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On James Potter’s 17th birthday, he came into his Elfin inheritance, and recognized Lily as his mate. They don’t hide their relationship, but he does hide his magical creature inheritance.

Just after graduation, James goes off to Greece with Sirius and Remus, leaving Lily behind for three months – the two were six months into their relationship at the time. While in Greece, James meets Ammon Latsis, a native Greek, who just so happened to be full-blooded Elfin and a dominant at that. They, too, are soul mates. They become lovers, unknown to either Sirius and Remus (who are unaware of James’ inheritance). When James returns to England and to Lily, he confesses that he has found another mate in Ammon, and reluctantly, Lily agrees to share James with Ammon.

NOTE://Lily was still only a human – a muggleborn witch, but still human.

Ammon stayed in Crete, but visited twice a month, to spend time with James.

Three years later, 20-year-old James finds out that he is pregnant. He hides his pregnancy from everyone but his two mates – Lily, instead, agrees to stage her own pregnancy. Due to James and Lily also having sex, and magic bonding them as soul mates as well, some of Lily’s DNA also was used (magic) to also create the unborn child. All three – James, Ammon and Lily – were all parents, by blood and magic, to the baby.

Only six months later, James gives premature labor to Ammon and his’ son, whom they agree to name Astaryn Harrison James Potter-Latsis – they placed that name on the private certificate, while on the public birth certificate, they named the baby as Harrison James Potter. Poppy Pomfrey was the only one in the room when James gave birth, and her mind was modified afterward to keep their secrets just that – secret.

Ammon, James and Lily had to place glamours upon little Astaryn (Harry) to hide her Elfin features – since Ammon was a full-blooded elf, and James only 1/4 elf (the reason for his inheritance), Astaryn was considered a full-blooded elf, and therefore he was born with his elfin features and magic – there would be no magical inheritance for him at 17, before he was already fully an elf. His wizarding magic came from Lily and James’ both.

Only three months after Astaryn’s birth, Voldemort attacked and killed James and Lily, and Dumbledore placed Astaryn with the Dursleys. From the very moment he was placed in their care, he was abused, mistreated, neglected and starved. Petunia and Vernon would forget to change his nappies, so he suffered many very painful diaper rashes. His clothes weren’t switched for clean ones often, so they were more often than not covered in baby spit-up and vomit or just crusted-over milk, and they were stinky and sour. The two Dursleys focused all of their attention of their slightly older (by mere months) infant son, Dudley, who got all of the nappies, all of the clothes and most of the food. Astaryn’s cries were ignored – if he got too loud, Vernon or Petunia would lock him up in the rather sound-proof cupboard under the stairwell, which muffled his wailing for attention – for nurture, love and care.

Because Astaryn was a premature baby, he had only gotten some of his required dietary needs filled and therefore his growth and development was slow-going and he was often very sick, his immune system weak from lack of vitamins and nutrients. He was so much smaller from his cousin, Dudley, who at only six months old (three months older than Astaryn), as still a relatively normal-sized baby. At three-months-old, Astaryn was only the size of a newborn babe, due to him being premature. In the three months that he had his papas and his mama, Astaryn was given potions to help his under-developed body grow healthy – the wizarding world didn’t have incubators, like the muggles did for their preemies. They had potions, which helped. Astaryn was born weighing only 1 lb., 5oz., and he was only 10 inches long. In three months, he grew slightly, to 5 lbs., 7oz., and was 15 inches long.

As Astaryn grew older, the abuse got worse. By the age he was three, he was already suffering physical abuse – Vernon would smack him around, and kick him. It didn’t get bloody, but it was still pretty bad, considering just how young and how tiny he was. At this age, Astaryn began showing clear signs of magic, and the Dursleys were trying to beat it out of him.

At the age of six, Astaryn (Harry) discovered wandless magic, and quickly became very adapt to it. The abuse also, started to get bloody – whippings, broken bones, bruising and cutting. Astaryn’s magic always healed him, so there were never any evidence of physical abuse.

