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On James Potter’s 17th birthday, he came into his Elfin inheritance, and recognized Lily as his mate. They don’t hide their relationship, but he does hide his magical creature inheritance.

Just after graduation, James goes off to Greece with Sirius and Remus, leaving Lily behind for three months – the two were six months into their relationship at the time. While in Greece, James meets Ammon Latsis, a native Greek, who just so happened to be full-blooded Elfin and a dominant at that. They, too, are soul mates. They become lovers, unknown to either Sirius and Remus (who are unaware of James’ inheritance). When James returns to England and to Lily, he confesses that he has found another mate in Ammon, and reluctantly, Lily agrees to share James with Ammon.

NOTE://Lily was still only a human – a muggleborn witch, but still human.

Ammon stayed in Crete, but visited twice a month, to spend time with James.

Three years later, 20-year-old James finds out that he is pregnant. He hides his pregnancy from everyone but his two mates – Lily, instead, agrees to stage her own pregnancy. Due to James and Lily also having sex, and magic bonding them as soul mates as well, some of Lily’s DNA also was used (magic) to also create the unborn child. All three – James, Ammon and Lily – were all parents, by blood and magic, to the baby.

Only six months later, James gives premature labor to Ammon and his’ son, whom they agree to name Astaryn Harrison James Potter-Latsis – they placed that name on the private certificate, while on the public birth certificate, they named the baby as Harrison James Potter. Poppy Pomfrey was the only one in the room when James gave birth, and her mind was modified afterward to keep their secrets just that – secret.

Ammon, James and Lily had to place glamours upon little Astaryn (Harry) to hide her Elfin features – since Ammon was a full-blooded elf, and James only 1/4 elf (the reason for his inheritance), Astaryn was considered a full-blooded elf, and therefore he was born with his elfin features and magic – there would be no magical inheritance for him at 17, before he was already fully an elf. His wizarding magic came from Lily and James’ both.

Only three months after Astaryn’s birth, Voldemort attacked and killed James and Lily, and Dumbledore placed Astaryn with the Dursleys. From the very moment he was placed in their care, he was abused, mistreated, neglected and starved. Petunia and Vernon would forget to change his nappies, so he suffered many very painful diaper rashes. His clothes weren’t switched for clean ones often, so they were more often than not covered in baby spit-up and vomit or just crusted-over milk, and they were stinky and sour. The two Dursleys focused all of their attention of their slightly older (by mere months) infant son, Dudley, who got all of the nappies, all of the clothes and most of the food. Astaryn’s cries were ignored – if he got too loud, Vernon or Petunia would lock him up in the rather sound-proof cupboard under the stairwell, which muffled his wailing for attention – for nurture, love and care.

Because Astaryn was a premature baby, he had only gotten some of his required dietary needs filled and therefore his growth and development was slow-going and he was often very sick, his immune system weak from lack of vitamins and nutrients. He was so much smaller from his cousin, Dudley, who at only six months old (three months older than Astaryn), as still a relatively normal-sized baby. At three-months-old, Astaryn was only the size of a newborn babe, due to him being premature. In the three months that he had his papas and his mama, Astaryn was given potions to help his under-developed body grow healthy – the wizarding world didn’t have incubators, like the muggles did for their preemies. They had potions, which helped. Astaryn was born weighing only 1 lb., 5oz., and he was only 10 inches long. In three months, he grew slightly, to 5 lbs., 7oz., and was 15 inches long.

As Astaryn grew older, the abuse got worse. By the age he was three, he was already suffering physical abuse – Vernon would smack him around, and kick him. It didn’t get bloody, but it was still pretty bad, considering just how young and how tiny he was. At this age, Astaryn began showing clear signs of magic, and the Dursleys were trying to beat it out of him.

At the age of six, Astaryn (Harry) discovered wandless magic, and quickly became very adapt to it. The abuse also, started to get bloody – whippings, broken bones, bruising and cutting. Astaryn’s magic always healed him, so there were never any evidence of physical abuse.

