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Challenge Pairing: Harry/Any female character,  except Hermione and Ginny. No H/Hr, H/G, or anything slash. It can be a female OC, or another female from cannon. My choices of preference:

— Luna Lovegood

— Daphne Greengrass

— Fleur Delacour

— Padma Patil

— Parvati Patil

— Su Li

Any female that is uncommon, as well, but no older then Harry by more than one year, with the exception of Fleur Delacour. This means no Tonks. I like Harry/Tonks but not for this idea…

If you use an OC female, please make her be foreign from an Eastern European country – Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece, etc. I have a thing for Eastern Europe, and really, Harry hasn’t had many girlfriends that are truly Eastern European – they are usually American, if foreign, so I’d like a change. Russia, Ukraine and Germany are welcome too, but not as much.

NO OC from England, Scotland, Ireland or AMERICA!


Objective: Harry, since the moment he could read, has been interested in the history of people, places and artifacts from all over the world. He studies the ancient and more modern history and lore and legends of the world.

His dream is to one day travel the world, and to explore and discover the truths within the legends and history. He wants to find legendary artifacts and proof and evidence that such legends and myths are true. He dreams of being an Archaeologist.

**** He has an eidetic/photographic memory.

**** He is able to do wandless magic with just a thought – ever since he could remember (his wandless magic started when he was a baby, but his parents and their friends thought that it was simply underage magic that all children were prone to have – levitating bottles and toys, animating said toys, etc.


If an OC, then Harry has to have met them previous to Hogwarts. Since the witch has to be foreign, they CANNOT attend Hogwarts. The way the two maintain communication (without Harry’s friends or Dumbledore knowing about their friendship/relationship) is through a set of two-way journals and two-way mirrors.


For the OC pairing

At 8-years-old, Harry comes upon the Leaky Cauldron while wandering the streets of London – Petunia takes him with her, but she leaves him to his own while she and Dudley are off shopping.

Harry enters the pub and follows the wizards and witches into Diagon Alley. There, he discovers the world of magic, and where he meets the OC and her parents (pureblood foreigners, just visiting Diagon Alley while on vacation or something).

He and the OC hit it off immediately, being only 8-years-old. Recognizing him, the OC’s parents pretty much take him in and introduce him into the actual inner-workings of the wizarding world.

The parents purchase a set of two-way mirrors, so that Harry and their daughter can still communicate even while in different countries. They also buy them each a two-way journal, and Harry a Receiving Bag.

When Harry returns to the Dursleys, he and the OC continue to communicate through the mirrors and journals – teaching each other the other’s language, through both speech/pronunciation and writing lessons.

The Receiving Bag is a bag that allows the OC family to send Harry things, without alerting the Dursleys to anything ‘freakish’ being done under their roof. The OC has a connecting bag – when they place an object in their bag, it “magically” appears in Harry’s. This bag allows them to send Harry magical books and magical lesson packets that they set up for him.

In Hogwarts, Harry goes on as in cannon. He downplays his true intelligence, allowing Hermione to take the Know-It-All alias. He also hides his advanced magical knowledge – because, as he lives with the Dursleys, he shouldn’t know anything about magic and the wizarding world.

He doesn’t tell anyone about his OC counterpart, or that he has an eidetic memory and that he can do wandless magic.


His Teachings/Studies:

He pretty much self-teaches himself about the wizarding world, about it’s ancient history – the people, the places and the artifacts.

He also self-teaches himself:

Ancient Runes



Ward Work


Medicine (magical and muggle, though only in theory)

Crafting (wands, jewelry, gems, daggers, swords, etc.)

Different kinds of Magic (Dark magic, Light magic, Wiccan magic, Shaman, Medicine/Healing Magic, Religion, etc).

Anything he deems worth knowing and learning, he teaches himself or at the very least tries to. All he does in his free time is read, study and prepare himself. He frequently sneaks off into the library and it’s restricted section to heist books of all subjects.

