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I have a bit of a fettish for unusual or unique names – or just names from different cultures – that I love to use for my character names in my stories. I like the whole names and their meaning thing, but most of the time the ‘meaning’ is unimportant to me. Unless it IS important for the story that I’m thinking of.

Before I start with my list of names, I should post a link to an actual website that is dedicated to this. It’s called 20000-Names and you can find pretty much most, if not all, kinds of names and their meanings.

Now, this is a list of names that I use a lot in my stories and story ideas. Some aren’t so unusal, but the spelling might be different than the normal. They won’t be in perfect alphabetical order, so sorry for that.




Annalynn – (ann-AH-lin)

Artemis – (AR-te-miss) “virgin goddess of the moon” or “huntress” Greek Mythology.

Aviance – (ay-VEE-ance) “life” Hebrew. Variant of Ava.

Chryseis – (kriss-ICE) “daughter with the golden tresses” Latin.

Cerise – (sah-REES) “cherry” or “cherry red” French.

Charlotte – (SHAR-lott) “petite beauty” French.

Charmaine – (shar-MAYNE) “bountiful orchard” French.

Dakota – (dah-KOH-tah) “friend, ally” Native American.

Daphne – (DAFF-nee) “laurel tree” Greek.

Bianca – (bee-YAHN-kah) or (BYAN-kah) “of light complexion” or “white” Italian.

Guinevere – (GWIN-ah-veer) “fair one” Welsh.

Genevieve, Genavieve, Geneveeve, Jenevieve – (jen-ah VEEV) “feminine lineage” Celtic.

Giuliana – (JOO-lee-AHN-nah) “young and refreshing” Italian.

Greer, Grier – (GREER) “ever-watching” Latin.

Giselle, Gizelle, Gisele, Gizi, Gisell – (jeh-ZELL) “vow” French.

Briar, Brier – (BRY-ar) “heather” French.

Bronwyn – (broh-NAH-win) “fair breast” Welsh.

Bronwen – (broh-NAH-wen) “dark, pure” Welsh.

Brooke – (brooke) “brook” or “stream” Old English.

Gianna, Gia, Giana, Gianina, Giannina, Gianella, Gianara, Gionna, Geonna – (jee-AHN-ah) Italian.

Gillian, Jillian, Gillie, Jilly, Jillianne, Gillianne, Gillyanne, Jillyanne – (GILL-ee-ahn) “Jove’s child” Latin.

Gigi – (JEE-jee of Zhee-zhee) Pet name for Gabrielle. French.

Vivianne, Vivienne, Vivian, Vivien, Vivianna, Vivienna – (VIH-vee-ahn or VIH-vee-ehn) “lively” Latin.

Venus – (VEE-nus) “Goddess of love” Greek.

Verene – (ver-EN-ee) “protector” German.

Vesper – (VEHS-per) “evening” Latin.

Wynn – (WIN) “fair lady” Old Welsh.

Xia – (zea) “glow of the sun rise” Chinese.

Vienna – (Vee-EN-ah) Name of Austrian city. Latin.

Telyn – (tell-LYN) “harp” Welsh.

Teme – (TEHM-ee) “without flaw” Hebrew.

Tariana, Tarianna –  (tah-RYE-nah) “holy hillside” African-American.

Taree – (tah-ree-EH) “arching branch” Japanese.

Skylar – (SKY-lar) “eternal life, strength” or “beauty and love” English.

Shiri – (SHEE-ree) “song of my soul” Israel, Hebrew.

Shirin – (SHIR-in) “sweet” Persian.

Sarai – (sah-REE) “quarrelsome” Hebrew.

Rubi, Ruby – (ROO-bee) “jewel” French.

Ruri – (ROO-ree) “precious emerald” Japanese.

Rhiannon, Rhianna, Rheannne, Rheanna, Riana, Ryana, Riane, Rhianon, Riona – (ree-ANN-an) “magic maiden” Welsh.

Cwen – (kwen) “queen” Celtic.

Persis – (per-SISS or per-SEES) “woman of Persia” Greek.

Kambria – (KAM-bree-a) “of Wales” Welsh. Variant of Cambria.

Sydney, Sy, Syd, Sydny – (SID-nee) “from the city of St. Denis, France. Old French.




Thaddeo, Deo – (thad-DAY-oh) “bold” Aramaic.

Sinoa – (SIN-oh-ah)

Dean – (deen) “one from the valley” Old English.

Andrei – (AHN-dray or ahn-DRAY) “manly” Latin. Popular in Russia.

Antares – (an-TARE-ees) Astrology: The name of the giant star in the constellation of Scorpio. Greek.

Anton, Antosha, Antinko, Tosya, Tusya, Antonin – (AHN-ton) “inestimable” Latin. Popular in Russia.

Kavi – (KAH-vee) “poet” Hindi.

Kane – (KAH-neh) “man” or “eastern sky” Hawaiian.

Kass, Kaese, Kasch, Kase – (cass) “like a blackbird” German.

Keane, Kean, Keen – (keene) “sharp” Old English.

Jonte – (jahn-TAY)

Jasper – (JAS-per) “treasurer” Persian.

Huxley – (HUX-lee) “Hugh’s field” Old English.

Hedeon – (heh-DEH-on) “destroyer” or “tree cutter” Russian.


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