At the age of seven, Ammon finally was able to get through the wards Dumbledore had placed around Privet Drive. He had been trying to get through the wards for seven long, painful, lonely years, before he finally was able to get through, thanks to his elfin magic.

Ammon Latsis

Theo Theodoridis - Greek Male ModelTheo Theodoridis - Greek Male Model2Theo Theodoridis - Greek Male Model3

James and Lily Potter

Eugen Bauder - Male ModelGreen Eyes44

Ammon is unable to take Astaryn from the Dursleys, due to the wards, however, he does make sure to visit regularly, and spend time with his son one-on-one, away from the Dursleys. Ammon tells Astaryn all about his past, about Voldemort, magic, him being an Elf, about his parentage and anything else the kid needed to know before he turned 11. Ammon also removed Astaryn’s glamours whenever it was just the two of them, so that the boy could get used to being himself and to seeing himself. Astaryn’s true form was beyond beautiful – he had long, jet-black hair, which he had inherited from both of his papas, and he had bright emerald green eyes, which he had inherited from Lily. He inherited Lily’s feminine stature and physique – he was very effeminate, even at just 7-years-old. Due to his mistreatment and premature status, he was incredibly short and slender, very petite. His eyes were slightly pointed, and his lips were full. His skin was blemish-free and very a beautiful natural tan – this he had inherited from Ammon, who, due to being Greek, was quite naturally tanned himself.

At the age of 11, Astaryn entered Hogwarts, knowing all about magic. He put up a façade of ignorance, though, and it fooled everyone – Dumbledore and his friends alike. His glamours that hid his elfin features seemed to please Dumbledore and the other professors, seeing as how much alike he looked to his father James. In his real form, he had bits and pieces of all three of his parents, and when they came together on him, it created a face that was uniquely his own. He wasn’t a carbon copy of any of his parents – though sometimes he would act, say something or have a certain facial expression that would remind Ammon of either himself, James or Lily.

During the summer before his 3rd year at Hogwarts, Astaryn leaves the Dursleys house early, having had enough of Vernon’s sister Marge, and moves into the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley for the rest of the summer. While spending most of his time in Diagon Alley that summer, he met an older boy by the name of Dominik Wyrick – he was from Warsaw. Dominik at the time, was 18 and had just graduated from Durmstrang – not only that but he was looking to join the British Ministry of Magic, as an Auror, so he had moved from Warsaw to London. Upon meeting, the two immediately recognized each other as their soul mate – apparently, Dominik was a Born Werewolf. Because he was Born, and not Turned, Dominik was able to shift between wolf and human whenever he wanted, and the shifting was never painful for him.

Dom was a dominant, as well as an Alpha. The older boy was very tall, about 6 foot 4, and he had large, thick muscle – bulging biceps and sculpted abs, and the perfect v on his hips. He had clear, blue eyes that were very intense and piercing, and they never failed to make Astaryn shiver in excitement.

The two began dating that summer, no matter the five year age gap between them. They didn’t become intimate (meaning, consummate their soul bond) until Astaryn was 15, and just before he was picked up by the Order and brought to Grimmauld Place for the first time. Nobody, of course, knew about Dominik, who had by then become an Auror for the ministry, though found the work dull and boring. He stayed an Auror, simply to stay in Britain, so that he could be by his submissive mate.

At the end of 6th year (in which he defeated Voldemort) Astaryn has had enough of the wizarding world and their backwards living and not to mention their warship of him one minute, then the backstabbing, then the worship again. Refusing to attend his last year at Hogwarts, Astaryn packs up his meager belongings and with his husband (upon their consummation, they were considered married by magical law) in toe, the two of them left England, and went to America, where they settled down in a beautiful Pacific coastal town, Astoria, Oregon.