He is also keeping up with his muggle education, with Mathematics, Science, History, Literature, and whatever else he wishes. The Receiving Bag is used – the OC family sends him all of his required texts, packets and everything else. While they are purebloods, they are NOT anti-Muggle. They do go out into the Muggle world often for various reasons – shopping, for business, exploring, etc. They are not foreign to the world of Muggles.

Dobby shows Harry the Room of Requirements in 3rd year, instead of 5th, and so Harry uses that room to train and condition himself for his future career in Archaeology, which he knows can be a very physically challenging job.

He trains himself:

To swim

Use a weapon incase it called for it (a gun, sword, daggers, archery, etc.)

Long distance running

Dueling (with a wand, with his hands and with weapons of choice)

Physical Fitness (Weights, exercising, running, healthy eating, combat, etc.)

Hand-to-Hand Combat (Martial Arts, Karate, etc.)

Because he can’t learn all of these things from a book, he uses the Room of Requirements to provide Dummies (fake, but life-like animated foes), which he can control the level of difficulties of. Beginning-Level Karate, Beginning-Level Swordplay – Beginning, Easy, Medium, Difficult and Advanced, are the five levels, also called Level One to Level Five.


If you don’t do a Harry/OC, but go with a cannon female instead, then I’d still like the relationship between her and Harry to be secret, and still her family provide everything Harry needs as far as knowledge/study material goes. They still meet at Diagon Alley when they are 8-years-old, and her family still unofficially takes him in under their wing, and they become best friends.

They MUST be dating by fifth-year, at the latest. Originally, I had it for 3rd year, but 5th year is okay too.

NO Ron/Hermione, please, unless it’s like WAY later, and WAY after Harry and his girlfriend have gotten together. Nothing graphic, not even a kiss *shudders in disgust* it’s just so gross!


Harry has to become an unofficial Archaeologist by his 7th year. He and his girlfriend travel the world searching for magical and non-magical artifacts, doing some impressive curse-breaking, tomb-raiding and warding along the way.

Also, Harry can have a group of friends (not Ron/Hermione) who DO know about Harry and his girlfriend and what he wants to do, and they too eventually join his training inside Room of Requirements and they become a sort of crew, with Harry the leader of course, being the true brains and brawns of the group. If you think about it, it IS a bit dangerous for Harry to be going out by himself to travel around looking for artifacts…for in every INDANA JONES and LARA CROFT adventure there are a team people out there, loaded with guns, looking to steal and thief off of your findings…


This fic as to be full of ADVENTURE, ROMANCE, ACTION and COMEDY. Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft meets The Librarian meets HARRY POTTER! Not the characters, of course, just the idea/plot and the directions to take this idea of mine. Make it fun, adventurous and full of magical and muggle history.


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This is a Part Story/Part Outline that I typed up.  A guideline that tells, in detail, where I want to go with this for the first half of the fic.



Harry is the son of Severus and Lucius, and the younger (by nearly eleven months) brother of Draco.

— Dumbledore kidnaps baby Calix Kinsey Malfoy-Snape just a few hours after his birth, and after modifying the memories of Severus and Lucius (who gave birth to Calix), Dumbledore brings the newborn baby to the Potter’s home. There, Calix is forced to take the place of the real Harry Potter, who had died just hour befor, of SID. Harry James Potter was born 4:50 p.m. of July 31. Calix Kinsey Malfoy-Snape was born 11:59 p.m. of July 31.

— Narcissa is the mother of Draco, so he and Calix are half-brothers.


During the first week of Harry’s (Calix) 5th year, he begins seeing Cormac McLaggen in secret. Their relationship is so secret that not even Hermione or Ron know about it. Cormac knows all of Harry’s secrets – that Harry’s a Magical Hermaphrodite (MH) and that he can do wandless magic effortlessly. Although Harry trusts Cormac with his life, Cormac still willingly volunteers to swear a wizard’s oath of silence, to assure Harry that his secrets were safe.

A few months into their relationship, Harry and Cormac begin to notice the fact that Ron, Hermione and Ginny seem to be following Harry everywhere he goes. The only way he is able to get them off his tail, is by sneaking around in his invisiblity cloak and by using his wandless magic to hide him in plain sight, undetected. It doesn’t take him long to figure out that his friends were spying on him and reporting his actions to Dumbledore.

