hear every word and to observe.

By this point, everyone was used to his silent, yet powerful and calming presence. From the start, his presence had a calming yet intimidating affect on everyone, even Ana Lucia. He never showed much emotion on his face, not even the fear everyone else was feeling. His face was blank of emotion, though those that looked close enough could see his emotions clear in his eyes, as intense as they were. He didn’t react to the things around him, though. He was usually on his own thoughts or his focus was solely on Ana Lucia.

That didn’t meant hat he wasn’t alert or aware of his surroundings. He was very much aware and alert of the danger he was in on this island.

His presence was felt by both Ana and Sayid, and they would occasionally glance his way. He could tell, that they were both slightly unnerved with his silent staring. Neither said anything. He could tell that Sayid was surprised that Ana Lucia put up with him without her ever present scowl, or without a threat. She was used to his intimidating presence.

Ana Lucia knew that, should he want to take charge of that group, that he could. He was big, powerful, calm and his presence immediately demanded attention and respect. He had no threatening or hostile aura, which was why nobody turned to him in suspicion or approached him. They knew he had their backs should they need it, and Ana Lucia knew that her leadership was safe – he’d have taken it from her already if he had wanted it. They had been on the island for a while.

He listened as Ana spoke to Sayid, about her past as a cop, and about her being shot. He was smart enough to read between the lines. She had lost something or more importantly someone, then. She’d killed the guy in cold blood, and she hadn’t regretted it, but it still didn’t make her feel any better about the loss. The loss…

She let Sayid go, just as the other survivors came. He followed behind Ana quietly, as they made their way to the camp.

He found himself once again shadowing Ana, watching her and listening to her. He never let her out of his sight for long, feeling unusually protective of her. Though, it was clear that she could protect herself to a good degree. He still watched her, knowing that just as much as she was strong, she was also weak, and hurting…He was sick of saving people, true, but he wanted her. Wanted to save her. Maybe saving her would save himself, too. She could be his much needed salvation…

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Challenge Pairing: Harry/OFC…Original female OC – het, not slash this time! Either OC or Daphne Greengrass, but I’d prefer it to be an OC. 

Objective: At age six, Harry wandered into Diagon Alley while out in London on a shopping trip with Petunia and Dudley. There in the Alley, he meets a girl named Cwen Chvatal who is his age. Upon the first touch, they create a soul mate bond, which allows them to telepathically and empathically communicate with each other, and both develop an uncanny ease for wandless magic. 

When Cwen’s parents, Andon and Zeta Chvatal, realize that their daughter and the little boy with them are soul bonded and that he was the Harry Potter, they decided that they would leave their family home in London and move closer to Harry to make it convenient for the two children to stay in contact. They move into a house in Little Whinging just blocks from the Dursleys. Eventually, Andon and Zeta get Petunia and Vernon to sign custody documents that transfers custody of Harry over to the Chvatals – legal both magically and non-magically. 

They are now Harry’s legal guardians, but to keep up appearances Harry must still stay the nights at the Dursleys. Every other time of day, Harry is with the pureblood family and his soul mate. 

From age six onward, Harry knows about magic. He is taught magic in both theory and practical, but the subjects range from school subjects, even Ancient Runes and Arithmancy, to politics, laws and advanced subjects like Dueling, Spell Crafting, Combat, etc. When he gets to Hogwarts, Harry hides his knowledge from everyone but Cwen. 

At Hogwarts, nobody knows about his and Cwen’s relationship – Harry is of course forced to play the Boy-Who-Lived and Golden Boy, while Cwen is forced to pretend to hate him, being the pureblood Slytherin and Ice Queen that she was. Though her family is Light (they were in the first Order of the Phoenix with Lily and James), Cwen still has to play the Slytherin Queen bitch, as it was not known by anyone but Dumbledore and a select few that her parents were really for the Light side of the war and not Voldemort. She built a facade and reputation that she was very proud of, though she did hate to play it. The only time she was herself was when she got the spend time with Harry (in secret, obviously). 

Harry, too, is playing a facade of Gryffindor Golden Boy. He would have gone into Slytherin first year, definitely, had he not begged the sorting hat to place him in Gryffindor. Andon and Zeta had drilled into both him and Cwen that their rolls were necessary, especially Harry’s. Nobody could know that Harry was smarter and more powerful than he was letting on, as it would give the Light the upperhand – the enemy would underestimate Harry easily. So, Harry made sure he didn’t get the best of grades, though he knew the material even better than Hermione did. He pretended to be a little above average in magical power, when really he was FAR beyond the average in power. 