Dominik and Astaryn Wyrick

Green Eyes42Green Eyes46

Dominik and Astaryn’s home in Astoria, Oregon (it’s the same house, one during the day, the other at night)




Harrienne/OMC–Incomplete Outline   Leave a comment

Background Info: Lily cheated on James just months after they were married, with a pureblood wizard by the name of Hector Proussalidi – a wealthy pureblood who permanently resided in Greece, but had come to England to do business in the Department of Mysteries (Lily’s department). It was a simple, stupid mistake on her part. The two had gone out for dinner to do business – strictly professional – but Lily had consumed a lot of alcohol (she was a very light weight when it came to the alcohol) and he hadn’t known she had been married. They ended up going to Hector’s hotel room.

A couple months later, she found out that she was pregnant, and full of guilt and shame, Lily confessed to the affair, and that she might be pregnant not with James’ child but her ‘lover’ instead.

Several generations back into the Potter ancestry, about 1360, Atticus Potter – James’ many, many times over great-grandfather cursed the Potter line from never being able to produce females – he wanted all male heirs in his line. If Lily’s child turned out to be a girl, it would be useless to deny the affair as it would be blaringly obvious as it was common knowledge amongst the oldest families that the Potters were cursed and unable to produce daughters.

When, nine months after the affair, Lily gives birth to a beautiful dark haired, bright emerald green eyed (actually born with her eyes already green) little girl, it was mutually agreed upon to keep their affair a secret for as long as possible (infidelity was looked highly down upon in the wizarding world) and so Lily used her Charms skills to place strong glamours on her daughter, whom she secretly named Harrienne Jacklyn Potter (Proussalidi). The birth certificate with her real gender and birth name was filed away and hidden within the Boswyndel family vault. The glamours made it so that to everyone, she looked male, and Lily and James agreed on the name Harrison James Potter as a cover name – a family name.

Boswyndel: Lily was not a muggleborn, but actually an orphaned pureblood. When she was just a babe, her pureblood parents – Avel and Josslyn Boswyndel – had been killed by rogue werewolves while walking the property of their own manor in up in the Snowdon mountains of Wales. Lily had been asleep in her crib, inside the manor, being watched by a nanny elf and therefore had been safe and sound. She was then placed in a muggle orphanage by mistake. There, she was adopted by Lance and Francesca Evans.

Ever since Harrienne could remember she was able to do wandless magic effortlessly. It came very easy for her, like breathing. Most of the time, she hardly ever noticed she was performing bouts of magic until she was caught by one of the Dursleys (and thereby punished severely) or until afterwards when she stopped to realize what she had just done. After she realized she was able to do most things at will – levitate objects (herself included), lock and unlock doors and make things appear and vanish – she started working with her magic to expand her talents. by the time she got into Hogwarts she was able to do most things, except nothing offensive or defensive, unfortunately, meaning, she still couldn’t protect herself from her relatives’ harsh punishments.

When she was five, the glamours that her mother had placed on her fell. She had panicked, afraid of the beating Vernon would dish out for her “freakishness” and wished and willed for herself to once again look the same as she had before – a little boy and a carbon copy of James Potter – and once again glamours were back up. Only, instead of Lily’s glamours, they were created by Harrienne’s own magic. From then on, she knew that she was truly supposed to be a girl, not the boy she was sadly stuck pretending to be.

At Hogwarts, she had to also pretend to be Harry Potter, the BWL.

It was her stay in Diagon Alley the summer before her 3rd year, that she was allowed access to her mother’s vaults. There, she found her real birth certificate, as well as a letter written by Lily Potter herself, to Harrienne, telling and explaining everything to her. Why she had to wear a glamour and pretend to be a boy, the affair between her and Hector Proussalidi, and even the prophecy between Harrienne and Voldemort, made by Sybil Trelawney and heard by Albus Dumbledore.

It was only a day or two after finding out all she had been wanting to know about herself for years, that she met Emrick within the bookstore, Flourish and Blotts.