At the age of seven, Ammon finally was able to get through the wards Dumbledore had placed around Privet Drive. He had been trying to get through the wards for seven long, painful, lonely years, before he finally was able to get through, thanks to his elfin magic.

Ammon Latsis

Theo Theodoridis - Greek Male ModelTheo Theodoridis - Greek Male Model2Theo Theodoridis - Greek Male Model3

James and Lily Potter

Eugen Bauder - Male ModelGreen Eyes44

Ammon is unable to take Astaryn from the Dursleys, due to the wards, however, he does make sure to visit regularly, and spend time with his son one-on-one, away from the Dursleys. Ammon tells Astaryn all about his past, about Voldemort, magic, him being an Elf, about his parentage and anything else the kid needed to know before he turned 11. Ammon also removed Astaryn’s glamours whenever it was just the two of them, so that the boy could get used to being himself and to seeing himself. Astaryn’s true form was beyond beautiful – he had long, jet-black hair, which he had inherited from both of his papas, and he had bright emerald green eyes, which he had inherited from Lily. He inherited Lily’s feminine stature and physique – he was very effeminate, even at just 7-years-old. Due to his mistreatment and premature status, he was incredibly short and slender, very petite. His eyes were slightly pointed, and his lips were full. His skin was blemish-free and very a beautiful natural tan – this he had inherited from Ammon, who, due to being Greek, was quite naturally tanned himself.

At the age of 11, Astaryn entered Hogwarts, knowing all about magic. He put up a façade of ignorance, though, and it fooled everyone – Dumbledore and his friends alike. His glamours that hid his elfin features seemed to please Dumbledore and the other professors, seeing as how much alike he looked to his father James. In his real form, he had bits and pieces of all three of his parents, and when they came together on him, it created a face that was uniquely his own. He wasn’t a carbon copy of any of his parents – though sometimes he would act, say something or have a certain facial expression that would remind Ammon of either himself, James or Lily.

During the summer before his 3rd year at Hogwarts, Astaryn leaves the Dursleys house early, having had enough of Vernon’s sister Marge, and moves into the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley for the rest of the summer. While spending most of his time in Diagon Alley that summer, he met an older boy by the name of Dominik Wyrick – he was from Warsaw. Dominik at the time, was 18 and had just graduated from Durmstrang – not only that but he was looking to join the British Ministry of Magic, as an Auror, so he had moved from Warsaw to London. Upon meeting, the two immediately recognized each other as their soul mate – apparently, Dominik was a Born Werewolf. Because he was Born, and not Turned, Dominik was able to shift between wolf and human whenever he wanted, and the shifting was never painful for him.

Dom was a dominant, as well as an Alpha. The older boy was very tall, about 6 foot 4, and he had large, thick muscle – bulging biceps and sculpted abs, and the perfect v on his hips. He had clear, blue eyes that were very intense and piercing, and they never failed to make Astaryn shiver in excitement.

The two began dating that summer, no matter the five year age gap between them. They didn’t become intimate (meaning, consummate their soul bond) until Astaryn was 15, and just before he was picked up by the Order and brought to Grimmauld Place for the first time. Nobody, of course, knew about Dominik, who had by then become an Auror for the ministry, though found the work dull and boring. He stayed an Auror, simply to stay in Britain, so that he could be by his submissive mate.

At the end of 6th year (in which he defeated Voldemort) Astaryn has had enough of the wizarding world and their backwards living and not to mention their warship of him one minute, then the backstabbing, then the worship again. Refusing to attend his last year at Hogwarts, Astaryn packs up his meager belongings and with his husband (upon their consummation, they were considered married by magical law) in toe, the two of them left England, and went to America, where they settled down in a beautiful Pacific coastal town, Astoria, Oregon.