Harry uses his magic and his Slytherin mind, to mess with his ‘spies’. He confunds them, modifies their memory on many occasions and many other things, to make sure that they don’t report his disappearances to Dumbledore.

Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Dumbledore never catch Harry and Cormac together.

There are two Room of Requirements within Hogwarts – the one on the 7th floor that the DA use, and then the one hidden within the dungeons. The one in the dungeons has NEVER been used, as it is well hidden in the maze that is the dungeons. Only those who know where that one is, can access it. Thankfully, the house elves know there it is, and Dobby gladly shows Harry and Cormac the location. There are two entrances to the dungeon ROR – the actual door to the room, and then a passageway on the 2nd floor. Dobby tells the two lovers the password.

— Harry and Cormac ARE sexually active – they have been since a few month after they started dating in 5th year.

On his 17th birthday, Harry wakes up and finds that he looks nothing like James and Lily any longer. Though, he still has black hair, it’s straighter, and his eyes, while still green, are emerald green not bottle green like Lily’s. His complexion is now more of an alabaster, while before it was just pale from lack of sun.

                    — Fuller lips
                    — Smaller and cuter nose
                    — High cheekbones
                    — Effeminate, in his male MH form.
                    — Alabaster skin/complexion
                    — Aristocratic, pureblood features.

Freaked out, Harry writes Cormac in their two-way journal, asking him to meet him at Gringotts. Using his wandless magic, Harry sneaks out of the Dursleys and legally (being 17 now) Apparates to Diagon Alley. Harry disguise himself by switching into his female MH form.

After meeting up with 18-year-old Cormac in Gringotts, the two talk to a goblin about Harry’s accounts and finances. They find out that Dumbledore, the Weasleys (Molly, Ginny, Ron), Hermione and several other Order members have been stealing from Harry’s vaults.

The goblins also have Harry go through the usual inheritance test – given to everyone upon their 17th birthday. The test allows the goblins to make sure that the person is who they say they are, and to update the family trees or to start one, depending on if you were a pureblood, half-blood or muggleborn.

The test (which requires Harry’s blood and a potion), reveals that Harry was actually Calix Kinsey Malfoy-Snape, biological son of Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy, with one half-brother, Draco. It tells him that he was illegally blood adopted by James and Lily Potter. Illegal blood adoptions always fail upon the child’s 17th birthday.

After Harry finds James Potter’s journal in the Potter vaults (which were still his, as James DID legally name him heir to the Potter family, just like Sirius Black did as well) and reading the truth of how Harry (Calix) actually ended up with the Potters – Dumbledore kidnapping him at birth and giving him to the Potters – Harry immediately sends Hedwig off with a letter to his real parents…

Once Hedwig leaves with the letter to Severus and Lucius, Harry (still in his female form) and Cormac go shopping to cheer Harry up.

Harry buys lots of clothes – for BOTH of his MH forms – and a new multi-compartment trunk. They then go into Knockturn Alley and to the Menagerie, where Harry instantly falls in love with two white tiger sister cubs, and therefore purchases them both and names them Maja and Mahala.

They get a room at the Leaky Cauldron, and settle in. Harry dumps out the contents of his old trunk and his bags of new purchase and is in the process of repacking everything into his new multi-compartment trunk, while Cormac sits on the bed beside him, idly chatting and playing with the cubs, when Severus, Lucius and Draco portkey over to the Leaky Cauldron to greet Harry.

The Malfoy-Snape men were not expecting Harry to have a boyfriend, and a serious one at that. The three enter the inn room, after Harry (now in his male form since they were in private) had greeted them at the door and welcomed them in, and upon seeing Harry and Cormac, the relationship was so obvious between the two teens that neither Severus, Lucius nor Draco felt there was need to ask if Harry was in fact dating Cormac. Again the relationship between them was quite obvious, just the way they interacted around each other. Even at only a first quick glance you could pick up on the chemistry and dynamics between them.