Harrienne Proussalidi – 17-years-old

Selena Gomez103 Selena Gomez106 Selena Gomez104

Emrick Cast – 22-years-old

Kellan Lutz25 Kellan Lutz33 Kellan Lutz23

At the age of 13, and while staying in Diagon Alley for the summer, Harrienne with her glamours off so that nobody recognizes her as Harry Potter (scar was hidden by another, stronger glamour), meets a then 18-year-old Emrick Cast, a good-looking pureblood wizard, who though was born and raised in England, attended Durmstrang Institution in Russia. During his seven years of schooling, Emrick became quite fluent in Russian, and picked up several other Eastern European languages such as Bulgarian, German and Romanian, though he wasn’t nearly as fluent in them.

Although pureblooded, Emrick was not tightly wound up. He loves to have fun and joke around, and just be carefree and happy. However, he wasn’t all goofs and giggles. He knew how to fight, was an amazing duelist, and he was a very powerful wizard. He knew when to be serious and when to be funny.

One of the only faults that Emrick had was that he knew just how bloody good looking he was, and he had a bit of a cocky ego, though for the most part it was a little endearing. He wasn’t a jackass about it, he just liked to flaunt his muscles and athletically fit bod. He liked the attention it brought him. He never outright came comes out and says “Look at me, I’m a sexy beast”, but it’s the whole cocky grin he gives that just reads “Yeah, I got it going on.”

As soon as Emrick and Harrienne set eyes on each other, they both feel this very strong pull toward one another. Unable to control their bodies, the two come together in a very undignified tangle of limbs as the pull literally ‘pulls’ them together. They fly into each and crash to the ground. Immediately on skin-to-skin contact (Emrick had touched Harrienne’s bare arm upon their fall), the most intense electric shock either have ever felt before shoots through them. It jolts them from head to toe, causing Harrienne to yelp in surprise and Emrick to wince unpleasantly, and it leaves them slightly breathless and dazed for all of thirty seconds.

Nobody is around in the shop at the time, not even the store keeper, who happened to have just stepped into the back of the shop a second before the display. Plus, it was very early in the morning, and not many people were up and about in the Alley.

Being muggle-raised, Harrienne has absolutely no idea the significance of what had just happened, though she was very confused. Emrick, however, knew exactly what had just transpired between them and was at a loss for words, too stunned to actually believe what just happened actually happened. He had just become soul bonded – to his soul mate. Soul mates were extremely rare, so rare that the last soul mate bonding recorded had occurred more than 300 years ago.

Added Note: Emrick was in Flourish and Blotts in order to pick up a complete Auror study guide, for the newly graduated Durmstrang student was interested in becoming an Auror for the Ministry of Magic.

The two pick themselves up off the bookstore floor. Actually, Emrick picks himself up, and then helps Harrienne off the floor. Harrienne was red-faced and embarrassed over the little tumble to two had just taken, figuring it was just her fault and that somehow her wandless magic had caused it (when he had entered the store, she had caught sight of him from the corner of her eye and thought him instantly very handsome and thought maybe her magic had interpreted her subconscious thoughts as a command). Emrick, amused over her unwarranted embarrassment, takes pity and instead of trying to talk his way out of the unbreakable soul mate bond, he told her the truth.

He told her what had just happened and the significance of it. Basically, they were as good as married in the eyes of wizarding world. Just one skin-on-skin contact bound them for eternity. When she started freaking out (as he was, secretly), Emrick told her that since they were soul mates, it would have happened eventually, as they were meant for one another. Destined to be mated and bonded. It was only a matter when when. Eventually, if not that day, they would have met sometime in the future.

Due to his knowledge on soul mates, Emrick doesn’t bother fighting it too much, simply because he knew that there wasn’t anything he could do about it. For all intents and purposes, he was a newly married man. He suggests that the two of them head over to Gringotts Bank when finished at the bookstore. When Harrienne asks why, he answers that, due to their now married status, they would undoubtedly have to work things between them. Finances and properties and all that good stuff, even political standing and Harrienne’s minor status.

Though Emrick was a complete stranger, Harrienne felt no malicious intent coming from him, only complete honesty and so trusted him. She followed him out of the bookstore a few minutes later and the two headed to the wizarding bank. There, Emrick learns that his new young wife was the actual savior of the wizarding world, the supposed “Harry Potter”. He learns that her real name is Harrienne Jacklyn Proussalidi, heiress to the Proussalidi, Boswyndel and Potter (by adoption) houses and a few other things nobody else knows about ‘Harry Potter’.