Dominik and Astaryn Wyrick

Green Eyes42Green Eyes46

Dominik and Astaryn’s home in Astoria, Oregon (it’s the same house, one during the day, the other at night)




Harry, not Harry Potter with a large family   4 comments

The real Harry Potter dies just hours after his birth (7:34p.m. on July 31st), and so in their grief, James and Lily perform a dark magic summoning ritual that would bring to them a newborn baby boy who shared the same birthday as their deceased son, as well as had black hair, green eyes and immense magical strength. The ritual worked, and within moments, a beautiful newborn baby boy appeared before them, having been born at 11:59p.m. of July 31st. He had jet-black hair and had been born with magnificent emerald green eyes – a different shade to Lily’s bottle green ones, but close enough. However, he had no resemblance to James Potter, unlike their son Harry had. Using glamours, Lily magically transformed the new baby into the exact carbon copy of Harry James Potter.

The baby’s real name was Lysander Simon Vaduva, the only son in a rather large and ever expanding Romanian pureblood family. His birth parents are Gavril and Dorina Vaduva. When he was born, he had three older sisters, Ecaterina (6-years-old then), Ileana (5-years-old then) and Crina (2-years-older then). As he turned 2-years-old, came Iuliana, then the twins Miruna and Mihaela a year after her and then the last but not the least, the baby of the family, Stela, who was born when Harry – or rather, Lysander, was 10-years-old.

Gavril Vaduva – Father, Loup-Garou (Wolf shifter)

Til Schweiger1

Dorina Vaduva – Mother, Dames Vertes (Elf)

Rachel Weisz

Vaduva Siblings in order of birth/age:

  • 1. Ecaterina Ioana Vaduva – 23-years-old.

Ashley Greene8

  • 2. Ileana Elisabeta Vaduva – 22-years-old.

  • 3. Crina Larissa Vaduva – 19-years-old.

Ashley Tisdale1

  • 4. Lysander Simon Vaduva – 17-years-old.

Green Eyes41

  • 5. Iuliana Nadia Vaduva – 15-years-old.

Juliana Forge - Australian Model2

  • 6. Miruna Jadelle Vaduva – 14-years-old.

Selena Gomez52

  • 7. Mihaela Jordana Vaduva – 14-years-old.

Selena Gomez36

  • 8. Stela Paige Vaduva – 7-years-old.

Child model

Just three months after Lysander’s kidnapping, the Potters are killed by Voldemort and Lysander is marked as his equal, before being shipped off to the Dursleys. However, just a few hours after being placed on the Dursleys’ doorstep, the glamours in which Lily had placed upon Lysander fell away and his real parents – Gavril and Dorina Vaduva – are able to track him down. They had been searching non-stop for the past three months for their son, by way of magical means and by the family’s special creature magic. Gavril was a Loup Garou with a great nose to sniff out most people, and Dorina was an elf, a Dames Vertes, and she had access to a ton of elfin magic in which she used to try and track Lys down. As soon as the two found their son, they grabbed him up and brought him back to Romania, where the Vaduva Mansion lies.

Though Romanian, the whole family spoke fluent English as well, along with several other European languages, even though Romanian was their first language.

With Gavril a Loup Garou (a wolf shape shifter) and Dorina a Dames Vertes, the Vaduva children were hybrids, a mix of Loup Garou and Dames Vertes. They are all very beautiful, with their own unique look yet there is no denying that they were not related as they all had several of the same features. A perfect blend of their beautiful mother, Dorina and their very handsome father, Gavril – the dark hair. Only Lysander, out of all of his siblings, inherited his maternal grandmother’s emerald green jewel-like eyes – all of his sisters had stunning brown or hazel eyes like their parents.

Lysander quickly surpassed his older sisters and his younger sisters when it came to magic. He was very powerful – at the age of 3, he was already casting wandless magic knowingly and it always acted to his will. Plus, he had full control over all four of the elements – earth, fire, wind and water – while his sisters only had one element between then and only half control. They could manipulate but not create, unlike Lys, who had the power to both manipulate the elements, as well as create and conjure them out of thin air. He was also a strong Seer – he was prone to visions and predictions, whether small or large.