Cwen became friends with Daphne Greengrass and Tracey Davis of Slytherin, and Harry became friends with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger of Gryffindor, though they were each other’s best friend. They didn’t feel half as much loyalty to their friends as they did to each other. They’d choose the other, over any one else on earth. 

They start dating in Third-year. A must!! I had my first real boyfriend at thirteen, so really its not too young to start dating – ESPECIALLY FOR SOUL MATES! Zeta, Cwen’s mother, has been planning their future wedding ever since she and Andon realized that they were soul mates, so again, it’s not too young.There was no contest at Hogwarts, as to who the two best looking people were. For the female alpha, Cwen Chvatal wins hands down. She had the physique of a model – tall and perfect curves and dips, with natural long white-blond hair and blue eyes, and creamy alabastar skin. The only thing that kept her from getting ambushed by males left and right was her reputation as the Ice Queen as well as her persona which screamed ‘OFF LIMITS’. All the girls desired and could only dream to look like her, while the guys desired and dreamed to be with her. Cwen was beyond beautiful. 

As for the male alpha of the school, it was without a doubt Harry Potter. He had the most impressive resume, being the Boy-Who-Lived, Leader of the DA, Quidditch Captain, Defender of Hogwarts (the students started calling him that after the fiasco of the Chamber of Secrets), Savior of the Wizarding World, most powerful, skillfull and not to mention the hottest guy on the planet. With his athletic build, his mesmerizing emerald green eyes and wild, sexy black hair, he was breathtakingly gorgeous. He too, screamed ‘OFF LIMITS’, and that made the females wary of approaching him. Only Cho Chang and Ginny Weasley were daring enough. Draco tried asserting himself on Cwen, but continues to be aggressively shot down. 

Both were totally aware of their popularity, but both completely ignored it and focused on the facades of the Ice Queen and the Golden Boy. Secretly, the two watch each other’s back and reputation as well. Cwen hates Draco and all of Harry’s enemies and bullies, just as Harry hates all of Cwen’s, and uses his Marauder genes to prank them behind the scenes. When someone picks a fight with either mate, the other will get revenge, again, behind the scenes, through sneaky pranks. Harry is a Slytherin at heart, though he is in no way dark. He’s just sneaky, cunning and ambitious. 

Because of their TELEPATHIC CONNECTION, they can communicate whenever and wherever they wish. There is no limit of distance. This allows them to be nearly unstoppable while fighting together, and seem like they are on the same page with everything that they do. Including dancing. 

Growing up, they had many activities that they enjoyed doing together, but dancing was their absolute favorite. As kids they competed in many dancing competitions, and because of their telepathic connection, they were always amazingly nsync with on another. Their fighting – dueling, combat, etc. – was also the same, they danced even while fighting. The loved all kinds of dance – hip hop, ball room, jazz, etc. It didn’t really matter, whatever they wanted to learn they tried, even Hindi at one point (just for fun, lol). 

Again, their relationship is SECRET to everyone but Cwen’s parents. 

The story is to really start in Seventh Year, though if you’d like you can do a chapter or two on the other years or even their childhood, but no more than that. The main story is when they are seventeen. 

NO Ron/Hermione, or at least no graphic R/Hr. I hate this pairing, so if you put them into this fic, please don’t write even a kiss between them. Oh, and they can’t start dating until Harry and Cwen’s relationship comes out in the open (start of seventh year or at the very end of summer). 




CWEN – Celtic, meaning “queen”. Harry calls her ‘his queen’, and it’s one of the reasons for her nickname Ice Queen. I think I have this name on my Name List Page. Please don’t change either her first or last name – Cwen Chvátal (there is supposed to be an accented ‘a’ in her last name – it’s Czech). Her birthday: August 29th, just a few days before the cut-off time for attending Hogwarts. Meaning, if she were born just three days later, she would have gone into Ginny and Luna’s year, instead of Harry’s, making her the youngest of Harry’s year, just like Hermione is the one of the eldest, being that her birthday was September 19th

She is not supposed to be a mary-sue OC. Please don’t make her as one! 




My Cwen (Alek Alexeyeva – model)