Emrick’s Family

Father: Stevan Cast

Mother: Genevieve D’Aubigne-Cast

Sister: Elyssa Cast (17-years-old – Harrienne’s age)


As the years went on, Harrienne continued to hide who she really was behind her wandless glamours, taking them off only for her husband, Emrick and his family. She and Emrick became nearly inseparable, once they had spent the whole summer together, up until the Weasleys showed up, getting to know one another. Though they were five years apart, they still worked around the age gap. Thankfully, age differences don’t mean that much to the wizarding world, as they usually tended to live extraordinarily long lives than most humans.

That same summer that the two met, Harrienne was introduced to Emrick’s family as his soul mate and wife. She became immediate best friends with his younger sister Elyssa, who was Harrienne’s age. His parents, Stevan and Genevieve Cast were just as welcoming and they absolutely adored their new ‘daughter’.

During the school years, the two met up whenever they could in Hogsmeade – Harrienne always canceled her glamours with out in public with Emrick, so that she was not recognized as Harry Potter. Once they met up in Hogsmeade, Emrick would apparate them somewhere more private, usually Emrick’s temporary London apartment or to the Cast family manor in Denbighshire, or to the cinema and to dinner. They had consummated their bonding on Harrienne’s 15th birthday, feeling that any younger was too young.

When they weren’t seeing each other during Hogsmeade weekends, they corresponded by way of a two-way journal and mirror. The mirror they used when Harrienne was completely alone and able to use it without someone overhearing. The journal, Harrienne pretended that she was either always taking notes in class and studying them with not in class or disguised the journal as assignment parchment that she was using to write her homework on.


Harry Potter/OMC (male) Story Idea   3 comments

Pairing: Original-Male-Character/Harry

Objective: Hagrid takes Harry to Kings Cross station, then leaves him there to find his own way onto the Hogwarts Express. Eleven-year-old Harry then runs into the Weasley family (though he doesn’t know their name, only that they are a bunch of redheads). He starts to go up to Molly Weasley, when he is intercepted by a wizard named Dominick Romandericci – who was a 20-year-old Italian-born, American-raised, half-Incubus wizard.

Vin Diesel3 Vin Diesel2

Dominick or rather, Dom for short (just to remind myself that I’m using Vin Diesel as his image and that was what his name was in F&F), has been looking, since his 17th birthday, for his soul mate. On Harry’s 11th birthday, Dom gets the instinctual urge to follow the trail to England and so he does, eventually tracking Harry down in Diagon Alley, where he was with Hagrid, shopping for his school supplies. Instead of approaching Harry then, he simply follows him around in the shadows, through Diagon Alley and then back to the Dursleys at Number Four, Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey. Using his Incubus powers, Dom moves through the shadows of the house, to keep an eye on Harry.

Dom stops Harry from asking Molly Weasley for help, instead he talks Harry into coming back to America with him, where Dom will teach him magic one-on-one. He convinces Harry, by pointing out that with as many children as Molly seemed to have, she should have known where Platform 9 3/4 was. Also, he brings up that it was Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, who had left Harry on the Dursley’s doorstep. As soon as Harry agrees, Dom brings Harry to Heathrow Airport. They take the airplane from Heathrow in London, to Burlington International Airport in Vermont.

Harry immediately falls in love with the scenery and beauty of Vermont and New England in general.

Dom, having inherited the Romandericci-D’Aubigne Estates, owns a remote, and magically warded 120-acres of Vermont land, located in a beautiful small valley, just an hour drive from Fairfax. Nobody knows the place exists but the Romandericci family – not even other wizards know it exists. It has been owned by his family for two centuries by his mother’s family – the French side, D’Aubigne, who had moved to the USA in the 1600s.