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Sight – predictions and visions
  • Wandless magic
  • Shape Shift into pure black wolf
  • Enhanced vision, sound and smell, stamina and strength
  • Swiftness and stealth
  • Strong Wizard Magic
  • Mind magic – empathy, telepathy
  • Teleportation

All of his sisters had their own unique talents and powers, and of course gifts that ran in their blood and all shared with one another. All Elves knew how to teleport and how to protect their minds from mental attacks, and they all had some kind of elemental gifts, as well as light-footedness, stealth and the enhanced senses. Their enhanced senses were far more intense than most other Dames Vertes, for they also had Loup-Garou blood in their veins, their wolf forms, also helping with their senses. All could do wandless magic on a small scale.

At the age of 11, Lys replaced his glamours and returned to the Dursleys (Gavril and Dorina threatening the muggle family with magic in order to accept him into their home), where he was picked up by Hagrid and taken to Hogwarts. The glamour made him look like Harry Potter and it also hid his Romanian accent, changing it into an English one.

Lys knew at a very young age, even before going into Hogwarts, that he was attracted to men, and men only. He had grown up in a house full of sisters, and though he respected women (his mother and sisters would have killed him if he hadn’t learned to respect them), he didn’t find them in the least bit attractive. Beautiful, yes, but not sexually appealing to him. He didn’t try to hide his sexual orientation either – not that he flaunted it around, but he never hid the fact that he was gay. It was rather obvious to those who really knew him, or observed him long enough. Most of the female population knew that Lys (or Harry Potter) was off limits and untouchable, much to their great disappointment and displeasure. The male population, as sexuality was no real issue in the wizarding world, was delighted.

By his fourth year, Lys had kissed a few guys in public, but he hadn’t had an actual boyfriend. When Durmstrang came to Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament, many of his friends and classmates were astounded that he could speak to several of the Durmstrang boys in Russian or Romanian, fluently. When asked, he simply smiled and shrugged, but never answered. That year, instead of take a female to the Yule Ball, Lys was asked directly by Viktor Krum himself. To the public, they were only friendly escorts, but in private they were in a relationship, until the very end of fourth year.

Sixth year, he became romantically involved with Theodore Nott and Anthony Goldstein, who are his soul mates. Lys comes into his full magical creature inheritance on his 16th birthday, and he had immediately recognized his two slightly older year-mates as his dominant mates. They, too, had come into a magical creature inheritance on their 16 birthdays  (the year before, as Theo’s birth was September 12th and Anthony’s was September 18th), but they had waited until Lys’ own inheritance came in, to claim him. As soon as Theo and Anthony could, they drug Lys away from Ron and Hermione to get their mate alone. Turns out that both dominants were vampires – Daywalkers, with a small hint of Veela in their blood.

On the very first night of 6th year, Lys consummated his bond with his soul mates. The moment their soul bond was complete, they legally became married by magic law. The three decided to keep their mating a secret and so, in public they acted as if there was no change between the three of them. The only people who knew about the bonding were their families. Theo and Anthony knew about Lys’ real identity and they visit Vaduva Mansion over Christmas break to meet Lys’ parents and his seven sisters.

Theo-Lys-Tony Collage


What types of fanfics I detest…   Leave a comment

Not much of a rant, so much as a list of fics I can’t stand to read for one reason or another – whether it be a simple, minor detail or something bigger…