This – Harry having a boyfriend – does not please any of them in the least. However, they don’t say anything about it, seeing as they really had no right – after all, they didn’t know Calix well enough to try and start parenting him just yet. Their family relationship was still, at this point, non- existant with Calix, and they knew nothing of Calix, just Harry Potter.

The five, including Cormac and Maja and Mahala, portkey or Floo to Malfoy Manor. Giving into their ‘over-protectiveness’, Severus and Lucius give Cormac his own room FAR away from Calix’s room.

Cormac, himself, still lives with his own parents, as he’s just barely graduated from Hogwarts and has just recently signed up for Unspeakable training or been on a Professional Quidditch team. He visits the manor a lot to see Calix, but only actually stays over on the weekends – much to Calix’s fathers and brother’s displeasure.

They make their displeasure and over-protectiveness and/or overbearingness of Harry dating known through glares at Cormac and other such actions, but they don’t actually come out and say it.

Harry adjusts very quickly to being the son of Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape and the younger half-brother of Draco Malfoy. He had always wanted family, so it was a dream come true for him. It helped that his fathers and brother did not treat him as ‘Harry Potter’ but as their long lost precious family member and of course, the baby of the family. They quickly become the family they always should have been. Harry (Calix) calls them Father (Severus) and Papa (Lucius), and Narcissa he calls Aunt Cissa.

Narcissa lives at Malfoy Manor, too, and is Harry’s (Calix) godmother. She acts as Harry’s aunt, and is still Draco’s mother, even if Draco sees Severus as his step-father.

On September 1st, Harry and Draco leave for their last year at Hogwarts, while Cormac continues to train to become an Unspeakable for the Ministry of Magic. Harry goes as Calix Malfoy-Snape, not as Harry Potter, and everyone knows that they are one and the same.

Severe Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Dumbledore bashing once Hogwarts resumes. Calix and Draco, with permission from the Board of Gov., is allowed to stay with Severus in his personal quarters in the dungeons. Though he is still a Gryffindor – he DOES NOT change houses.

Cormac comes to visit Harry on Hogsmeade weekends and every weekend, as he’s allowed to floo through Severus’ fireplace.

Three weeks into the new school year, on a late Friday night, Calix is in his room sleeping (around 12:30 or so) when he awakens to horrible pain in his back and lower abdomen. Unable to move without a lot of pain, he stays in bed for a good two hours, trying to see if it would go away. When it doesn’t, Calix screams for his father.

Severus, who had just been going to bed after staying up grading papers, rushes into his youngest son’s room, panicking at the pain he had heard in his son’s voice. The scream wakes Draco too, who’s room was right next to Calix’s.

Calix is in tears and is practically screaming, because he’s in so much pain. Severus floo calls Madam Pomfrey, who comes through. After a full hour of diagnostic spells, it is a shock to everyone, least of all Calix, when she announces that he was…in labor. Calix was shocked stupid, as he hadn’t even realized that he was pregnant in the first place. No weight gain, no weird cravings, no back pain, or morning sickness…nothing gave his pregnancy away.

Severus and Draco were also very shocked – they could tell from his reaction that Calix had had no idea about the pregnancy, which was as much astonishing as it was baffling. Realizing that they couldn’t flip out then, which meant (for Calix’s sake ONLY) that they couldn’t kill McLaggen right yet.

Calix panicks and demands that Cormac be flooed. Severus floos both him and Lucius and brings them back to his private quarters.

The surprise labor is quick, but full of panick on Calix and Cormac’s behalfs, and worry, concern and anger on Severus, Lucius and Draco’s parts. They were very close to killing McLaggen (they had no idea that he and Calix were sexually active, as they had never been caught while at the manor in any compromising positions, except for cuddling and kissing). They were also concerned because all of the preparation that usually goes into having a child – stocking up on supplies being the major one, along with the mental preparation – was non-existant here, and plus Calix had no prenatal care. Anything could be wrong with the baby and Calix.

Going into labor at 12:30 that night (or morning, depending on how you look at it), Calix gives birth several hours later, to a baby girl…

NO Ron/Hermione!!!


CALIX – “most beautiful”

KINSEY – “victorious prince”