The two soul mates share a beautiful two-story, three-bedroom home. Though they live together, and sleep in the same bed, they do not become sexually active until Harry is 13, which would make Dom 22-years-old. Upon their consummation of their soul mate bond, they are legally married in the wizarding/magical world. As soon as Harry is 16, they get legally married in the muggle world as well. At 13 (after the consummation of the bond) Harry gets in contact with Gringotts – be it USA or England branch, I don’t care – and is signed as an Emancipated Minor, as well as head of the Potter estates, which are even greater than Dom’s. Dom is worth close to $70 Million, while Harry is worth $40 Billion. Together, they were limitless when it comes to finances. One, if not the, richest couple in the world.

Harry, while being taught magic home school, by Dom himself, he is also in muggle Jr. High School, which he hates because he’s treated badly by his peers. The girls hate him because he’s more beautiful then any one of them put together, and the boys hate him because he won’t give them the time of day. At 14-years-old, he goes into high school. By the time the story picks up, he’s 17-years-old and a Senior. Dom is 26-years-old.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Harry is a Magical Hermaphrodite and has been since he was an infant. His parents hid his MH under glamours, but they wore off just hours of being placed in the care of the Dursleys. Petunia refused to have Harry around in his male form, so he was always in his female form. He became Harrienna Potter, the niece of Vernon and Petunia Dursley. After so many years of being in his female form, he no longer had the ability to change into his male form. Therefore he was now, permanently a girl.


Harrienne “Harry” Potter-Romandericci at 17-years-old.

Female Harry Montage Female Harry1

Though Harry was a loner at school, he was unaffected. With their bond, Harry and Dom have the ability to communicate telepathically through any distance, and so they were always having conversations while apart from one another – while Harry was at school and Dom was at work (he was an Unspeakable for the American Ministry of Magic) – so Harry was never lonely during the day.

At school, the ‘popular girls’ picked on Harry – the girls who thought very highly of themselves, and the guys would hit on him (or rather, her), and harass him – harass as in, call him cruel, dirty names tauntingly, and touch him inappropriately. Dom is always infuriated when Harry tells him about the bullying, but they agree that they wouldn’t do anything unless it gets very serious. Which it doesn’t.

For the Senior Class field trip, Harry signs up to go to Canada’s Niagara Falls on buss. Unfortunately, nearly everyone he (she) couldn’t stand have also signed up for Niagara Falls, instead of going on a small cruise just off Rhode Island.

However, just an hour into the drive (they are in Fairfax, originally), the bus breaks down on an old country road, leaving the students and chaperones stranded.

 Tennessee Country Dirt Road

The road that the bus breaks down at, nobody can get a signal on their cell phones to call for help. Also, there aren’t any homes around – just trees, grass and old wood fence posts. However, Harry and Dom’s home is only a mile or so away from where the bus stops, and so he (she) uses their telepathy to tell Dom. Since it was a Sunday, and the garages weren’t open, Dom agrees to go and fetch some supplies (tents, food, blankets, etc.) from a friend of theirs, who owns a sporting good store.

Harry claims that he (she) was able to get through once on his (her) cell phone to get ahold of Dom, to ward off suspicion from the other students. He says that Dom can’t call in a tow or a garage to get the bus, but he was bringing some camping supplies.

Two hours after the ‘call’, Dom shows up, bringing eight, 6-person tents with him, along with blankets/sleeping bags, pillows and some food and Harry and Dom’s own personal barbeque. Everyone is shocked when they see Dom – a guy who is 6 foot 1 and nothing but muscles. He definitely was an impressive sight to behold. Not only was he tall and muscled, he was also extremely good-looking with a voice that was deep and rumbly (hearing it nearly causes orgasms).

Vin Diesel1 Vin Diesel

Truthfully, Harry was also extremely beautiful. Long, dark jet black hair, deep emerald green eyes, light skin-tone, flawless complexion. He stood at about 5 foot 3, with curvy hips and a slender waist, and though he was quite short, his legs gave off the illusion of being very long.

Dark haired woman9 Dark haired woman1 Dark haired woman7

Dark haired woman10 Selena Gomez5 Selena Gomez1