  • Ron/Hermione This pairing is disgusting. Anything graphic – be it kissing or more – makes me gag and shudder in disgust, literally. I’m not joking. When I click on a story, the VERY first thing I look for is whether the author has paired these two sidekicks together. Usually, I find it very quickly, as it’s usually mentioned within the first few paragraphs or the first chapter of the fic. If I get even the slightest hint that these two are together (before Harry is involved with anyone at least – which is usually NEVER at the start of the story, sadly), then I exit out of the fic immediately and do NOT read it. I hate these two that much. The ONLY way I am able to read this pairing, is if they come much later into the fic, and after Harry has already in an Established Relationship with someone, het or slash. Also, they cannot have sex before Harry does, otherwise I exit out of the fic instantly. I’m VERY picky with this one…Top of the list for a reason!!
  • Centric-Hermione – Ugh…I cannot stand this woman. I’ve known MANY know-it-alls in my time, and every single one of them has this ‘I’m better and smarter than you’ attitude, where they go around intentionally throwing their smarts and knowledge around, just to make them look good and others stupid. I understand that being a genius is something to take pride in, but to demean others for not knowing something is something I cannot stand – and Hermione does that all the time. I especially hate the way she speaks to Ron and to an extent, Harry, like they’re complete idiots (though Ron pretty much is an idiot – she still shouldn’t speak like that to a friend). She just, all around, pisses me off. People give her way too much credit in fanfiction and even in canon. News flash, she couldn’t possibly have read EVERY BOOK IN THE DAMNED LIBRARY! Meaning, she couldn’t possibly know EVERYTHING!
  • Hermione in a relationship – Yeah…I loathe Ron/Hermione, but I also cant stand her dating anyone else. Her being paired up with Snape, Draco or any Slytherin for that matter, is simply ridiculous and should NEVER be done. Femslash is also included in the relationship/pairing thing as well. I’ll only ever read a Hermione-related fic if it’s a Harry/Hermione, and that’s only barely a Can-Do. Enough said on that.
  • Ron in a relationship – Pretty much the same deal with Hermione. Can’t stand him paired with anyone, whether it’s romantic or just PWP. I’ll only read Ron/Harry fics, but even that is something I have to be in the mood for, which isn’t too often. Apart from Percy, Ron’s the only Weasley that I won’t exclusively seek out to read and pair with Harry or anyone else.
  • Non-Centric Harry – Any fics that are not Harry-Centric, I cannot read. Only Harry/Paired with whoever, fics. If the fic doesn’t have Harry as the main focus of the story and if he’s not the main pairing, I will NOT read it.
  • Humiliate-Harry – Can’t stand when Harry is humiliated in front of a large gathering of people – the Order, students, professors, etc. I hate it when females slap him for any reason. Abuse is one thing (I like Abused-Harry fics), but when he’s just been punched or slapped for something (especially when there isn’t a real liable reason behind the hit), it pisses me off. Mostly when females do it though – like Hermione, for one, and then Ginny for the other. It’s usually those two bitches who slap him, so…yeah.
  • Graphic Side Pairings – I don’t read anything that isn’t-Harry-Centric when it comes to sex or mushy fluff (kissing, cuddling, etc.). I always scroll passed the scenes the author writes in – like Remus/Sirius, or Remus/Tonks, Neville/Luna, it doesn’t matter. Its all the same. Can’t read them. I’m for Harry-sex only, lol.
  • Harry raising someone else’s child – Mostly, I come across fics where Harry is stuck with Teddy, especially in crossovers. I don’t want to read fics where Harry is raising someone else’s kid – I want him to be raising his OWN – his own flesh and blood. It pisses me off, when I find a story where I think Harry has a child, only to find out that it’s Teddy. Go read Nightmares in Dakota, a SPN/HP crossover. It’s a good read, but VERY disappointing! I was reading it, update after update, and I couldn’t stop thinking that it would have been an even better story if the kid had actually been his, instead of the child of a deceased friend – also his godson. This doesn’t make him an actual father in my eyes (even though, technically, adopting a kid makes you a parent) – I just can’t make the connection between parent and child when the child Harry’s raising isn’t his own.
  • Post-Hogwarts – Reading post-Hogwarts fics just don’t interest me. The main reason for this, is because: a) Harry’s usually not in an Established Relationship in post-Hogwarts fics – he’s either getting over a break-up and eventually falls for someone (usually a co-worker, Draco or Snape), whether it’s through work or while partying or “clubbing”; b) Ron/Hermione usually are married, getting married and starting a family WAY before Harry begins a relationship with someone and as previously stated, I HATE R/Hr; c) I don’t enjoy reading Harry when he’s older than 21-yo being the minimum and 25-yo being the maximum. I like mature Harry just fine, but the whole age thing bothers me – I’m a die-hard During Hogwarts Years fan. At heart, I’m still a teen, even though I’m currently 22-yo.
  • Top-Harry – If Harry is the dominate SLASH partner (the one the tops), then I will not read it. I’m a submissive/bottom-Harry only fan – I won’t read anything else, no exceptions, when reading Slash. Top/Dom Harry disgusts me.
  • Dominatrix-Females – Reading a fic where Harry is dating a chick that is a ‘dominatrix’ – enjoys whips, handcuffs, bloodplay, bondage and with-holding orgasms and whatnot – it just doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t mind a little kink (like where the female does the whole strap-on thing and fucks him instead, that’s fine – a little dominating but not overly so – you can top and not be too dominating) but not too much.
  • Female Centric Sex during Threesome – Take R/H/Hr threesomes for example. I wouldn’t actually MIND reading one, even though I’ve stated several times that I can’t stand Ron or Hermione. However, when I actually DO read one, it is usually where all of the boys’ sexual attention is on Hermione. Being the Harry-centric fan that I am, I would like to read a fic where Harry is the center focus of the attention (meaning, in the middle of the three), and NO R/Hr action or at least as very little as possible. I can’t stand when the female is the focus of the two males – it pisses me off. I love boy-on-boy action in threesomes (Harry bottoms for the other male, while at the same time is doing the chick, kind of thing, with rimming and blow jobs between Harry and the other male).
  • Fred/George Incest – Only when it’s Fred/Harry/George and they do NOT get too graphic with each other. Kissing and a little groping is fine, but they cannot fuck the other twin – sorry, but it’s just gross to read.
  • Femslash – I may be a slash-fan, but NOT femslash. I’m a straight female, and the thought of lesbian sex is disgusting. That might not bother a lot of females, even the straight ones, but it does me. A lot of Harry-slash fics have femslash in it, and it always turns me off of the story.
  • DH Epilogue-Related Fics – I hated the epilogue at the end of Deathly Hallows. Any fic that is based off of those events (the names of the children, for instant, or Ginny being a pro Quidditch player) ticks me off. Rowling does not know good names when she comes across them – Scorpius? Albus Severus? WTF?!
  • Deathly Hallows, Half-Blood Prince related fics – DH and HBP both sucked. The whole Horcrux idea was stupid and boring. I could hardly finish either one of those books – though I did, but not with a lot of difficulty. Rowling doesn’t know how to write romance – she SUCKS at romance. R/Hr? Is she really that retarded? Harry/Ginny was okay, but the way the romance was written between them in the last two books was so UNfulfilling. It lacked the romantic spark that all heroic romances inspired and created. Rowling totally missed the mark. I mean, the two didn’t even embrace or kiss or even TALK at the end of the battle in DH, if I remember right. There wasn’t much acknowledgement there at all, between the two…
  • Horcrux Idea – The fics that use the Horcrux idea and the events of HBP…Read above for the reason why.
  • Anime(Manga)/Harry Potter Crossovers – Yeah, um, I don’t watch Anime cartoons/shows, and therefore do not understand ANYTHING that happens in Naruto, Inuyasha, Bleach, Death Note, Gundam Wing, Ouran High School Host Club…blah, blah, blah, the list goes on. The Japanese names are just too much for me, and they don’t read very well as far as I am concerned (meaning, to me only, most probably) – I don’t know one character from the other, so I can’t connect them. Plus, again, the names – I can’t tell female from male, and it’s just plain ass difficult. I don’t hate Anime, I just am not interested in it. Love the Japanese culture though


That’s all I can think of, for now. There are more, MUCH more, but I can’t remember them right now. Perhaps I’ll add to the list later on, when I can think of the rest.

~Cheers, XD~